Monday, September 3, 2007

Scrapping for a cause...

I finally handed my card over to Jazz yesterday for her friend Cindy and I think she will be posting up everyone's contributions in her blog sooon. You can read about her "Scrapping for a Cause" on her blog. See scrappers are always nice people :)

PP and ribbon are MM. Flowers are Prima and I used Cocoa catseye chalk to ink the sides of all the paper :) I've been inspired by all the lovely cards out there!

Last week, I also received something in the mail which I was very surprised with. Firstly that it came so quickly and secondly that it did not only include the Starbucks card but one of Ruey's original creations. Thanks Ruey!!

Its it lovely. Great colours too! Anyway the Starbucks card below came about when I was chatting to Ruey one day about making a Starbucks LO. We dont have Starbucks here so I try and scoff it when I'm overseas. I have many Starbucks memories with my friends back in UK especially my coffee breaks with Clarissa who I miss so much!

Back to the card, these are clear plastic rechargable cards which are like a gift card/purchase card which you can top up and use to pay so you dont have to fiddle with change. So convenient...sigh...I wanna visit Oz now....maybe when my sis goes there next year....

Oh and I got some news to share too! Someone tipped me off about an Aussie scrapping site that is doing free international shipping til Weds (sorry I only found out yday too) and I have emailed them so they have now added Brunei to their list. They have quite a limited stock so hurry and put ur orders in before the deadline. Only thing is you cant order more than 3 Bella chipboard cos they are quite heavy. Before I forget, here's the


JazzScraps said...

Thanks for the card Panda! Will have the cards up in the blog pretty soon and then have them delivered to Cindy. I am sure that she will be very happy to receive such beautiful cards.

Thanks for joining me in this!

Maisymary's Findings said...

These cards are beautiful ! I just might take an idea or 2 out of them ! lol