Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To fly or not to fly...

I'm currently debating whether to go to Singapore for a long weekend in March to catch up with friends and do some scrapbooking and of course hopefully meet up with some of the lovely scrapbookers I have met through the internet. To save money, I plan to stay with a friend so that leaves me more money for shopping. Still undecided la!! Anyone want to convince me? Lets all try your powers of persuasion. I'll give you all till 6th Feb 2008 (CNY eve) to persuade me then I'll randomly pick a name amongst those who commented on this post and send them a little something....hurry hurry!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

An update on Lola and....I FINALLY WON SOMETHING!!

Lola has tried the new food and seems only to like certain items. I was trying to ascertain which nut/fruit/watever it was but have yet to figure it out. Didnt help that Aunt Beth gave her a big fat juicy carrot to eat after she rejected some of the food....and she kept tipping over the tub of food!! She ate it all in the end but still!! Hmpf!!

Anyway here is a pic of her licking my hand (which I'm sure Monica misses)

This was my lunch last Thursday....it was yummy and cheap and looked good so I decided to take a pic of it...keke. Nasi Briyani with ayam kurma, pickles and dahl.

Ok ok, so u people wanna know what I've won. Well, I tested my luck yet again to win a RAK with Lia from Singapore whose work I greatly admire and I won one of her RAKS!! Its jam packed full of goodies and for those of you who dont already know, she has more coming up! So keep track people....of her beautiful work as well as her generous RAKs!!

Oh another heads up for those women who have been to Aida's website and admired her beautiful blooms, she is having a class on how to make them on 1st Feb. Find out more from the scrap-n-crop website (U need to purchase a class and materials will be sent to u then a short video on how to make it :))

Oh and a shout out to the new DT's of Scrappingville, Wati, Yati, Liza and Samantha! Their details have been announced here.

Phew! Have I covered my scrapping news for the weekend? If not, well, it'll just have to be on the next post...hehe

Thursday, January 24, 2008


For Monica.....(though I want to share with some of my other readers cos she's so cute!) I bought her new food today. A bit pricier but has a mixture of stuff inside. Maybe she wont poop so much from this food :p

Lola licking her foot

Lola cleaning her ear

Lola cleaning her paws

From the 1st pic u can tell she's much bigger than the baby pics in the pets album. She's like twice the size now!

Btw, H still wants to get a male rabbit so they can have babies! :p

Just some stuff...

I was checking out some of the links at Scrapscene and stumbled on this lady's scrapping space. She has made good use of the limited space she has and organised everything very well! Hmm, maybe I should rehaul my scrap space....

I also love this idea of storing thread and ribbons...

Oh and if any of you havent made a calendar this year, its only January so u have lots of time. I especially love this one . I still have my MM blank calender to do though I havent gotten round to it. At least I have a calendar template now *grin*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Footy party

We had a footy themed party for Amy and Aizan last Saturday. The cake was really cool and we had a blast being kids again during the football quiz and "pass the football". The night winded down with coffee at Cafe Au Lait which Liyan kindly treated us to :)

As for Sunday....I totally vegged....*grin*

LOVE album

This is an album that I did over for the January mini challenge at Groovie Scraps Cafe which u can access from one of the links at the side. We had to use up some materials and I couldnt think of putting them together on an LO so I made this mini album instead. Kept it simple with minimum embelishments as the Basic Grey Scarlett's Letter Paper is gorgeous on its own. I'll show u the rest of the pages after Valentine's Day when he's received it :p

Monday, January 21, 2008

Family Excapade

My family and I sometimes go to Excapade as we all love Japanese food. This was one of our many outings. One of my dad's last outings was there with us so I journalled about it at the side. I also covered it with a transparency stamped with AL flower stamp and filled in with Kindyglitz. This LO is for Steph's online crop at Groovie Scraps Cafe :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nice and simple

I did this LO some time ago and kinda forgot to post it up. Its my sis and her best mate at some face painting thing while they were in London. Very nice pic so i didnt want the LO to over power it. I think its missing a stamp or something tho. What do u think?

This is my entry for the January Groovie Challenge. I did this after doing an LO with lots of cutting for a photo swap on Scrap-n-Crop, a sneak peak of the LO is below. As u can see, I kept it simple and made it colour and love the turnout!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Year's in KK!

After we had landed, checked in and rested our feet for a bit, we started shopping....and couldnt stop til the shops closed. Fortunately Little Italy closed at 11pm so we managed to have our meal there.

An early night for us troppers as it was off to Sapi Island the next morning. Some of the other gals mainly chilled at the beach...tho we managed to get them to banana boat and Amy fell off!! Haha!

NL met us for dinner and we had a rather expensive Japanese meal as we were ravenous (u can judge from the empty table) before we moved on to Shan to usher in 2008!

Primay school best mates...

I'm sorry, we couldnt stop her from doing the 2 fingers after watching so much Korean drama before the trip....

None of us were hungover the next day tho I cant say the same for some of my mates that were at Shan with us. Somehow Yani and Aizan got off to an early start while I grumbled about how crazy they were and set off shopping without us. Amy, my sis and I had fish and chips and this yummy seafood platter...

The night was spent at the Waterfront and we cheers with Sangria to our holiday.

We spent the rest of the night singing along with the band at Cock & Bull and generally being so lively that the owner offered to buy us all drinks! (we were nowhere near close to drunk btw)

Our last meal of the trip was Korean which NL joined us for . More shopping after that before we headed back home....

Planning a trip to KK with H this year...just not sure when yet :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Remember remember...

I've been inspired so much by the Singapore scrappers using October Afternoon papers that I could not wait to get my hands on them. When Scrapbook Delights brought it in, I was the first one (I think) to pounce on them.

I've used 3 different OA papers which are 2-sided. The words on the upper right are lyrics to "Wonderful Tonight" which H sang on 8th December. It is so apt that there is a book entitled "Remember remember the 8th of December" that I knew I had to use it as my title. A pic of H singing is supposed to be behind the lyrics. This LO used alot of cutting and took my almost 5 hours eventhough I've had the LO in my head for ages!!

See my attempt at inking and embossing with the paper doiley. I made it into a fan after I used it to mask but the paper doiley I used was pretty thin so the masking didnt turn out as well as I thought. It gave a great distressed look tho! Thanks Scrapperlicious for all your tips!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I know I'm late....Happy New Year 2008!

Christmas is over and I was glad to be able to spend it somewhere different with at least one loved one :)

Between holidays, I also managed to finish a mini album I promised H's sister in one night! That's a record for me and I'm quite happy with it. I'm actually going to add a transparency in btwn a couple of the pages but otherwise, this is it!

The gold paw print embelishment is a punched out, embossed piece of CS.

As u can see, I've left space for her to journal about her pets. Arent they just precious? I punched out the paw prints and used them as a stencil to make the dirty paw prints on the pages. Love the effect!

Like the carrots? Made using KindyGlitz :)

KK pics to come!