Thursday, December 13, 2007

Won't You Take Me Too...Funky Town!!

I recently read a review on the Golden Compass and I was very disappointed with it (the review I mean). The person stated that too much emphasis was on the girl, Lyra and not on Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. Doh! If you read books then you would know that is the whole point. There have been mixed reviews but I'm sure this movie is not as bad as was rated and I look forward to watching it tomorrow night!

On another note, Alvin and the Chipmunks is out today!! I cant wait!! Will bring my siblings to watch it this weekend and have a good laugh. Alvin, Simon and Theodore!! Yes! My colleague finally remembered the middle Chipmunk's name! I was going to google it...hehe.

On a scrapping note, I need to get over my Hambly obsession. Was actually considering on ordering it personally from now *smack wrist*
Will post my attempt at a transparency album once I take the pics. It was my entry for Shabby's mini album challenge.

Oh and HOW COULD I FORGET?!! I met Ruey Enanoria!! We had a nice little chat and she taught me how to curl flowers, etc. I can prove it here!!

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