Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am in complete awe at what the SIC guest DT and resident DT's have created for this month. We have come so far in such a short amount of time. Remember showing u what I did with my flocking kit? This is the LO I created. Had to use my flocking kit cos I found that pink wavy bit a bit too plain. So love the result!! Hope u all like it too :) Oh and do do take part in the challenge. I'm going to try some of these sketches myself *grin*

The PP and little pom pom fringe is from one of the Label Tulip add-on kits that they were clearing. Love the colour combo! And do u like my new thickers? Flowers from Prima (just cant get enough of the paintables), BG rub-on, Hambly transparency, MM brad & Technique Tuesday stamps for the journalling. TFL!!

OK on to more fun...8 people commented on my post for a RAK and the other day, my sister came along to take some of my SB stuff away for her and her mates to use to create an album for a friend. Eventho she took a huge bag, it hardly caused a dent in my SB stock so I've decided I've been too greedy and definitely have too much stuff so I'm going to give all of the 8 ladies a little something (yes even u Caroline!!~ to get u started). For the Bruneian gals, we can arrange a meet up or something and as for the overseas ladies, I think I have most of ur addresses still but just incase, just email me at and I'll send them ur way. Congratulations to u all!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

I finally played with my flocking kit

I didnt like that some of the flock fell out in clumps (but that's just me) but I LOVE the velvety feel of the finished product so I turned this...

into this...

Just went over the places I wanted to outline with my ZIG glue pen (my new best scrapping friend)

Some of u that went for the crop at SD on Saturday would have seen me in the initial stages of doing this LO. I've blurred out the picture of the subject as I'm unsure if I have her permission to post this picture and she's outstation so I cant ask her. This was based on a previous Pencillines sketch that I fell in love with at first sight. Had to rotate it as the picture was landscaped but I'm very happy with how it turned out all the same :)

Last but not least, here is a little sneak peek of my LO for next month's SIC Challenge. There's a little twist next month that is oh so fun! U have until tomorrow to submit ur LO for this month's challenge so hurry hurry!!

P.S. Dont forget, u can still post here for a RAK!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Should I?

Yesterday Dr A and I ventured down to KB for the Optimax seminar. Any questions or concerns I have abt LASIK have now been settled (helps that Dr A is doing hers first) especially now with Intralase. Most importantly, thanks to my good genes, my cornea is nice and thick for the procedure. sis will be in KL in Sept and says she will look after me if I do it then. I've just checked the AirAsia ticket for the period I was looking at and its well cheap....oooo so tempting!!

Update:- I've bought my ticket to KL and will be booking my appointment with Optimax as soon as I get confirmation of something on my side. The man says he will try and come along to look after me eventho I have my sister. So sweet!!

Now all I have to do in August is wait....wait for a letter, wait for a ring, wait for my eyes to be clear again!! Its been almost 20 years since I've been able to see clearly!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

This or that?

Few of you may know that I've gone back to dancing again. Unfortunately the bottom of my shoes have worn out (dance shoes have a velvety undersole) which means its time for a new one!! Any views on these 3 (especially Monica)? They have to be ordered directly from UK and are about B$150 each so I will only order one.
I'm drawn to the first one at the moment but the last one allows me to wear the ankle strap in 3 different styles (it comes in the other 2 colours too)

July happiness for all

Monday has come around again and the weekend was quieter than the last two but I still feel tired. H gave me some $$$ which I've used to treat his mum (and me) to a foot massage and bought my friend a meal. This is why I love him so much, the little things he does for me :). Some of you may have seen an announcement here about us. I was surprised when I went to her site cos we're keeping the news quite low key but a big THANK YOU to CL for her beautiful pics :)

Now for the exciting news for those who visit my blog. I've been rearranging and trying to clear my scrap space and wondering why I so much of the same stuff so I'm giving it away as I go. Currently, I've got 3 RAK's to give away so leave a comment here about what made you smile today and I'll draw 3 names randomly on 1st August :) GOOD LUCK!!

*(LH, I'll consider ur comment for here as I've decided to edit the post :))*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My condolences... the family of the Singaporen couple who died in a horrific car accident on the way back from KK on Saturday. If any of u saw the papers this morning and the pictures, there is no way they could have survived. The wife was one of the co-owners of the dance studio I used to frequent so I know them both and it was a shock to hear. The only saving grace is that they died instantly and do not have to prolong any suffering.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on Project Scrapaway

Remember some time ago, I blogged about Project Scrapaway here? They are now at Round 9 and the competition is really heating up!! A few friends I have made through scrapping are still going strong in the competition and I wish to mention their names here. They never fail to amaze me with their entries every week and in a way I'm relieved that I'm not under the pressure they're in. This week's challenge is to "update" and old LO which is kinda cool and it'll be interesting to see what the entries are like. Gawd, I dont envy the judges!! Anyway here are the talented ladies...

Felicia - This lady is truly original in her work and her creativity is just astounding.

Jessy - Master photographer and amazing digi and paper scrapper. Her foray into paper scrapbooking has not disappointed us fans of her work!

Cookie - This lady never fails to produce astounding work and has the most adorable son!

Oh and I told u I've been scrapping right? This is an LO I produced for the Create Challenge and also for an SK Kids Swap. Thanks for all the items Vivs and TFL!!

P.S. Do U like the little strawberry I made from the sequins? The green bit is actually a folded flower ;)

Some cards

I've been into card making this past week. Made a grand total of 10 cards and a tag as of yesterday. Here's the tag n a few of the cards I made yesterday. Gave one away already today to an ex classmate of mine who had a baby....isnt she cute?

So here's the tag....

And the cards....

Incase ur wondering, my images have been 3D-ed :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

...and men dont understand why women complain...

A conversation with the bf yday...

J: I feel like cooking today
H: U very free ah?
J: I'm sick of eating out
H: Cook Maggi then.
J: I feel like home cooked food
H: Fine but i'm not washing up
J: >.<

Hehe we had a simple but nice dinner of chicken n veg soup, baked chicken wings, egg fried with chopped long bean and konyaku jelly for dessert....healthy kan? And I am totally against using MSG in my cooking so all the flavour came from the food n spices. I just hate the way I smell after cooking tho...ugh!

Btw Lia, about ur comment....yea seriously!! Furniture shopping was on Saturday *wink*
*little moan* My mum is turning into a Mumzilla. It ages away yet but she got me so upset yday. H managed to calm me down but I was still in a need to rant so much that I called up my mate in UK (as it was too late to call the locals). Sigh!

Oh and I managed to scrap a LO (which took me ages) and a few cards from my scraps...its addictive actually....I think I may do tags next...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

H is in the papers!!

Kekeke....his team won last night and the sports page of today's Brunei Times has a pic of him.....I'm going to nick it from the office and scrap it...haha

*picture taken from BT website*

On another note, the boss has given us Monday off (as Tuesday is a public holiday) and I have a sudden craving to bake cupcakes to be finished off with lots of icing...hmm...

Oh its boys night out tonite....I guess I can scrap!! yay!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Basketball season!!

Yup, its that time of the year again and despite the little tournaments sprinkled through the year, this is the one that most people look forward to.

Officially the Aewon Cup and unofficially the Sultan Cup as its in conjunction with His Majesty's Birthday, most of the local basketball enthusiasts cant wait to show off their skills. For the veterans, its a challenge and for new players, its a stepping stone to more competitive basketball. Usually the top 6/8 teams of the tournament go on to compete in (what used to be) the Pepsi Cup where we get to see "import players" raising the standard and competitiveness of local basketball here.

H played his first match last Sun with his busted ankle (*roll eyes* Men will never learn) and he's playing again tonight....after a long day at work, I think I will head down to the courts to cheer the bf on...

Oh btw, did I mention that I've restarted my dancing lessons? I seem to remember most of my salsa and some of my swing (though I didnt really study swing in depth) but my rumba needs practise and I've forgotten some of the moves. I dont even want to know how I will fare in Chacha and Jive *groan*

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear

Its my darling H's bday today and it was fortunate I planned a surprise for him on Saturday as it turns out that he has a Jap supplier over whom he has to entertain till tmr. A small but very fun group of us gathered last Saturday night and the birthday boy didnt last past midnight (I think...i was gone too). Some (censored) pics to come once my sis brings my camera cable over...

Something potentially life changing is happening to me tomorrow and despite the early notice I only decide to panic today.....argh!! I'll be meeting up with my dear friends tonight to pick at their brains and get them to mentally hold my hands for tomorrow. Urgh! I havent even figured out what to wear!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spa, drinks and sleep

I kicked off my weekend with a facial and a body scrub and massage. Talk about pampering right? I really needed it after the holiday and everything plus my face was breaking out!! Well my facial lady gave me some great tips on....oh ya I cant talk about it yet....keke....lets just say dresses, photos, venues, etc. BUT all that pampering meant I was running late for H's early bday party plans....well, I still managed to wrap his gift, buy the flower and arrange everything in the hotel room before time was up, then we sweated it out watching the opening of the Sultan Cup Basketball Competition before moving onto Sheraton for an absolutely fun night!! Lots of pictures but my sis has my camera cable at the moment so i cant post it yet...sigh....Needless to say, I slept most of Sunday....zzz....

I also gotta reply to some lovely comments on my last post...I know I dont always reply so I'm endeavouring to do so this time :)

*Pearl ~ Haha that cake was on display in this shop in Oxford and yes it was fun in Oxford. Wait up for the London, Prague n Paris pics!!

*Chowchow ~ I did Mich but I think I'm still recovering from it now!!

*Lia ~ Am doing OK babe and I'll continue to stalk ur blog to find out what ur clueing us in for!!

*Yu'er ~ Yes I did la but it was tiring!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ready for a picture-ful post?

Some long awaited pics from my short stay in Oxford....

Strawberry picking (we ate quite a bit too)

With my sis in one of the college gardens

One of the starters at Jamie's Italian (yes its Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in Oxford and it was delish!!)
Nando's!!! (need I say more?)

Our pasta at Jamie's Italian (btw the prices are VERY reasonable too)

Yummy homemade ice cream n brownies after we had was da bomb!!

No one believes me when I tell them this is a cake....

Delectable Moo Moo's milkshake got my seal of approval!!

Some lovely flowers in St John's College

The courtyard my sister's room was in. The door to her room is behind us to the right...
The first circular library in the world (me thinks). Its now a reading room

Do u remember this courtyard from Golden Compass? Its that of Christchurch College which also has the dining hall where Harry Potter was filmed and the staircase they used for the fight scene

I have to say that my sister makes an excellent Oxford tour guide. She knows all the stories of each college we pass. We turned her down for punting because the weather was crap and she had fallen into the water while punting the week before. LOL!!

Music & Lyrics

A few years ago, I was flicking through a M'sian/S'porean mag when I came across an article about a company that set up dates, mainly for the people who are so busy working, they do not have time to find a mate. I did not recognise the name of the lady as she used a Christian name that she did not have when I knew her but her picture was unmistakable. Violet Lim, one of the founders of Lunch Actually was my senior in Uni. She did law as well and I remember buying some books from her and also remembered the time when she started dating her now husband, Jamie. We had already met a few times before that as she was also actively involved in the M'sian Society and had seen her around the dept. Can u believe it, from a lawyer to a very successful businesswoman (she just opened a new branch in Hong Kong). Wow!! Coolies!!

Anyway, I was bored today so I decided to see how she ran her business n how the website was set up. So I went to her facebook page (she added me a while ago) and checked out her links. I noted that one was kind of a blog so rather than checking out the Lunch Actually site, I checked out Violet Lim's site. I was drawn to this post. Its true isnt it? ;)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Groovie!

Another announcement for the 1st of July is that I'm the featured Groovie Guest Designer this month! Please do check out the website and see what challenge I've set for you all to try out this month!

Background:- NL and I were really good mates in primary school and just when we were getting closer, her family decided to move back to KK. Though we kept in touch, the communication kind of petered out then we met up again when we were studying in UK. Again communication dwindled and I thought she was still in London but thanks to FB, I now know she's in KK and we arrange to see each other when we can as its only a 25min flight away. We both think its quite amazing that after all this time we're still such good mates and manage to find each other no matter where we are.



I've inked the around the whole PP background and lightly gold embossed 2 sides of the PP. I also edged my PP flower cut out with Stickles and put some clear KindyGlitz on the flowers at the side to "freshen" it up a bit. Its nice and simple but I'm happy to finally get to use this 7 Gypsies PP from my SOMO kit :) Oh and dont u just love Prima Painterlys?!! TFL!!

I was tagged by Jaz. I think I've done this before so I have to think of more unimportant stuff....keke

1) Link back to the person who tagged you.Ive been tagged by Jonaks.
2) Post these rules on yout blog.
3) List 6 unimportant stufs abt yourself...

a) I love to eat Japanese food
b) I used to hash but now I'm just plain lazy....
c) My current aim is to travel to a new country every year
d) I love to dance
e) I have a closet full of clothes but I always lament about having nothing to wear (eventhough I still have some new clothes in there yet to be worn)
f) I have 3 siblings studying in 3 different continents (Asia, Australia and Europe) and we're now wondering if the next one wants to go to yet another continent (America)

A bit of scrapping stuff

Last Friday's wedding was an absolute blast! The boys got tortured and we partied the nite away at Baze. I had to leave early however due to somebody *grumble grumble* so didnt get a chance to dance but it was great seeing so many people I havent seen in a long time. Congratulations again to the happy couple!!

I dragged myself out of bed (a bit later than I was supposed to)on Saturday for the SIC Crop Party and we had soo much fun!! You can see more photos and links at their website here. Congratulations to the ladies that won RAK's and well done to all the gals for being so creative with their challenges. The judges had a really tough time picking the winners. I'm still working on the challenge set my Emily which was to alter a folder cos I've changed my mind about it...huhuhu....

While we're on SIC, this month's challenge is about Birthdays so hurry up and dig out those party photos people!! I did mine with a slight twist in that I wrote what I was contented with on my last birthday. There are so many possibilities for this very general subject...I cant wait to see what the other scrappers come up with!!


I decided I hadnt used a black background in a while so I used Bling CS for this one. I cut out the circle from an MM PP but somehow didnt like the combination of the polka dots with the red border so I cut it out and lightly gold embossed and UTEE'ed it. I added my favourite technique of PP cut out's from Tinkering Ink PP and distressed the 2 PP I used to mat my photo. The little journalling at the corner was on my current fav journaling stamp from OA and I'm so in love with my Chipboard Glitter Thickers. I added some little OA birdie stamps to finish it off and outlined a little shadow on each bird with my red Sakura gel pen. TFL!!