Friday, September 28, 2007

For my sisters...

S is for sharing of our dreams.
I is for the individuality each of us brings.
S is for the security I feel when I am with you.
T is for the truth for nothing else will do.
E is for encouragement to always persevere.
R is for remembering that you are always near.
S is for the support that you always gave to me.
From sisters to friends is what we came to be.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Brace yourselves...

...this is going to be a long one....

Another CONGRATULATIONS is due for 4 lovely ladies (and mummies) who have started up Scrappin Kids. I cant wait for their challenges to start. Its great motivation sometimes when you're stuck in a rut and best of all is that you can win RAKS!!

Ok, so I guess its about time I told you guys about my BKK trip eh? Our flight was scheduled to arrive in BKK at midnight (bear in mind they're an hour behind us so thats like 1am Brunei time) and we encountered turbulence and delays cos of the weather so I got a bit sick towards the end of the flight. After we landed, we had to wait AGES for a docking bay and didnt get to the hotel til about 2am+. Had to have supper cos I was starving from what I'd lost on the plane before falling into bed. Btw, check out our room...

not bad for a 3* hotel

Woke up late the next morning (naturally) and headed out to Siam Sq for M2 Sukiyaki and hit the shops thereafter. H showed me his usual haunts esp the jeans shop and we succumbed to the weight of our shopping bags and tired feet by 4pm+. H lazed around and had beer while I had a foot massage while waiting for Rudy to finish work. Dinner was this great German restaurant we found near our hotel with sausages and pork knuckle...most important of all was this....

More beer and cocktails ensued at Zanzibar while waiting for my cousin to join us then we moved on to BEDS....eventually 2 people ended up very drunk...*hint*one of them wasnt on holiday :p

made a friend

so who do you think was drunk?

H was awoken from drunken slumber the next morning and I insisted on Subway for breakfast. We then went on to pay our respects to the 4-face Buddha before more shopping and lunch at the Outback Steakhouse. More shopping then back to the hotel for Thai massages and we met up with Rudy for dinner afterwards. The guys went on to footy and drinks after that while I had a quiet night. Breakfast was in the hotel and we left for the airport after that.

I didnt make it to Chatuchak as with our limited time, we didnt venture out far but I found scrapping supplies in Paragon Dept Store....

...and I managed to get something each for my family. As for myself, it was just a couple of jeans, a few tops, a handbag and lots of yummy food. Would be great to go back there again so I'm looking forward to IS' hen night next year!

Btw, remember my Scrapsidaisy package...they gave me some little paper flowers and alpha sticker freebies too *grinz*

I think my supplies are overflowing already...really need to use them up...sigh...well, H is off to Seria for bball tonite so maybe its a good chance for me catch up with some tired tho :(

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scrapping sale (for Brunei)

I've filled up my album so this was good news for me...

I dropped by Shabby Chic just now to pick up some adhesives for my friend (seriously, I'm innocent!!)...ok so I did pick up some of the lovely new CS and a 7 gypsies board book....anyway, I was informed that they are having a sale on albums and books. 35% of albums of you spend more than $120 and up to 50% discount on books depending on how many you buy. Offer is till Sunday so guess what I'll be spending my pay check on? :p

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Back!!

Countdown towards my RAK is going to start today and my post on BKK will not be that long though I got some pictures to share. I also received my Scrapsidaisy package today. Wohoo!!

Oh and plus, though I didnt find the haberdashery store that Pearl recommended for ribbons, I did find scrapbook stuff in the Paragon Dept Store!!! But I was good...only about 1,600 baht...hehe. Even H couldnt stop grinning at my delight at finding scrapbooking stuff

Keep ur eyes peeled for who wins....Mon, ur coming back so if you win, can it just sit here and wait? :p My sister is leaving tonite and she only told me this yesterday plus work decided to punish me for abandoning it on Friday so I will give a more detailed post later on :D

Both Scrapbook Delights and Shabby Chic have brought many new goodies in *God give me strength*

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Support Scrapbooking!!

Yesterday while I was chilling with some friends in Sheraton, one of them suddenly said she had some stuff for me. I was like...Eh? Remember a while ago I said I helped some friends do LO's as a birthday present for their friend? Apparently, they've decided to thank me (I think) by buying me some goodies from Shabby Chic. They made sure to check it was stuff I didnt have and I thought that was so nice of them! So eventho I didnt win the Shabby Chic challenge, I've still got goodies from there and I think this is so much nicer!! Thanks guys and gals!

In line with my title, recently, I've been getting to know more fellow scrappers around the world and also been scrap-web-surfing alot and came up with a few ideas to support the scrapping community in Brunei and increase the awareness of scrapping. I'm currently in the midst of getting a few people together to do a photo swap i.e. swapping photos with each other and creating LO's for other people basically using their photos. Nice change of ideas and it may add something fresh to ur scrapping album.

My 2nd idea is what I want to share on this blog. A friend in Singapore suggested doing swaps of scrapping supplies. As you all know, we tend to buy flowers and embelishments in packs which contain more than what we would usually use. This applies to matstacks of PP or even chipboard etc. I thought I'd start this idea locally and as I know a few local scrappers check out this blog, I thought I'd bring the idea to you first. International scrappers are welcome but our supplies in Brunei are more limited than most other countries and there is the hassle of postage so it may not be so attractive to others. Please do let me know if any of you are interested as I think it really is a great idea.

So, I end this post by saying "tata" for a few tomorrow I'll be trawling through the streets of BKK, 'glowing' in the heat, shopping to my heart's content, eating like there's no tomorrow, trying to understand some Thai and finishing off the day with ice cold beer or refreshing cocktails....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


A few late congratulatory messages are in order for people who very much deserve them so they get honourable mention *grinz*

Sister No. 1 for getting the scholarship to study Nutrition & Dietetics in Flinders University, Adelaide

Sister No. 2 for getting into Oxford to be a total geek and will not surface again until next year

TKH for getting into Shell...which coincidentaly also means that he will be staying in Brunei for a loooong time

Emily for winning Shabby Chic's first online challenge

H and me for another milestone in our relationship....Look what I made him :)

I know its too cute for a guy but I like it!! It says inside that I love him BEARY much! Hehe...

AND Congratulations to the lucky winner of whoever's name I pick from people who leave comments on this post (as its my 100th) to receive a little package I've put together to put together a mini album using coasters. I'll be including the coasters, PP and some embelishments n get posting!! I'll send it to u wherever u are in the world so it would be great to hear from u!!

2 days to BKK...couldnt sleep last night after talking to H about what our plans were for the trip....thanks to Pearl and Jeff for all the info!

Oh btw, this was my submission for the Shabby Chic online challenge :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

More scrapping...

So I finally got started proper on an OPAAT kit and fully intend to use the whole kit in my project (unlike my June kit where I've only made one LO :p). Here's a pic of the kit I received (bear in mind the Love Elsie papers are double sided, mostly with lined paper at the back)

I'm wondering how to incorporate the Ding brads into my project for my Girlfriends folder but anyway, yesterday I found an 8x8 ring folder in Hua Ho...I think its for DVD's. I've covered the folder to turn into an album but the altered art will come in after I've finished the album. I only managed one page last night before H came home so my aim is to make a page a day. I've still got time to submit it for the Team Groovie deadline hopefully...

Well, I leave you guys with an LO I made some time ago. I was going to submit it as a 2nd LO for the Team Groovie challenge last month but funeral obligations meant I was unable to submit it on time. I saw a folder cover in one of the scrapping magazines that had a black background with this pattern of ribbons but that would have faded my photo so I chose a white background....some Prima flowers and Love Elsie ribbon as well as some rub-on's later....this is the finished product :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Scraptastic weekend!

Friday night with the girls was fun though rowdy as usual. Not everyone could make it which was a shame but 'someone' made up for the lack of numbers by being extra rowdy and hyper. Well, at least I've collected my pictures to get started on the Girlfriend's album and the arrival of the July OPAAT kit is perfect for it!

After receiving my parcels of goodies last week and being reunited with my scrapping stash on Friday, I couldnt wait to get started and once I started I couldnt stop!! H went off to bball on Saturday in KB while I scrapped the my LO for the Shabby Chic Challenge. Here are some sneak peeks:-

I have to say despite green not being a colour I usually work with, I am very happy with this LO and even if I dont win, I had fun doing it. I've been waiting for the perfect LO to compliment my sister's green dress and I think all the materials I used here suit what's in the picture.

I then went on to finally make Shawn what I've promised him for a long time. A little something of his beautiful daughter to put on his desk. Can you recognise the baby? She's not so little now but she's still very cute!

I then went on to make 2 cards on Saturday and Sunday. The one on Sunday took ages cos I stitched out the whole title...yes it took the whole afternoon but I love how it looks! The other card is for me and H's 18 mth aniversary (we're not celebrating or anything but I thought its quite cool that its 18 mths on the 18th) which is coming up. I will reveal it later on the day. Its a bit cute for him but...oh well, once in a while its ok.

I had to stop eventually but the next LO is already in my head and work on it starts tonight!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Finally~a holiday!!

We bought our tickets yesterday...I'm totally happy I'm finally getting to go there and best of all H and I get to spend quality time together...secondly best of all is all the food and shopping and and and....I get pictures to scrap!!

Bangkok here we come!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Yay! Scrapping starts tmr!

My brother came home last night and announced that I had not one but 2 parcels to collect at the PO!! U can imagine I got my tush to the PO as soon as I could today!!

My 1st package is my Sisterhood of Scrap RAK (accompanied by a sweet card) that has finally arrived. This is for being a sister so I still have my competition RAK to come...The one thing I did not recognise was a chalking kit...I knew I had seen those little white balls somewhere before...Thank u Sisters!!

My other parcel was much bigger...muahaha...its my July and August OPAAT kit....will post pics once I have a chance to drool....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Origami box!

I have been distanced from my scrapping supplies. This knowledge has made me feel like scrapping more. I have had to get a few scant supplies and look around what I have at home and in the office. My first thought was to make cards just to get my craving dealt with then I found this. I went out and bought some paper yesterday to make lots of these little boxes cos they are great for storing gifts. A bigger one can even fit a mini maze book into it! I'll post up one with a maze book when I've done it.

In the meantime, when I went to Shabby Chic to purchase some papers yesterday, I couldnt resist sitting down and showing them this simply cute creation. I made the cover using a 8" x 8" piece of BAsic Grey PP and for the bottom I just took 1/8" off. It was a bit of a squeeze at first as the cardstock for the bottom is thicker than the PP but now it fits nice and snug. Havent had a chance to embelish it so it looks a bit plain but I couldnt wait to share!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Scrapping for a cause...

I finally handed my card over to Jazz yesterday for her friend Cindy and I think she will be posting up everyone's contributions in her blog sooon. You can read about her "Scrapping for a Cause" on her blog. See scrappers are always nice people :)

PP and ribbon are MM. Flowers are Prima and I used Cocoa catseye chalk to ink the sides of all the paper :) I've been inspired by all the lovely cards out there!

Last week, I also received something in the mail which I was very surprised with. Firstly that it came so quickly and secondly that it did not only include the Starbucks card but one of Ruey's original creations. Thanks Ruey!!

Its it lovely. Great colours too! Anyway the Starbucks card below came about when I was chatting to Ruey one day about making a Starbucks LO. We dont have Starbucks here so I try and scoff it when I'm overseas. I have many Starbucks memories with my friends back in UK especially my coffee breaks with Clarissa who I miss so much!

Back to the card, these are clear plastic rechargable cards which are like a gift card/purchase card which you can top up and use to pay so you dont have to fiddle with change. So convenient...sigh...I wanna visit Oz now....maybe when my sis goes there next year....

Oh and I got some news to share too! Someone tipped me off about an Aussie scrapping site that is doing free international shipping til Weds (sorry I only found out yday too) and I have emailed them so they have now added Brunei to their list. They have quite a limited stock so hurry and put ur orders in before the deadline. Only thing is you cant order more than 3 Bella chipboard cos they are quite heavy. Before I forget, here's the

Sunday, September 2, 2007

RIP Grandma

I honestly did not expect her to leave us so soon. In the past 6 years, I have been a daughter/ grand-daughter at 3 funerals and this is the first one where I saw him/her take his/her last breath. However this was the one I was expecting the most hence there were less tears but it brought back too much too soon about the loss of my father last year. After 3 days of mourning, we again had to go through the big "Young & Dangerous" type funeral, decked out on full gear, crawling around the coffin, all family members involved. She joins my grandfather and they will now be side by side forever.

I did this LO of my grandmother and my cousin (taken at Chinese New Year) after I found out about how ill she was. On hindsight I could have chosen a different coloured backgrond of cardstock but oh well...the important thing is that the memory is preserved....