Monday, December 3, 2007

I'm feeling generous...

Its the season to be jolly and I have to admit lately I havent been scrapping for myself so much as I have a backlog of stuff to make for people. Work has gotten me down these past couple of days as I have so much stuff pending and my trial today (which will continue tomorrow) is taking its toll on me. However today, I had made a little something for one of my colleagues and she absolutely loved it. That really perked up my day and want to do more. So here's my offer for the festive season.

Post a comment on my blog by the end of this week and I'll make you an altered item of your choice. Either a box, picture frame or coaster, doiled up in your favourite colours (of course u gotta tell me what colours u want and if there is a theme to it). So blog lurkers...please comment away!!

A further announcement for you scrapperholics out there, a friend of mine is looking to for a new home for some foam stamps she has. Hardly used and still in their original casing. Details and prices are as below. Please let me know if you are interested in any of them and I'll forward the details to her :)

Making Memories Alpha Stamps :
Philadelphia B$12
Stencil B$12

Making Memories Shape Stamps:
Dingbats B$12
Flowers B$15 to include one set of alpha stamps (not MM ones....alphas are around an inch tall and an inch wide...if I am not mistaken maybe lil davis or something similar - not in original packaging obviously)

Please let me know by WEDNESDAY (5th December 2007) if you're interested. Thank you!

P.S. Good luck winning my X'mas offer ;)


Edleen said...

oopsie! too late *wink*

and my apologies for being late with our Photo Swap!!!

Scrapper-holic said... it too late to get a coaster? :-)