Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catching my breath!

Hi there,

Had a blast in Jakarta~eating, drinking, shopping and clubbing...and in Jogja~eating, drinking, shopping and sighseeing. Its been a crazy week of being upgraded to business class (both flights), eating a wonderful variety of food, seeing Borobudur wake up, hearing about all the myths and stories of the Jogja temples and palaces, getting drunk (one night only), enjoying the spa and sauna, travelling in a becah, bargaining for our purchases....

I've got lots to tell u accompanied by pics so stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mummy's birthday was on 21st October. She is finally half a century old. We thought after many outings to Japanese, we would go for Korean (especially with my mum's current obsession with Korean drama) but my siblings were kinda disappointed with the food and that waitress is useless. As they close at 9.30pm, we didnt take pictures at the place. Jer and I bought her a gorgeous bouquet from Wilyn arranged in a lovely basket, a cake from Bakerlyn and I got her two tops. EJ got my mum a chocolate diary free cake and H bought her dark chocolates...she loves chocolates...her two future son-in-laws have scored brownie points this time around! Sorry the chocolate stuff was devoured before a good pic could be taken!

I finally got some scrapping mojo back just before I'm about to leave for Indonesia. Havent been this happy with an LO for quite a while. Thing is I cant show it to you all yet cos its for the next Groovie Book Cover Challenge so all I can offer you is a sneak peek....dont u just love that shiny butterfly lace CS?


Pre departure drinks with the girlfriends was cancelled due to the heavy rain which has been pouring for about 6 hours each day for the past couple of days. Hope the rest of you have a great week ahead. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 1st Confirmation

So I finally went to see this tailor that has been recommended to me about making the only dress I'm making for the wedding. Its a red cheongsam covered in french lace and made of crepe satin. The difference between this and a traditional cheongsam is that the 'skirt' bit looks like a slinky evening gown (with a little train of course). I had called up Singapore to ask how much they sell it off the rack for...and they said $3,000+ *gulp*

I had my fingers crossed the tailor would say she could do it so that I can buy the lace in Jakarta and maybe even the material too *fingers crossed*. I walked in and told her my plans. I didnt ask the price but I know I'm looking at a 3 figure sum rather than 4 figure and definitely cheaper than buying or even making it in Singapore... Asked her what material to get and how much of it and whether she could make it.

And she said.......YES!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

3 days and counting....

I've had so many aspirations to scrap....materials all far....only an LO to show for it...n a couple of cards...sigh....Tonight, I will do at least one project. Lets not be too ambitious. After all, I gotta go present shopping and tomorrow night I start off pilates with V. I've been wondering whether to start it for a while and now that she told me she is teaching, it seems there is no time like the present.

H has come back from Japan...a trip which could have been more enjoyable with my company (perasaan!!)...keke. He din buy me anything....hmpf! Apparently din get a chance to shop....*sulk* Nevermind, he's back! *hugs*

Dr A has been raving that she wants to visit this miniature park in Indonesia for a while. I've been trying to look it up. It basically shows Indonesia in all its splendour in one place (in miniature! The pics of Indonesian pavillions did not attract me as much as this miniature castle inspired by Suharto's visit to Disneyland...huhu...Its got a bird park nearby too.

I'm just thankful we're not visiting Komodo Island cos I dont like 'em lizards! *shudder*

Shopping is (definitely) on the agenda in Jakarta but I kinda went to visit my cousin's shop after I got the sms of their new goodies and bought a new dress *guilty look*........and 2 pairs of earrings.....and 2 tops.....and a skirt....

In my defence, they're really good quality and classic and will last me ages and MAYBE I will save them for CNY :p

Friday, October 17, 2008


OMG I've misplaced or someone has taken my memory card with all my Europe photos in it....Eek!!

H is on his way back tonight so I'll be feeling a bit better *sniff sniff*...sigh

Oh and G and I saw Wuzhun yday at the airport. NO WE WERE NOT THERE ON PURPOSE. Can see him during CNY minus crowds. We are eating at the airport restaurant and came out just as he wandered out surrounded by paparrazi in a cap and shades. He left for KL today apparently. Was only here to promote Butterfly Lovers which I understand is his new film....hmm...RA covered some his promo at Empire here.

Hmm went for a briefing on Monday....quite excited for the change now! I would say cant wait till Jan but I cant wait for my 2 week break in Dec and my trip to Jkt first now. Recently, I come to realise some people say and do stupid things...sometimes even the professionals do that and its just not on...I'm very angry and disappointed but then, cant do much...except to bite back one day. Lets hope it doesnt come to that.

I'll be in tai tai mode again tmr at the salon...finally...some pampering!

Oh btw, up for some freebies? Check out Webster's Pages!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Love U 2 Love Me

I'm missing my Bunny. I managed to complete this LO last week following a sketch inspired here. I knew what I wanted to create and althought it didnt totally turn out how I envisaged it (due to my hiding mojo) I'm glad I've scrapped this pic :) Now on to the 2nd sketch which looks so fun!

Miss Bimbo Ting8191

Today I noticed that I am on Day 69 of this game and I havent blogged about it so I thought I'd do so now. Thanks to a certain lady, I have kinda got hooked on this game.

Its kinda like an online Barbie-Tamagotchi thing. Sad? Maybe for some la but who cares. I get to shop virtually and I now know how to play Sudoku and Mastermind cos I have to play it everyday to earn my bimbo money and IQ as well as bimbo attitude. After u start, u kinda dont want her to get ill and die so you just keep playing and there are goals for every level. The only disappointing thing about these challenges that you have to do is that you dont get to see the b***h fights. Oh she has a boyfriend that gives her money (always a good thing) and jobs that pay more as ur bimbo gets smarter. They have all the other stuff like gym, library, therapy, boob jobs, make up, hair, is the catch so you learn to try and save and organise your earnings. Oh you have to feed and clothe her too la...

Sad? Well, I havent played Barbie for like 20 years so its my little reverie into my virtual childhood! So those who are interested can check it out here.

Wedding stuff

While I'm counting down my 9 days (wohoo!) to Jakarta and trying to clear my huge workload in the meantime (boo!! Hiss!!), I forgot to post that H and I have bought our tickets to KL for this coming Dec.

and staying here...

I have yet to email the studios we want to visit to check if they are open or Optimax for my 3 month check up for that matter. Opps! I visited Touch Wedding last time I was there and me and my 2 lovely & patient companions fell in love with 3 of the dresses I tried on...ok so i was the most keen on the peach one! So this time around, I hope to check out:-

1) Posh Wedding, who did my friend's photos recently and I absolutely loved them but I'm not so sure about their dresses
2) Wedding Couture which looks quite nice
3) Vogue Collection which was recommended by a few friends

I thought of seeing Love Vision but it is the same group as Touch so I thought it was best to narrow it down to 3 as our time there is quite limited and bearing in mind that most shops are not open on 25th Dec. I've arranged for a surprise for H from this lady for X'mas. Hope my order is ok!

Now I totally forgot about this until I was updating my friend on what wedding preps I've done so far....keke...u'll never guess....WEDDING RINGS!! Haha....hopefully we can find a nice pair that we both agree on otherwise maybe in another trip. We still have to go to BKK for the groom and bestman's suit and another trip to KL for the taking of the wedding pics. While we're shopping for the rings I can check out jewellery and accessories for the wedding too *clap clap* [H is so not going to enjoy this]. My brother said the 6mm Tiffany platinum band in KL is about RM6000 which is rather cheap for Tiffany's so might have a look at that!

Erm yea, that's mainly our KL trip agenda other than friends we can meet or squeeze in between and lots of eating of course...oh yah and my eye appointment :p

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grand Mercure

Ok so I still have not made dem cupcakes with H leaving for Japan for a few days on business *sniff sniff*....we have just been vegging infront of the tv lots. Oh yah and my facial lady has commented I have put on weight so I really really really need to start exercising....sigh.

The countdown to Jakarta has started and as I drool at what Lee and the others got up to here, I thought I'd just make some of the rest of you drool at the lovely hotel Dr A and I will be staying in Jogja :p

Grand Mercure Yogyakatra

We've saved on hotels in Jakarta so Dr A and I are splurging in Jogja. Its not the most expensive but it was the nicest and most reasonable. I thought of a really nice wooden spa type hotel but the prices were astronomical!!

I wanna go on holiday now!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I wanna make cupcakes!!

My pregnant friend K and I have been hormonal (though she's pregnant so she has more of an excuse) and talking too much about hobbies and what we wanna do. I've been on a cupcake search for a while...I wanna make some...but I need pretty pictures...sigh. I was totally lazy last night and slept 12 hours!! At least it cleared up my impending sore throat. No rest for my wicked tummy tonight as I head to my 2nd open house of the day after work....but I'm getting distracted here. I found this lady's blog and was completely blown away by what she could do so I've emailed to ask her if she can make me a little surprise x'mas thingy for H (though he doesnt really like sweet stuff). Then while researching for cupcakes, I found this. I think I've found my little online recipe book for now until Mr T so kindly buys the 500 Cupcakes book I showed his wife. Wohoo!!

Groovie Book Cover Challenge

Ed PM-ed me a while back asking if I would like to join in a new challenge she was setting up on the Groovie Scraps Cafe forum. I thought it sounded like quite a fun challenge so I agreed. She then gave me this book cover to use to create my own interpretation of...

And here is the finished product. I didnt have action shots on hand with me otherwise that would have been great. I tried to go for a more shabby chic look here with all the Webster's Pages paper (yes I finally used them!) and white paint. Just got my cover for next month! Cant wait!! TFL!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Something fresh...

I received an email a couple of weeks ago that stirred up my scrapping mojo which has been kinda of dormant...either that or I just dont like what I've been producing lately. I cant reveal it yet but it was fun trying this out and I got to try out some techniques I've been meaning to try. Here is a sneak peek:-


Come back tomorrow for the full reveal! (if I'm not suffering from a hangover as I have a pool party to attend tonight and a wedding to pretty myself up for tmr...yes another one!!)