Sunday, January 27, 2008

An update on Lola and....I FINALLY WON SOMETHING!!

Lola has tried the new food and seems only to like certain items. I was trying to ascertain which nut/fruit/watever it was but have yet to figure it out. Didnt help that Aunt Beth gave her a big fat juicy carrot to eat after she rejected some of the food....and she kept tipping over the tub of food!! She ate it all in the end but still!! Hmpf!!

Anyway here is a pic of her licking my hand (which I'm sure Monica misses)

This was my lunch last was yummy and cheap and looked good so I decided to take a pic of it...keke. Nasi Briyani with ayam kurma, pickles and dahl.

Ok ok, so u people wanna know what I've won. Well, I tested my luck yet again to win a RAK with Lia from Singapore whose work I greatly admire and I won one of her RAKS!! Its jam packed full of goodies and for those of you who dont already know, she has more coming up! So keep track people....of her beautiful work as well as her generous RAKs!!

Oh another heads up for those women who have been to Aida's website and admired her beautiful blooms, she is having a class on how to make them on 1st Feb. Find out more from the scrap-n-crop website (U need to purchase a class and materials will be sent to u then a short video on how to make it :))

Oh and a shout out to the new DT's of Scrappingville, Wati, Yati, Liza and Samantha! Their details have been announced here.

Phew! Have I covered my scrapping news for the weekend? If not, well, it'll just have to be on the next post...hehe

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anakbrunei said...

Wah liau eh! The nasi briyani looks sooo goood!!! Where is this from ah???