Friday, October 17, 2008


OMG I've misplaced or someone has taken my memory card with all my Europe photos in it....Eek!!

H is on his way back tonight so I'll be feeling a bit better *sniff sniff*...sigh

Oh and G and I saw Wuzhun yday at the airport. NO WE WERE NOT THERE ON PURPOSE. Can see him during CNY minus crowds. We are eating at the airport restaurant and came out just as he wandered out surrounded by paparrazi in a cap and shades. He left for KL today apparently. Was only here to promote Butterfly Lovers which I understand is his new film....hmm...RA covered some his promo at Empire here.

Hmm went for a briefing on Monday....quite excited for the change now! I would say cant wait till Jan but I cant wait for my 2 week break in Dec and my trip to Jkt first now. Recently, I come to realise some people say and do stupid things...sometimes even the professionals do that and its just not on...I'm very angry and disappointed but then, cant do much...except to bite back one day. Lets hope it doesnt come to that.

I'll be in tai tai mode again tmr at the salon...finally...some pampering!

Oh btw, up for some freebies? Check out Webster's Pages!

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