Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pics from KL - Part I

The mound of sausages that went with the pork knuckle and good ol' Paulaner beer.

Absolutely yummy seafood stew at some Taiwanese restaurant we found

Reunited with Starbucks while waiting for our delayed plane at the airport

Back at Manchester

After my operation almost 5 years ago in London, I paid my friends up in Manchester (well those who were still there) a visit. We met up for dinner and drinks and went clubbing to remember the good ol' uni days eventhough half of them were not in Great fun, great times.

Notice the gold pattern on the bottom right? I used a rub-on that only had the outline so I filled it in with gold embossing. Looks lovely doesnt it?

Did some simple masking on the CS to get the gold circles u see in the background. Kept the rest of the LO simple tho I couldnt resist my usual cutting and cut out the white and blue flowers from another PP.

Still my KL pics to come....some of it anyway :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We're back!

Last (brain-dead, holiday mode) week ended with a party for one of the bosses. Had a right laugh because we got a 'he-she' to do 3 lap dances. S/he was TALL! but we all had a good laugh so it was fab! I escaped the night on time to rest before the flight to KL the next morning. H din get back til late but he won some $$$ to compensate for paying for my overpriced ticket to KL so it was ALL GOOD!!

Day 1
After checking into the hotel, we headed straight to Wan Utama for late lunch and shopping. I spent quite a bit and didnt even get to the new wing...yup! I got my shopping bug back. On the way back in the cab, H was like...did you see the scrapbooking shop? I was like...WHAT?!! Oh well....after a short respite, we headed out to this German restaurant for pork knuckles, lots of sausages and good ol' Paulaner. Absolutely fab meal!! (pics to come). We then moved on to Beach Club not realising its a pick up joint. (I was wondering why so many women were displaying their chests). After realising where we had ended up (after my friend got chatted up) we moved on to Atrium on Asian Heritage Row. Good music but crowd was slow. By the time it started filling up, the boys were a little more than tipsy. We ended the night with supper at Jln Alor before crashing into bed. Before sleeping, I thought I'd try my luck to ask the drunk bf to pay for my shopping the next day. He said he would sponsor RM300 and did hand it over the next day. Result!!

Day 2
We were woken up early the next day by H's sister who needed a place to crash for a few hours before her bf turned up. Had brekkie together...cant beat half boiled eggs, butter and kaya toast and curry with bread....before embarking on some shopping at Sungai Wang. We then met up with the others for lunch and more shopping at Mid Valley. It was too crowded for my liking so I just got my bro's monopoly set and some stuff for H then we hot footed it back to the hotel for another quick rest before dinner. We wanted to try this famous Chinese restaurant but it was booked out so we found a nice place further up that served Taiwanese food. The boys continued their drinking binge after that while the girls rested their tired feet and went over their shopping for the day. So much for only having a short drink...they came home at 3am!!

Day 3
Shopping in Sungai Wang filled the day while the boys went and did what they were supposed to! I managed to squeeze in lunch with Ric and Janet in between then I shopped some more. Went back to the hotel at 6, dumped my bags, got ready and headed out again straightaway to The Curve. I love that place! It reminds me of UK somehow. We had a HUGE meal at Tony Ramos then spend the rest of the night in Scarlett. Great music but it was jam packed with people. Actually the whole of Curve was....supper was again at Jln Alor and the taxi cab there was "interesting" to say the least. I had my largest dose of frog legs that supper...the first night it was crabs...*burp*

Day 4
Wake up, check out, delay of 2.5 hours at the airport, breakfast at Burger King!, more shopping then flight home sweet home. Oh we had to go for dinner at a friend's house that night before we could crawl into bed. Waking up this morning was not easy!

Not many pics other than those taken on my new phone and someone else's camera cos I didnt carry my camera ard most of the time. 3 more days then I have to pack again for my next trip....kudos to those people who constantly travel....I dont know how you do it....

Hope everyone's had a Merry Christmas.....and honey, thanks for the lovely trip so that I got to spend Christmas with you...Muah!!

Mon, if you read this, hope ur enjoying the rest of ur holiday!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Merry Christmas!

My X'mas present to H. We havent started fighting over it yet cos I got my new toy which was the phone I showed in an earlier post but I think we might on the plane. Fortunately its only a short trip. Already addicted to Luxor and Diner Dash. He's not taking my argument that its really "OURS" though I'm the one that gave it to him.

My present....ticket and accommodation in KL. Yes we're early but for a couple that dont really celebrate X'mas its all about the presents really...keke.

I'm packed, winding down at work, distributed little choccie bags to all in the office and look forward to our little pre x'mas shin-dig and MYH's bday do tonight before flying off tomorrow morning (hopefully without a hangover).

Merry Christmas y'all!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hijau, Se Ringgit saja...

Last weekend, H and I experienced the ultimate. We are usually amused by the fact that people would only put in $5.00 worth of fuel which meant more trips to the petrol station hence wasting more of their precious $5.00 of fuel. Anyway on the way to KB, while at the staion, a car next to us filled up only $1.00!! We couldnt believe it!!

Anyway I digress, I mean to show you guys my latest creation...its for 2 challenges, one for Liza's challenge at Groovie Cafe and another for Create.

My bird was going to be on PP so I cut it out of CS but decided it was too plain so I stamped and inked it and jazzed up the wings with glitter. Lovin the lace CS!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Want A Theodore!!

A few things happened over the weekend and I absolutely have to post about how some things totally annoy the hell out of me....

1. Noisy people in cinemas. If you want to give running commentary on the movie, watch it in your own living room!! I said as much to those people infront of me and they finally shut up. Same goes for the idiot behind that kept kicking the chair. Next time you meet with annoying ppl in the cinema, just tell them to shut the **** up and dont whinge about it only after the movie has finished!

2. People with easy jobs. Dont act like its all so difficult and you have so much to do when all you have to do is record something in a book and lift your fat ass to move a file from one spot to another!! Grr!!

3. People who dont say hi back. Seriously, no matter how much you dislike someone or however rude they are, if someone has the courtesy to say hi to u then at least have the manners to reply.

4.People who jump queue deserve a slap at the back of the head. The rudeness!!

5. People who dont do any work but jump up proudly to take the glamour and credit. Pfft!!

(Not to nice now eh, Des?)

On a nicer note, here is an altered frame I did for one of my colleagues. The frame is small and I didnt want to crowd it too much to take the attention away from the pictures so I left it simple :)

And here is an LO I did some time ago. The pic was taken after our group salsa performance at the Legal Year Dinner last year. The guy in the middle didnt dance tho...haha. I thought I'd leave this simple as the picture is already very colourful. I've had comments that I should fill the space at the bottom right corner but I think it looks finished to me :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Won't You Take Me Too...Funky Town!!

I recently read a review on the Golden Compass and I was very disappointed with it (the review I mean). The person stated that too much emphasis was on the girl, Lyra and not on Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Doh! If you read books then you would know that is the whole point. There have been mixed reviews but I'm sure this movie is not as bad as was rated and I look forward to watching it tomorrow night!

On another note, Alvin and the Chipmunks is out today!! I cant wait!! Will bring my siblings to watch it this weekend and have a good laugh. Alvin, Simon and Theodore!! Yes! My colleague finally remembered the middle Chipmunk's name! I was going to google it...hehe.

On a scrapping note, I need to get over my Hambly obsession. Was actually considering on ordering it personally from now *smack wrist*
Will post my attempt at a transparency album once I take the pics. It was my entry for Shabby's mini album challenge.

Oh and HOW COULD I FORGET?!! I met Ruey Enanoria!! We had a nice little chat and she taught me how to curl flowers, etc. I can prove it here!!

Justice should prevail...

I just opened my office email (a few days late) to read this article from someone I met in KL. I couldnt believe the title as soon as I opened my email and more so as I read on. I think its totally ridiculous what's happened there and its only added on to the controversy surrounding the Lingham tape which fortunately the PM has now decided to set up a Royal Commission about.

Bon was in no way acting out of bounds and having met the guy, I cannot see any reason other than the unrest that has been happening within the legal profession in Malaysia that would cause the police officers to act the way they did.

Though we may have absence of such politics in Brunei, it would not be entirely true to say such politics do not exist. Hopefully us neighbours can learn from the situation in KL and ensure justice is always sought.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Cookies!

I loved the colour of this paper when I saw it and knew it would go well with Christmassy red and glitter so I jazzed up this cookie tin I found at Underten Value Mart and decorated it (with lots of help from Modge Podge). I didnt have time to do much as I had to give my aunt the tin before she left for Singapore today but I hope she likes it too!

P.S. I did put cookies in there (just not home made ones)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun weekend!

It was a fun weekend indeed though it was tiring to sit through 4 hours of bowling, the after party was great fun. GHK company events are always kewl! H only got the 2nd highest score of the night so he didnt win anything but he was still the winner in my eyes :) He was tipsy enough to sing a song to induce his workers to dance and I have the pictures to prove it!! Haha! Shall not post them...keke.

Last nite we attended a wedding of H's childhood friend, PK. His mum tried to stop us from going home but we were too tired and sneaked off before the disco started. It was one of those weddings which was really "Finally!" cos they have been together quite a while but his nervousness really showed thru! It was more peaceful than I thought it would be tho but a sweet wedding all the same. Food flowed better than the wedding we went to last week.

Its the month of weddings, baby's one months, birthdays and holidays. Counting down to X'mas in KL and New Year's in KK!! In Ducky's old words....gimme that broke look ;)

Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm feeling generous...

Its the season to be jolly and I have to admit lately I havent been scrapping for myself so much as I have a backlog of stuff to make for people. Work has gotten me down these past couple of days as I have so much stuff pending and my trial today (which will continue tomorrow) is taking its toll on me. However today, I had made a little something for one of my colleagues and she absolutely loved it. That really perked up my day and want to do more. So here's my offer for the festive season.

Post a comment on my blog by the end of this week and I'll make you an altered item of your choice. Either a box, picture frame or coaster, doiled up in your favourite colours (of course u gotta tell me what colours u want and if there is a theme to it). So blog lurkers...please comment away!!

A further announcement for you scrapperholics out there, a friend of mine is looking to for a new home for some foam stamps she has. Hardly used and still in their original casing. Details and prices are as below. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them and I'll forward the details to her :)

Making Memories Alpha Stamps :
Philadelphia B$12
Stencil B$12

Making Memories Shape Stamps:
Dingbats B$12
Flowers B$15 to include one set of alpha stamps (not MM ones....alphas are around an inch tall and an inch wide...if I am not mistaken maybe lil davis or something similar - not in original packaging obviously)

Please let me know by WEDNESDAY (5th December 2007) if you're interested. Thank you!

P.S. Good luck winning my X'mas offer ;)