Monday, March 31, 2008

We're all here to Scrap Inspire Create!!

Last week I submitted the above LO for a DT Slot on Scrap Inspire Create and I'm now happy to announce that 3 other lovely ladies and myself as well as the founder of SIC are now on the creative team for the next 6 months. This is the first Brunei Challenge blog with monthly challenges posted up every beginning of the month and also featuring designers on a monthly basis. RAK favours will be given to winners of each monthly challenge so do join us for our first challenge starting today!! (mine is still in the works...haha)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Aries is back!!

Former teacher and manager of D'Music Motion is back! Only for a month or so to relieve Joel while he's away but I miss him so!! I recognised his voice as soon as he called me!! No better way to kick start getting back into dance than this eh? And even better news is that my old teacher, DD will be back soon too!! Yay I can exercise!!

On another note, I've finally properly examined the contents of my perfume hamper....

Incanto by Feragamo, Love by Moschino, Flower by Kenzo, Still by J.Lo and Euphoria by Calvin for each working day of the week!! hehe....I started off with Flower by Kenzo that poppy!!

In the past month, I've learnt how to organise a badminton, bowling, futsal and golf tournament....hard work I tell ya!! Golf is still causing me a headache cos someone keeps throwing a spanner in the works but dinner will hopefully go smoothly. Almost all the kinks are ironed out and we go food tasting in a bit. My 'costume' is almost ready (need to go for 1st fitting) and some final twists on the trophies and calling up the sponsors to ask if they are still giving us stuff! Phew!

On top of that, I have VERY EXCITING NEWS!! I cant announce it yet but I'm so happy...stay tuned to see what it is!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For Ruey...

I got chocolates, vouchers to use at Shabby Chic (yay!), a perfume dispenser, some costume jewellery, something from Aussino (havent open yet),lip gloss, 2 yummy cakes and a drunk boyfriend *grin*

Yummy chilli crab!The boys tucking into the steamboat....

Apparently this was the reason her parents forgot to bring my cute!

Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Just a little present for someone special

Hehe, I was given a hamper of perfume and a lovely necklace first thing this morning. Got another necklace from a colleague when I came into work to mum's friend bought me a cake too.....dinner tonight should be good fun!

This is a sneak peek of my submission for Scrap Inspire Create....not sure if I can reveal the LO really...

Oh yah before I forget, the new owner of my blog candy is Growing Tree! I picked out the name and I'm not sure if I know who it is but please email me ur details at Congratulations!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Love Coupon Album ~ unveiled

You've seen page is the rest of my altered coupon album for my anniversary present to H

"I love you more than I have ever found a way to say to you"

The Journey ~ tag in envelope has our ticket booking for KK

The time ~ tag inside has our spa booking for a Ying Yang couples treatment at Mandara Spa

The Indulgence ~ Tag inside shows the voucher for a meal for 2 at this Italian Restaurant in KK which H's friend has opened

The Warmth ~ A picture of the bedroom where we are going to keep each other warm ;)

The Love ~ Telling him how he has won my heart...

The back cover

The tags....sorry the pictures arent great. My camera was lent to the Law Society to take pics of the badminton tournament yesterday....which was won by AGC :(

Come along and comment on my previous post gals...this blog candy is up for grabs!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bought this....

cos it was 35% off but I hardly use Good for days when I'm stuck for ideas tho to hav it all there. I think instead of using it as a planner, I may turn it into an idea book n put inspiring LO's in :)

Anyway, just something to pick up from the post office tomorrow, its either my Groovie Kit or my RAK from Leena...keke....its so nice to receive mail!!

Dont forget to post ur comment here for a RAK!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Stressed out!!

Gosh, it all started out me volunteering to head the social committee for the Law Society this year and had ended up me wanting to tear my hair out! The pre-dinner games of badminton, bowling, futsal and golf involve more than just trying to find the right venue, organising the refreshments, getting the players, shopping for trophies, collecting the entry forms, etc. Sometimes people try to take over the event, some of them expect only their suggestions to count..WTF?!! Then with the dinner, its venue, food, decor, sponsors, invites, budgets, etc....sigh. Thank God for my sub-committee helping me out otherwise I siau edi!

On another dear friend Jazz has just started up a challenge blog called Scrap Create Inspire and I'm really hoping for a DT slot so I'm spending the rest of the week coming up with an LO that will *fingers crossed* blow her away! If not, I'm also trying out for a DT slot with Scrap n Crop. I figured I'd start local instead of international first. I still got lots to learn and develop before leaping forward and getting ahead of myself.

My SOMO kit has arrived *dancing around with glee* Will get started on it tonight. The new kit sold out already. Can u believe it?!! Lucky I subscribed but aiyah, missed out on the add on...the black chipboard book called Blackboard I think, looks interesting...

Oh, H has gone through his coupons and we're booking stuff *wink* but I wont reveal the rest of the album yet cos I wanna submit it to SnC...keke.

Oh yah, dont forget to post comments ah. I brought my camera but not the cable *doh!* so I cant post the pictures of the RAK yet :p

In the meantime, U think I should scrap the above picture? :p

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Aniversary

I slept at 2am+...making this....

I actually think its my best work to date but it took my flipping ages! Over 5 hrs. Its a coupon book from Adorn It which contains envelopes, chipboard tags and binder rings. I used mainly MM Love Story and 5th Avenue to decorate the whole album. Ribbons are MM and AC (I love AC ribbons!). Will take more pics soon....was too tired last night after finishing it.

H got it this morning and I left him to go through the contents of the coupons. Will blog about it another time :)

Another thing for u all out there....I have another giveaway. This time I'll call it blog candy rather than a RAK. As its our anniversary this week and my birthday next week (plus I just won Leena's RAK), its soon but I should give something back. I'll take a picture of it if I have time later tonight.

In the meantime, its nearing the time of the year when my dad passed away 2 years ago. If there was one person in your life that you would like to see again, please leave a comment and let me know who it is and why that person. I'll pick a name on my birthday next week to give the blog candy too :)

I won!!

I won Leena's RAK!! OMG, I was just admiring her gorgeous creations for Label Tulip when I scrolled down and saw Pandachu! I cant believe it!! Thanks so much!! I'm thinking about what to do with those goodies already!!

Btw, its been a great March for me so look out for something here tomorrow *wink*

Its a wrong!!

I have not even unpacked last week's shopping from Shabby Chic and Scrapbook Delights when Shabby sends a message that their 2nd CHA shipment has arrived. Sigh...I already used my 20% birthday discount last week buying ALOT and got the below as a bday pressie from SC. Oh my SOMO kit just arrived too so I gotta work on that.

I hope to finish my coupon book for H tonight. Well considering out aniversary is tomorrow I shud...kekeke

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Love works in mysterious ways

Sometimes things happen that make you really sad and there is nothing you can do about it. Yesterday, I learnt to let these things be. I thought I could help but I was wrong. Some things are worth losing a friend for if it means a greater sacrifice as the alternative.

On another note, wonder who will win this:-

H is taking me across the border this weekend. Its been a while since a bunch of us partied together. Cant wait!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello Exilim

My advanced birthday present from my sis!! Isnt it just to sexy?

I'm not one for big cameras despite the lovely picture quality. More of a "can fit into my handbag" kind of gal so this is great!

H brought me out to dinner at the Mall last nite at Fusion. We were the only customers there. Food was ok but nothing fantastic la. Free soup and dessert though! However, despite buying me 2 phone cases (I've been waiting so long for them to be in stock) and dinner and we saw the Shabby Chic boss at the supermarket.....he kept me away from Shabby Chic and I didnt dare to ask to go there (while he was around). Guess I'll have to make my own way there. Just hope the AC papers are not finished yet *fingers crossed*

More LO's for Liza's DT Challenge

These were pics from our BKK trip. For some reason, I didnt take much pics this trip but I wanted to use 3 photos and make 2 of them circles on this LO so I just picked the embelishments and PP etc and put this together!

Inspired by the LO above, I couldnt stop scrapping and made this one. Just a fun one of me and the gals on our last night out in KK at The Cock n Bull Bar making lots of noise and having lots of fun :) (no we were not drunk!)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome Winnie and Dixie!!

Our 2 new addition to the family. They're a bit camera shy at the moment cos they're still getting used to the house. We got them from the animal shelter. Two sisters...arent they pretty? That's Winnie hiding in behind the flower pot.

Oh, and I forgot to put this up...check out the challenge. Its supposed to finish today but extensions can be given :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I've been busy....

I scrapped more last night! yay!!

This is the LO I was telling you about that I didnt feel was finished. At a 2nd look, I think ok is my entry for the One Product Challenge at Groovie Cafe (link on the right). My sister and her friend being cam-whores. I drew out the title as I did not have any of the BG die cut letters. Everything BG including the rub-ons!! The flowers are punched from BG paper. Oh I think this also kind of qualifies for Ed's sketch *grin*

This is a pic of me with mum and dad during my 2nd birthday (yes I was a fat baby). The journaling talks about how eventhough mum was about to give birth to my brother, Jerrard the next month, I was still their 1st (in small letters) Little Girl.

See the little ribbon flower at the bottom corner of the photo? I found the instructions here. Love it!

And lastly a sneak peek of an online crop I will be hosting starting tomorrow. More details tomorrow!!

Over the last 3 days I have...

...scrapped an LO (it doesnt feel finished hence I've not posted it yet)

...revisited colouring when I was watching my brother at the Travel Fair at OGDC during the colouring competition

...had happy hour at Sheraton with mates....its been too long since we did so

...bought my ticket to London!!! (not at the travel fair, it was cheaper online)

...started the ball rolling on the Legal Dinner stuff...

at least I scrapped :p