Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Me no likes!

Me no likes end of the month or beginning of the month at 'bank located' areas. Me also no likes going or leaving work at the same time as the gov't servants. Bloody sheep. Grumpiness. Hmpf!


1. People need to understand that when they are told to not to disturb someone but still do and just dont get it when they snapped at or ignored. Doh!
2. People who say they want their lives to be private and claim people invade their privacy then they proceed to tell the whole world about their sex life (honestly, we dont want to know).
3. People who expect me to do stuff for them straightaway but when I ask them to do stuff, they go AWOL on it and I dont see it til a month later.
4. Flirtiness at inappropriate times and places are just blech! Dont do it!! I dont mind PDA or whatever but there is a time and place and there is such a thing as over-doing it!
5. Some people just need to learn to bite their tongue. If we wanted your opinion, we would have asked you for it. Understand that smoking, swearing, drinking etc is a way of life for some people. Say something about it if you wish but dont give a lecture and comment infront of everyone everytime they decide to light up, swear, drink or whatever infront of you.
6. Dont say partying is not your thing and that you prefer to be a good boy/girl at home then proceed to go around asking what everyone has been up to and look hurt that somehow you were not invited. There is probably a reason for that....
7. People who make the wrong move on the road then glare at me like its my fault. *%#$@!!
8. People who sigh about not having a partner or a life but proceed to do nothing about it. Whinge all you want, I'm not going to help you get there.
9. Bosses who hint that other people stay in late and therefore we should. Firstly, we have a life outside the office. Secondly, staying late in the office does not necessarily mean someone is working.

Needed to get that out of my system before going on refresh myself on holiday....

Monday, May 28, 2007


Its been quiet on the social front so Saturday at the Villa was a nice night to catch up with friends. Sorry I chickened out to jump into the pool Dr N. I forgot to bring cling film for my car seat :p. I was happy despite my verbal diarrhoea towards the end of the night when I got into bed and my my questions were answered to my satisfaction.....On another note, here are the giggles I get from dating a Chinaman...

H: I want pai kut fan with fry rice
W: Pai kut fan with rice
H: Ya fry rice
W: What rice?
J: Fried rice....LOL

Decisions decisions....

Sometimes you have to make decisions that you just do not want to or not even like. This is one of them. A couple of posts ago I asserted that I really should be getting my ass back to London next year and to be honest I do miss my friends and the life there dearly. HOWEVER, H told me yesterday that his mum got a random call from his cousin in Vancouver so him and his mum are heading over there next year. I havent been there before and would love to check it out. Sha tells me it's beautiful. I can only afford to go to one of these places....I hope I dont have to choose soon :(

On another note....3 days to KK and KL plans are crystalising...*grin*

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A real holiday....finally!!

Next week I shall be soaking in the sun and sea here....

Doing this....

And enjoying this....

I wish H could be with me but I'll have my dear sister and lovely new couple for company. Daniel has been warned, we will be coming to rock the town :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My other

It seems I start a new fetish every year. Last year, I started the travelling bug, the year before it was dancing, this year its scrapbooking. As you can see time is passing very slowly for me today hence my multiple posts. So back to travelling, I need to catalogue somewhere my travels. It may not be as many as most but they were travels that were not work related (company trip does not count as work related cos it was a HOLIDAY) and I spent (mostly) my hard earned money. Whatever la anyway, here's 2006...

Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, China, Kuching, Vietnam (Miri and Kuala Lurah dont count right?)

So far this year, only Singapore but KK is on for next week and I have Kuala Lumpur scheduled for July and Bangkok scheduled for September....I need to drag someone to Cambodia sometime....

London is on for next year (dont laugh, i really intend to get there this time). Someone's already going to clear up a room in his apartment for me to stay in the event I do. Accommodation's just need to get my ass there and do the whole clubbing, shopping, coffee drinking, eating and hanging out in Hyde Park thing *grinz*

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I cant stop shopping!!

Ever since my obsession (yes I concede, i am a scrapperholic) started, I have been shopping non-stop for scrapbooking stuff. If I am not in a store that specifically sells scrapbooking stuff or online surfing for new stuff, I am keeping an eye out in every shop I walk into for stuff I can use to feed my addiction. Scissors, paper, punches, stamps, glue, etc...

I'm now at a point where I am starting to forget what stuff I have in my collection. I dont know how S-holic does it. My humble collection gets resorted and reorganised every once in a while but someone just suggested that I should maybe do an itinerary which is a good idea. Furthermore, though it may be painful to some, when my friends need help scrapping or just want to do a one-off LO or album, I'm always happy to offer some of my stash (note: some only). Obviously when we shop for stuff, it doesnt just come with one item and we probably wouldnt use all of it so its only reasonable to 'allow' others to use it and share the cost. I guess its the same as splitting a pack of flowers or PP between 2 or 3.

Anyway back to friend came back from Singapore yday with my 'little package' from Scrapbookingcove. A few packs of the new Prima flowers, some Urban Lily and 7 gypsies PP, Heidi Swapp ghost flowers and alphas, Heidi swapp chipboard alphas and shiloutte images and ribbon. This comes after controlling myself at Shabby Chic at crop night last week. At the end of this month, I have Scrapping Angels Mother's Day Kit and more stuff coming from Pictures2Pages and Shabby Chic is also getting their new shipment soon. Sigh... see my problem?

Snippets of my work

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Scrapped Out!!

So I havent scrapped properly in quite a while and my stash has been slowly accumulating so after crop night (which RA has noted on his website with my picture so if KK wants to see my pic then go there la), I kinda went OTT and did 2 LO's and a double LO on Sunday afternoon (til evening).

Most of you are probably familiar with Ruey's "Funk It Up" kit she designed for Scrapping Angels and would know the materials and methods used for the above LO. The picture was very colourful and so is Ruey's design so the impact of this LO is very strong.

The picture on this LO has been sitting on the 'to scrap' list for a long time and I'm glad to finally get round to scrapbooking it. My sis loves knitting and cross stitching so there are bits of stitching incorporated as a tribute to her. The stitching on the title however are rub-ons. The red felt flower was cut out after tracing out the image from a chipboard flower on a piece of felt and I repeated the colours of the paper in the flowers and brad that stuck it in place.

Finally I did another LO of my dad! I knew I wanted the title to be "My Handsome Dad" and actually had more than one pic but in the end, this one picture was enough. I traced the heart shape of a chipboard heart that I have yet to use and used to craft knife to cut it out of the PP. I then inked the edges with aged copper n platinum ink from MM, pasted it on the cardstock n the ribbon adds a nice touch. The swirls are Heidi Swapp stamps and the quote at the bottom says "My father didnt tell me how to live. He lived and let me watch him do it" Another sticker n brads filled up the top right hand corner.

Since I had scrapped a picture of my belly dancing, it was only fair that I did one of latin (though I might do another belly dancing own for myself). The many pictures I had led me to venture trying a double LO (finally!!). It was late and I was hungry and tired so it's still very simple at this point. I just need to add the bling then I'll post a proper picture of the finished product :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Digital work...

A talented photographer (who has been getting more than her fair share of dives recently ;)) digitally scrapped this for me for my birthday and I love it so much I've been meaning to (attempt to) scraplift this the old fashioned way. Ok havent gotten round to it yet (havent done much scrapping recently) but plan to sometime soon :P. Anyways just thought I'd share it with u people :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

So I was tagged....

Yeah this was weeks ago thanks to Michelle and I havent gotten round to it till now...hehe....

The deal is to randomly list out 7 things about yourself in your own blog and then tag another 7 friends. I probably wont tag 7 friends after this cos I have a feeling the ones that havent been tagged wont bother to do this...heh

1. I've bought a load of scrapbooking mags since I started it seriously in Jan and still have yet to finish reading all of them.

2. I am the eldest of 9 kids (yes there are 9 of us and we are from the same set of parents)

3. I need to get out of Brunei every few months or so even if its for a quick drive across the border. It kinda refreshes me in a weird way.

4. Colon cancer is hereditary in the family so we have to be careful what we eat but it has made me more determined to make the most out of my life

5. I like drinking green tea. Hopefully this ties in with no. 4 above in helping to prevent colon cancer

6. I love to dance but it seems only to latin or RnB music...unless I'm drunk of course then anything goes....

7. Blue has always been my favourite colour but red seems to be catching up at the moment....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I've been Bob-bed!!

Say bye to long permed locks and say Hi to liberating, fuss free (almost) and colourfully short hair!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Made With Love...

Fellow scrapperholics and those going to Singapore soon, while blog hopping I stumbled upon a site which led me to another scrapbooking shop in Singapore. It looks and seems much bigger than Laines...OMG I'm so tempted to go for the altered art classes....Check it out at

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gray's Anatomy

No matter how tired I am or how late it is, for the past week, I make sure I watch at least one episode of Gray's before going to bed. Its at the point now where Mc Dreamy has made the decision about who he wants to be with but then doesnt seem happy with his decision. If it wasnt for this annoying thing called work, I would continue watching it till the wee hours everyday. I have no problems getting lost in Mc Dreamy's eyes....sigh...On another note, I think Izzy is better looking than Meredith...sorry to all the Ellen Pompeo fans out there! (its like the whole OC thing where I preferred Rachel to Mischa)

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Pretty quiet weekend....NOT!!

OK so I havent scrapped in a long time and I'm starting to get to that stage where I am mentally thinking what I would do when I find time to sit down at the scrap table and what new techniques to try. The arrival of Ruey's kit brought much joy to my hectic weekend but I havent had time to properly drool over it. Will do so when the instructions arrive.

However, I did manage to help out a couple of friends with their scrapping projects yesterday n they turned out beautifully. We had fun n cramped legs after a while cos we were doing most of the scrapping on the floor as I didnt have a big enough table. Got a call last night on a friend asking for a 'gi-normous' favour. She has to scrap 4 pages for some project n needs me help so we're off to Shabby later *grinz*

Law Society Annual Dinner was a blast and though we were running around like headless chickens, it was a fun night and a relief when it was all over. Reeda took some pictures which you can check out at his website.

The past week however has caused me to bid "Adieu" to 2 very dear friends, Aries & Jenkie, who will be leaving the DMM family for good to return home to the Philippines. I cant imagine how the studio will be without them but we've promised to stay in touch. Right...for my next holiday destination....Manila :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

I chose a red background cos its my colour of the moment. The pictures I chose actually lead to quite an accurate conclusion about me so I'm rather impresssed...I am a bit of a romantic (even if my bf isnt :p) and have a taste for the exotic. I appreciate natural beauty and love to party. Most of all I crave relaxation and think holidays should be when's my next one?

Spidey 3 & The Annual Law Ball

I was told last night that (depending on whether H can decide between this n bball), I get to watch Spiderman 3 with free food and a free Spidey T-shirt on Friday....Wohoo!! Its also my sister's birthday on Friday so I'm going to bring her along (if H can get us tickets) and give her, her birthday treat on Sunday after the show is over.

U know I still havent figured out what I'm going to wear cos I'm too busy trying to help sort the night out. If that silver dress is too big for me then I might just be tempted to buy the dress I'm modelling cos it is absolutely GORGEOUS!! If only the price wasnt such an off-putting factor. We've got almost everything sorted out now and our dance is shaping up though Eddie made us speed things up and we wanna change songs with only 3 practices to go!! Lucky draw is looking for the headache of seeing who gets what first.....*fingers crossed I win the grand prize!!*