Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pics from KL - Part I

The mound of sausages that went with the pork knuckle and good ol' Paulaner beer.

Absolutely yummy seafood stew at some Taiwanese restaurant we found

Reunited with Starbucks while waiting for our delayed plane at the airport

Back at Manchester

After my operation almost 5 years ago in London, I paid my friends up in Manchester (well those who were still there) a visit. We met up for dinner and drinks and went clubbing to remember the good ol' uni days eventhough half of them were not in Great fun, great times.

Notice the gold pattern on the bottom right? I used a rub-on that only had the outline so I filled it in with gold embossing. Looks lovely doesnt it?

Did some simple masking on the CS to get the gold circles u see in the background. Kept the rest of the LO simple tho I couldnt resist my usual cutting and cut out the white and blue flowers from another PP.

Still my KL pics to come....some of it anyway :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We're back!

Last (brain-dead, holiday mode) week ended with a party for one of the bosses. Had a right laugh because we got a 'he-she' to do 3 lap dances. S/he was TALL! but we all had a good laugh so it was fab! I escaped the night on time to rest before the flight to KL the next morning. H din get back til late but he won some $$$ to compensate for paying for my overpriced ticket to KL so it was ALL GOOD!!

Day 1
After checking into the hotel, we headed straight to Wan Utama for late lunch and shopping. I spent quite a bit and didnt even get to the new wing...yup! I got my shopping bug back. On the way back in the cab, H was like...did you see the scrapbooking shop? I was like...WHAT?!! Oh well....after a short respite, we headed out to this German restaurant for pork knuckles, lots of sausages and good ol' Paulaner. Absolutely fab meal!! (pics to come). We then moved on to Beach Club not realising its a pick up joint. (I was wondering why so many women were displaying their chests). After realising where we had ended up (after my friend got chatted up) we moved on to Atrium on Asian Heritage Row. Good music but crowd was slow. By the time it started filling up, the boys were a little more than tipsy. We ended the night with supper at Jln Alor before crashing into bed. Before sleeping, I thought I'd try my luck to ask the drunk bf to pay for my shopping the next day. He said he would sponsor RM300 and did hand it over the next day. Result!!

Day 2
We were woken up early the next day by H's sister who needed a place to crash for a few hours before her bf turned up. Had brekkie together...cant beat half boiled eggs, butter and kaya toast and curry with bread....before embarking on some shopping at Sungai Wang. We then met up with the others for lunch and more shopping at Mid Valley. It was too crowded for my liking so I just got my bro's monopoly set and some stuff for H then we hot footed it back to the hotel for another quick rest before dinner. We wanted to try this famous Chinese restaurant but it was booked out so we found a nice place further up that served Taiwanese food. The boys continued their drinking binge after that while the girls rested their tired feet and went over their shopping for the day. So much for only having a short drink...they came home at 3am!!

Day 3
Shopping in Sungai Wang filled the day while the boys went and did what they were supposed to! I managed to squeeze in lunch with Ric and Janet in between then I shopped some more. Went back to the hotel at 6, dumped my bags, got ready and headed out again straightaway to The Curve. I love that place! It reminds me of UK somehow. We had a HUGE meal at Tony Ramos then spend the rest of the night in Scarlett. Great music but it was jam packed with people. Actually the whole of Curve was....supper was again at Jln Alor and the taxi cab there was "interesting" to say the least. I had my largest dose of frog legs that supper...the first night it was crabs...*burp*

Day 4
Wake up, check out, delay of 2.5 hours at the airport, breakfast at Burger King!, more shopping then flight home sweet home. Oh we had to go for dinner at a friend's house that night before we could crawl into bed. Waking up this morning was not easy!

Not many pics other than those taken on my new phone and someone else's camera cos I didnt carry my camera ard most of the time. 3 more days then I have to pack again for my next trip....kudos to those people who constantly travel....I dont know how you do it....

Hope everyone's had a Merry Christmas.....and honey, thanks for the lovely trip so that I got to spend Christmas with you...Muah!!

Mon, if you read this, hope ur enjoying the rest of ur holiday!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas!

My X'mas present to H. We havent started fighting over it yet cos I got my new toy which was the phone I showed in an earlier post but I think we might on the plane. Fortunately its only a short trip. Already addicted to Luxor and Diner Dash. He's not taking my argument that its really "OURS" though I'm the one that gave it to him.

My present....ticket and accommodation in KL. Yes we're early but for a couple that dont really celebrate X'mas its all about the presents really...keke.

I'm packed, winding down at work, distributed little choccie bags to all in the office and look forward to our little pre x'mas shin-dig and MYH's bday do tonight before flying off tomorrow morning (hopefully without a hangover).

Merry Christmas y'all!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hijau, Se Ringgit saja...

Last weekend, H and I experienced the ultimate. We are usually amused by the fact that people would only put in $5.00 worth of fuel which meant more trips to the petrol station hence wasting more of their precious $5.00 of fuel. Anyway on the way to KB, while at the staion, a car next to us filled up only $1.00!! We couldnt believe it!!

Anyway I digress, I mean to show you guys my latest creation...its for 2 challenges, one for Liza's challenge at Groovie Cafe and another for Create.

My bird was going to be on PP so I cut it out of CS but decided it was too plain so I stamped and inked it and jazzed up the wings with glitter. Lovin the lace CS!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Want A Theodore!!

A few things happened over the weekend and I absolutely have to post about how some things totally annoy the hell out of me....

1. Noisy people in cinemas. If you want to give running commentary on the movie, watch it in your own living room!! I said as much to those people infront of me and they finally shut up. Same goes for the idiot behind that kept kicking the chair. Next time you meet with annoying ppl in the cinema, just tell them to shut the **** up and dont whinge about it only after the movie has finished!

2. People with easy jobs. Dont act like its all so difficult and you have so much to do when all you have to do is record something in a book and lift your fat ass to move a file from one spot to another!! Grr!!

3. People who dont say hi back. Seriously, no matter how much you dislike someone or however rude they are, if someone has the courtesy to say hi to u then at least have the manners to reply.

4.People who jump queue deserve a slap at the back of the head. The rudeness!!

5. People who dont do any work but jump up proudly to take the glamour and credit. Pfft!!

(Not to nice now eh, Des?)

On a nicer note, here is an altered frame I did for one of my colleagues. The frame is small and I didnt want to crowd it too much to take the attention away from the pictures so I left it simple :)

And here is an LO I did some time ago. The pic was taken after our group salsa performance at the Legal Year Dinner last year. The guy in the middle didnt dance tho...haha. I thought I'd leave this simple as the picture is already very colourful. I've had comments that I should fill the space at the bottom right corner but I think it looks finished to me :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Won't You Take Me Too...Funky Town!!

I recently read a review on the Golden Compass and I was very disappointed with it (the review I mean). The person stated that too much emphasis was on the girl, Lyra and not on Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Doh! If you read books then you would know that is the whole point. There have been mixed reviews but I'm sure this movie is not as bad as was rated and I look forward to watching it tomorrow night!

On another note, Alvin and the Chipmunks is out today!! I cant wait!! Will bring my siblings to watch it this weekend and have a good laugh. Alvin, Simon and Theodore!! Yes! My colleague finally remembered the middle Chipmunk's name! I was going to google it...hehe.

On a scrapping note, I need to get over my Hambly obsession. Was actually considering on ordering it personally from now *smack wrist*
Will post my attempt at a transparency album once I take the pics. It was my entry for Shabby's mini album challenge.

Oh and HOW COULD I FORGET?!! I met Ruey Enanoria!! We had a nice little chat and she taught me how to curl flowers, etc. I can prove it here!!

Justice should prevail...

I just opened my office email (a few days late) to read this article from someone I met in KL. I couldnt believe the title as soon as I opened my email and more so as I read on. I think its totally ridiculous what's happened there and its only added on to the controversy surrounding the Lingham tape which fortunately the PM has now decided to set up a Royal Commission about.

Bon was in no way acting out of bounds and having met the guy, I cannot see any reason other than the unrest that has been happening within the legal profession in Malaysia that would cause the police officers to act the way they did.

Though we may have absence of such politics in Brunei, it would not be entirely true to say such politics do not exist. Hopefully us neighbours can learn from the situation in KL and ensure justice is always sought.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Cookies!

I loved the colour of this paper when I saw it and knew it would go well with Christmassy red and glitter so I jazzed up this cookie tin I found at Underten Value Mart and decorated it (with lots of help from Modge Podge). I didnt have time to do much as I had to give my aunt the tin before she left for Singapore today but I hope she likes it too!

P.S. I did put cookies in there (just not home made ones)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun weekend!

It was a fun weekend indeed though it was tiring to sit through 4 hours of bowling, the after party was great fun. GHK company events are always kewl! H only got the 2nd highest score of the night so he didnt win anything but he was still the winner in my eyes :) He was tipsy enough to sing a song to induce his workers to dance and I have the pictures to prove it!! Haha! Shall not post them...keke.

Last nite we attended a wedding of H's childhood friend, PK. His mum tried to stop us from going home but we were too tired and sneaked off before the disco started. It was one of those weddings which was really "Finally!" cos they have been together quite a while but his nervousness really showed thru! It was more peaceful than I thought it would be tho but a sweet wedding all the same. Food flowed better than the wedding we went to last week.

Its the month of weddings, baby's one months, birthdays and holidays. Counting down to X'mas in KL and New Year's in KK!! In Ducky's old words....gimme that broke look ;)

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm feeling generous...

Its the season to be jolly and I have to admit lately I havent been scrapping for myself so much as I have a backlog of stuff to make for people. Work has gotten me down these past couple of days as I have so much stuff pending and my trial today (which will continue tomorrow) is taking its toll on me. However today, I had made a little something for one of my colleagues and she absolutely loved it. That really perked up my day and want to do more. So here's my offer for the festive season.

Post a comment on my blog by the end of this week and I'll make you an altered item of your choice. Either a box, picture frame or coaster, doiled up in your favourite colours (of course u gotta tell me what colours u want and if there is a theme to it). So blog lurkers...please comment away!!

A further announcement for you scrapperholics out there, a friend of mine is looking to for a new home for some foam stamps she has. Hardly used and still in their original casing. Details and prices are as below. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them and I'll forward the details to her :)

Making Memories Alpha Stamps :
Philadelphia B$12
Stencil B$12

Making Memories Shape Stamps:
Dingbats B$12
Flowers B$15 to include one set of alpha stamps (not MM ones....alphas are around an inch tall and an inch wide...if I am not mistaken maybe lil davis or something similar - not in original packaging obviously)

Please let me know by WEDNESDAY (5th December 2007) if you're interested. Thank you!

P.S. Good luck winning my X'mas offer ;)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Crop for Kids!!

I recently ordered the template for a cake slice box and instructions for a mini album from Crop for Kids (in Australia). I know a few people that are very passionate towards the cause and I think we all should join in and help the children too. They have now gotten their own products to sell and at very reasonable prices too! They are exclusively designed for Crop for Kids and are only AUD2 a pack!

See the little acrylic rocket ship? That's designed by Ruey, our very own Bruneian scrapper who is now based in Australia. Ruey is an extremely talented scrapper and avid supporter and committee member of Crop for Kids. You can check out some of her work at her website.

Full description of the above items can be found at the Crop for Kids website. If anyone from Brunei or friends in Singapore are interested in ordering these items, please let me know. Our dear "local" designer, Ruey E will be bringing some over in December. Order away peeps!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Love is...

I did some scrapping over the weekend at Shabby and did two layouts but believe it or not, finishing them have been put aside while I play rummy...keke. I also finished the mini album for Shabby's challenge but I wasnt too happy with it and most of it was last minute rush as I was very busy at work. Nevertheless, wish me luck! It was cool scrapping with all the gals and catching up. Wonder when we can go it again! Won a couple of prizes at the crop answering questions but not as many as Meilan and Emily!

Works hectic again this week til mid next week. Cant wait for pizza and dvd nite with the gals on Friday. Cant wait to go KL for Christmas (I love my X'mas present H!) and cant wait to enjoy the waters and sun of KK for New Years!

I leave you with a cartoon of how I feel sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night. If H is nearby I end up hugging him and he complains that wakes him up but he loves my hugs really...

Thursday, November 22, 2007


She's not mine but my friends but she is so adorable I just wanted to share it with you guys :)

To my sis in Oxford, please dont stress out too much about work. I'm sure there are still many friends to be made especially if you get involved in the clubs and stuff there. Anyway you're going to Portugal (you cow!) next month happy!

P.S. I'm making something for you. Hopefully Sherman can bring it over :)

On another note, after a conversation with a friend over a drinking session yesterday, H and I chatted about stuff we hadnt talked about in a long time. I'm glad to know that despite us having busy schedules recently, we still have time for each other. We're so comfortable with each other nowadays that I worry sometimes we might take each other for granted but I know it will be a long time before that happens :) For now, we're both definitely very happy *grin*

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Weak or ignorant?

After reading my cousin, Gary's post here about the ignorance or attitude that has now become the norm in Brunei. Its quite sad and I think he made a good point that there are people that are in much need of medical resources and do take precautions and its a shame that people think the government will be there to save them.

I have another story which has been bugging me for the past few days since I heard it. Someone announced at the weekend that she was 2 months pregnant. Now while this is usually good news, this time it was in my opinion not so because this happened for all the wrong reasons. Before this lady got married, she was dating her husband for about 8 years. Before they decided to get married, she found out that he was cheating on her. To assure her that he didnt want to lose her and that she was his choice etc, they got married. (Note: At this point, it is already very wrong and warning bells should have sounded instead of wedding bells)

After a year of marriage, she started suspecting that he was having an affair again. When she confronted him earlier this year, he did not deny it. He even said "There is nothing I can do if someone wants me". I would have kicked him out of the house at this point. As a government servant, she got cheap housing and was paying the rent and the household bills. I did not see any reason to keep a man like this at that point, eventhough they had been together so long. However she felt it was a waste and persevered to try and make things work though she did seriously think about a divorce but was concerned about how the respective families would take it.

I learnt a couple of weeks ago that they had started sleeping in separate rooms so I was gobsmacked when I heard she was pregnant and she was telling us that this would save her marriage and he has said he would change for the better etc. I however think its a bad idea cos he said he would change before the marriage and yet he didnt. If this falls apart again then there is the extra complication of the child if anything happens and the child will be an innocent victim of his father's infidelities. Plus how can you sleep with this man knowing he has been shagging some other gal when he's married to you?!!

The reason why I've told this story is this. Some people think that maybe the wife does not want to go through the humiliation of a divorce and therefore 'save face'. Divorces are actually becoming more common nowadays. Thanks to the late Nancy Kwan's case, the Dissolution of Marriage Act was set up allowing non-Muslims to get divorced. I'm not saying I encourage it but in situations like this, I think that would actually be the best way forward.

I think the wife would actually suffer more humiliation by sticking with a husband who cant keep his **** in his pants and have people laugh or sympathise at her for her situation. I would rather be free of such a b#@%&!* and find someone I can be truly happy with be be loyal to me.

Am I being mean or selfish to think this way? Would you have let it go so far?

(P.S. I still think her getting pregnant is the wrong thing to do. Maybe I should ask her to listen to Gloria Gaynor's " I Will Survive")

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mojo's back!

I dont know if its the regular nights of gin rummy and moving my hands about or just my frustration at not scrapping for so long due to work contraints but I managed to get quite a bit of scrapping (and shopping) done at the weekend.

Firstly I finished my photo swap for Jazz and I'll be giving it to her later. I tried to incorporate stuff that she hadnt done and colours she doesnt usually use. Problem is we both like using flowers so it inevitably ended up in there...hehe. Hope she likes it. Anyway here is a sneak peak. I'll leave it to her to post it up :)

I went for Shabby's crop on Saturday afternoon (which is where I ended up shopping too). Zaiton kept me company and we went for ice cream afterwards but I managed to finish this altered coaster for my cousin who just turned one...

There were some games as we cropped. Basically we had to answer questions to win prizes. I left a little early so I was only there for 2 of the games but didnt win. OK for the 1st one I was too lazy to move out of my seat...hehehe.

Zaiton and I are both VIP members so we got a little something from Shabby Chic. She got the MM desk organiser while I got this...

I already had little compartmental boxes to put my brads in so I didnt really want to move them. However my ribbons were in a mess and I couldnt be bothered to poke holes in a shoe box so this is what I've used the embelishments box for :)

To add on to my happy scrapping, I am no longer using the ping pong table to scrap as I bought a folding table to use yesterday. This was the conversation that ensued on the way home:-
H: Is the shelf in my basement enough to store all your scrapping supplies?
H: So what are you going to do about it? Throw some stuff away?
Me: Nah it means I have to scrap more to use up my stash and that means you have more time to play snooker with your friends.

The man was very happy to hear that!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tiring weekend...

*photo courtesy of (Robin's missing)

Mum reminded me on Saturday that it was the 1st day of the Chinese month, which meant errands and going to pray at gran's. Finally got to see the extent of the renovation there. It doesnt feel the same anymore. Me no likes!

Had another quiet night on Saturday. Brought Jerome to Hong's for bah kut teh then we watched Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix and had supper at Fleur de Lys after. Despite having to get up real early on a Sunday morning (which I still say should be illegal) for the charity grand prix, I couldnt sleep early on Saturday night.

It was a fun day and our firm took part in the CEO race, Fooseball and Tower Building (which we won!) but the events were spread out throughout the day and prolonged cos of the rain. I hadnt recovered by yesterday eventhough I had an assessment of damages hearing and slept 11 hours last night. Yes I did!

So gotta make up for that today....staying til 8pm last Friday didnt help....looks like I have to repeat it again today....sigh....when can I scrap?

Btw, I want this for Christmas....

Its sexy and it matches my car. Plus with a 3.2MP camera, I will not miss anymore photo ops (like I did on Sunday :p)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yes I have been totally procrastinating with my scrapping so now my scrapping "to-do list" has totally piled up....lookie here...

1. photo swap LO for Jazz
2. Shabby Chic aniversary mini album challenge
3. Deepavali cards for a couple of my bosses (and its tmr!)
4. finishing Yani's mini album
5. my Coffee album
6. mum's (now belated) birthday LO
7. my Monte Carlo & Barcelona holiday album (long time pending)

And yet I vegged almost the whole weekend...I was tired after KL and then returning to a big workload (I have so many trials this month!)....

Was going to do something on Monday and even went shopping on Saturday and Monday itself for materials but H's cousin asked me if I wanted to play rummy and it was just all too easy to give in...eventhough I lost at the end of the day and had to be subjected to H's teasing (but he lost at cards...haha!)

Then I asked my friend who's birthday it is this Thursday when she would be free and she was like....tomorrow. So I rounded up all the girls last minute and we caused a ruckus in Excapade (as usual). Birthday girl (as usual) took her leave early to bring food to hubby while we moved on to our usual haunt to chat the rest of the night away.

So I could do some scrapping today but yesterday Lee said we should go out for a drink to catch up....I can seldom resist Signature Club especially with the great company so I'm going there later....we've already rounded up the troops! I hope it doesnt finish too late or at least I'm sober enough to scrap later....

As for tomorrow, my sis says her bf wants to treat me and H to Senja Lounge before he starts his job next week.....I'm never one to turn away free food *grin* it may be tomorrow....

OK, I've now put on a bit of the weight I managed to lose to get to my ideal weight. Problem is mantaining it now...I visited the studio yesterday and will get back to dancing (to get my butt back).....unless I procrastinate again...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A farewell and the MLC 2007

Before I left last week, a few friends and I were frantically organising a last minute get together of some ex classmates so bid farewell to one of the best physics teachers ever. Our dear Miss Siow was due to leave last Monday but just had her stay extended (just before the dinner) so she will be around for a couple more months. In any event, it was deep appreciation for all she had imparted upon us. About 20 people turned up and 2 songs were dedicated to her i.e. "To Miss Siow With Love" and "Heroine" (adapted from To Sir With Love and Hero). I also made (my first attempt) a book which you can see below which everyone signed. We also bought her flowers and a gold bracelet.

My trip to KL was very interesting especially in viewing the difference in the way their legal system is regulated and how politically driven many of the attendees were. Many pictures are on the Malaysian Bar website but I managed to take a couple of my own with some friends :)

Gorgeous sink set up in the loo of my room

With old uni mates, Aloysius and David at Bar Savanh

With the other foreign delegates and other Malaysian committee members at the dinner on the final night

With my dear friend Janet who 'kicked' me into attending this conference and now I have to spread the news to my peers...kekeke

Monday, October 29, 2007

KL musings...

So yesterday I had my first Airasia flight to KL. Big plane, loads of seats, definitely fully utilised. For those who are fussy abt seats, its definitely worth paying the extra $9.50 to get on the plane first. It occured to me again how the AA flight attendants always look like they're abt to change their tops n head out clubbing straight after they leave the airport terminal.

Immigration queue was long as an Indonesian flight arrived just before us and their processing through immigration took AGES. Our luggage was taken off the carousel by the time I got thru immigration. My poor friends who were waiting for me then had to drive me all the way to the hotel to check in then bring me out for supper before heading home. They wouldnt let me eat Mee In My Mug in my room. I had roti canai at the Penang Nasi Kandar stall was too late for a nasi kandar meal...

Hotel is nice but the rooms are noticably smaller than at the last hotel I stayed in. Good quality but then, it is Traders. I liked that they put a Chuppa Chup on the towels instead of flowers :) Bed is so nice n soft and I have a great view of the park and right across to KLCC Suria.

This morning's conference was an interesting medly of talks...though I only attended the opening ceremony as the other topics of the day did not interest me. Well, at least I got the goodie bag....haha. Interesting speeches especially in light of what is happening with the judiciary in M'sia at the moment. I must say Sultan Azlan Shah is very impressive and knowledgable.

I'll be more involved in the conference for the next couple of days. Dun think I can make it to Scrappingville again this time as its inconvenient to get there by public transport and I dont want to inconvenience my friends to bring me there. Missing out on the PM's Reinassance dinner tonight for Madame Kwan's with WS. Chillin in Skybar is good enough for me tonight I think, seeing as the socials for the next couple of evenings will be tiring. Meeting with uni mates will happen tmr nite...that will be really tiring especially after some drinks at Bar Savnh...heheh

Thursday, October 25, 2007

KL here I come!

I've been tagged by Liza and Redz so I better get on with it :p

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself (on your blog, we all want to know them).
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
4. Let each person know that they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here are my 7 random facts:-

1. I have a load of snacks in my office which I keep for other people to snack on. Yep, I'm a feeder! LOL!!
2. For those who dont know, I have 8 siblings...there are 9 of us...and I'm the eldest. My mum is wonder woman for giving birth to all of us and bringing us up to what we are today
3. I can sleep loads! I think I inherited it from my dad, he used to be able to sleep anywhere, anytime, etc
4. The ultimate role model in my life is my late father. He taught me and gave me so much and in my eyes, is the ultimate survivor cancer patient
6. I dont like skinny men...I find them un-huggable
7. I love cooking and baking but am so lazy to do so unless I have a really nice n clean kitchen....this has of course taken a back seat to scrapping (which I cant stop shopping for)

There you go! Now I shall tag...

Monica (ok I dont hav her link)

Monday, October 22, 2007

CNY tradition

This is my submission for the Team Groovie challange for this month. As soon as they mentioned tradition, I remembered that we always take this family photo every CNY after the lion dance performance. Mainly BG PP used for those who can recognise it (u might know by now that I cannot resist cutting PP up) including the background paper. I like my little fireworks (its set off after the lion gets the ang pow) though I'm missing the most important element of CNY which is the ANG POW!! (that'll be another LO...heheh)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Girlfriend's mini album

This is a present for a gf that I started on last month. LOL! Still not totally finished cos I'm slowly decorating the journalling pages. As you will see, I've only doner two of those :p

Yes I finally got around to finishing the cover of the album which was my attempt at layering and mixing different embelishments. Kinda like the result :)

This page 1 is looking a bit too plain for me at the moment but it'll do for now :)

Page 1, the girl on the left loves pink!

I like this page. Simple but effective. Took ages to get the different paper lined up

Monday, October 15, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Ya ya I know its a bit late but it lasts for a month and I have been doing lots of....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the past 4 days.

So I did play rummy last Fri and got to see this little girl (as well as lose lots of money) but we had fun :)

We visited Hals n Reza (oogling at Hals and Olang's babies) on the 2nd day of raya (so we didnt have to go out n grab lunch) and I had dinner at Zaiton's while Jeff stuffed me with his cakes n cookies afterwards. He's doing a great job of looking after Filbert...even letting him s**t on his hand. LOL!

I finally decided to get off my butt n do some scrapping yday. First thing I saw when I walked in were my scraps so instead of creating an LO I started off with another X'mas card. I had gotten a kick earlier this week abt not finishing the mini album for my gf so I did....*drumroll*....the cover...LOL. I thought I was being creative! Anyway I din hav time to finish more than that (or take pics) cos my sis came along and I had to send her to work.

Oh I also received the scrapping stuff my friends bought to thank me for helping them out. Gotta take a pic of that too...

Really HAVE to get my shelf this weekend before I fly off next Sunday...sigh!

Hope ur all enjoying ur holidays and raya!! I've got my dinner sorted for tmr and Fri. LOL!

(Btw ladies, these are the starbook instructions I was telling you about)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Coffee time vs Scrapping time

I had that choice. After 3 coffee sessions in a row with the girls and my lack of scrapping mojo, scrapping prevailed. I had to make a card for someone and from then on I couldnt stop making cards....Christmas cards that is....and all with my scraps! Only the brown and pink one is a "Congratulations" card. 3 hours and only 9 cards to show for it ",)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

KL (again!)

Yep, I'll be heading over to KL twice in a year after not visiting it for a while. This time its work...well kinda. I'll be attending the Malaysian Law Conference in particular to give a short talk on views on the intended Young Lawyers Alliance. There are some interesting talks going on as well which I'll attend on a selective basis. Great networking opportunity and hopefully meet up with some people I was unable to catch during my last trip. Not sure if I will have the time to go to Scrappingville tho and I bet I'll shop despite my endeavours not to *angel halo appears*

Oh abt yesterday's date with H, we watched War: Rogue Assassin. Not recommended. Should have stayed home to watch dvd...sungkai buffet tonight with the office then I gotta decide between coffee with the girls (again for the 3rd time in 3 days) or scrapbooking...Hmm...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Raya pressies!

These are a sample of some of the cards I made my colleagues for raya. Started on them some time ago and got totally lazy to make more after 13/14 cards. The words are embossed on the light coloured cardstock which was cut out and inked. Quite like how they turned out. I made a couple more with mulberry paper and silver embossing but I've already given them away :p

It isnt easy sorting out raya gifts for 20 on a budget...definitely not to get everyone Patchi. So I thought I'd make use of my origami boxes to make individual boxes and put 'some' chocolate in there rather than a whole Patchi box. Here is work in progress....

These are the boxes all tied up with ribbon. I thought of decorating them and all but I think they look nice enough...and I was running out of time (and sleep...*yawn*)

So here we are.....
*cost of pattern paper = $XXX
*cost of Patchi chocolates & Hershey's kisses = $XXX
*cost of making and giving the finished product = PRICELESS

Dinner and movie with H tonight....more Sungkai makan tomorrow and why am I not getting fatter?!! *pinch*

Friday, October 5, 2007

New fluffies~!

Look what I got to keep me warm and fuzzy in the office....well my feet anyway...

This year I've been to the most sungkai buffets ever! Here are my mini reviews...

It started off with Saffron the day I came back from Bangkok when I realised my sister would be leaving the next day (she changed her flight last min). It was quite disappointing as I went last year and quite enjoyed it. I dont favour crowded places which is why I close Saffron but the food variety was not as good as last year and so were the desserts. I did not feel this year's sungkai buffet was worth $22.00 even if food was served to you.

My next excursion was to Coffeezone when I met Yani up and was starving. It was late so I missed the crowds but it also meant that food was gone. One dish which was the nestum prawns ran out of prawns...I was sifting through the prawn heads trying to find at least a bit of prawn but there was none. They said they were not going to refill it either. Food was simple for $10.50 but I felt the soup was swimming in MSG and not the other way around :p There is also a chocolate fountain here which was a plus.

Last Saturday, my sister's bf asked me to join them and his friends for Sahur buffet at OGH. Knowing that their sungkai buffet is pretty popular and good, I thought I'd give it a go. It was such a DISAPPOINTMENT! Granted there werent that many people but the food was cold and not tasty at all. I couldnt stomach half of it just by looking at it. Dessert was the worst cos it was so watered down. The jellies were so tasteless and watery that it really wasnt a good finish to the meal. I definitely did not manage to stomach the $12.80 cost of the buffet.

Ridzqun was next when GHK treated their staff to sungkai there. Big selection of food though horrendously crowded. Drinks and glasses ran out in the end and the tender grilled lamb ended up overcooked after they grilled it more so I wasnt too happy about that. I loved the huge selection and the little huts of murtabak, teh tarik, ambuyat and noodles tho. For $19+ (not sure abt actual price cos I din pay :p), its a good deal and big spread especially for big eaters.

On Weds, my gf suggested the group of us meet up for sungkai at I-Lotus. Now, I've never had a good experience with food at I-Lotus from my previous attendances so i wasnt really keen but the company was too good to resist. Firstly I was put off that you had to pay for your meal first to get these little coupons which made it feel very canteen like. Secondly the sign on the table that said that wastage of food was not encouraged therefore $3.00 would be charged for each 100g of wasted food. WTF!! What if the food sucked?!! So that ruined my mood but I have to say after my previous experiences of tasteless and insufficient food there, this wasnt the case this time. I did not attack starters but the mains were ok. We had the noodles and rojak which was really very simple. The food that you pick for them to grill was disappointing cos tho we put the correct peg number on our plate, we still got served with the wrong plate after they cooked it. Dessert was the big disappointment cos well basically, it sucked. I dont think its worth $15.80 to be honest, maybe around $12 is reasonable.

Next Monday, the lawyers are planning to go for a sungkai meal after the Law Society AGM and RP and EL are treating us to sungkai at JPCC next Weds. All this and somehow I have not managed to put on weight....sigh...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Coaster gift box

Hi all, just thought I'd share some of my finds :)

This is an idea of what Jaz can do with the RAK I'm sending her but the rest of you can try it too. Alternatively you can make it a mini coaster album :)

I've been itching to make it but have been amazingly lazy when it comes to scrapping recently despite all my purchases.

Also check out this site for great mini album ideas including the star book!! I also found a Youtube tutorial for creating a starbook using stitching instead of adhesives. Just do a's alot easier than it looks ;)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stitching fun!

Someone got a new phone....ladies beware, once ur man gets a new phone especially one with a touch screen, he wont be holding ur hand while you guys are walking around together...LOL. Someone was also in yesterday's papers...shessh, talk abt
being in the limelight!

Oh made this for a friend. I'm never stitching so much on a card again!! LOL! (but I like how it turned out tho :p) I traced round some Scenic Route chipboard then poked the holes in before rubbing out my pencil tracing then stiching the letters. Nice ya?

Monday, October 1, 2007

I miss him...

I've been blog hopping again...I think this woman's work is amazing!!

On another note I've been having insomnia the past couple of days....I survived the yesterday but started feeling very very tired by about 7pm...didnt help that I was at a HUGE sungkai buffet at I'm just feeling totally bushed!

It didnt help that last night I started thinking abt my dad...
*what a great dad he was
*what he taught me
*what he gave me
*how much he loved me
*what a great grandfather he would have been to my future children, nieces, nephews etc
*how much i miss him

Things are just not the same and as much I try to block it out and not think too much, sometimes it just hits work, while driving, while watching a movie, while trying to sleep, etc. H gets bewildered when I start crying out of the blue

And I realised something last night...the most painful things are the hardest to tell the ones you love the most.

On another note, have you seen the Prima flowers range?

And the WINNER is.....

So this is what the winner of the RAK will be receiving in her mailbox soon...just some PP, rub-on's, a glitter sheet of CS and some embelishments in a convenient little stackable plastic container....

But before we go on to that...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANCY WANCY....haha...that's my sister who is 20 today....Gasp!! She called us yesterday to tell us about her humongous room in Oxford...its so big, they couldnt fit it all in one she has a 2 storey uni!! Talk about glamming it! Apparently Chelsea Clinton used to stay in that room (if my mum got her facts right) about lucky sod!

Moving on...another lovely lady shares this wonderful day with my sister (and also China for its National Day...muahaha)...and this is the lovable Nina from my office (who also conincidently loves pink) so I made her this....

Ok, sis before you go all...where's mine...I do have your letter "J" that needs to be altered and sent to some point :p. Din have time to do before you left bah....

Nina also helped me to pick my RAK winner.....


Congratulations Jaz (now both my RAK winners are let me have your address so I can send the RAK over (okok...and my pic too) ")