Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy New 2009!

Ok I'm saying that in advance since i'm already too late to wish u all Merry Christmas. Lots of changes going on right now...I might take a break from blogging, scrapping, the works....we'll see how it goes. I cant believe I start work on Friday...and my room is still a wreck. At least H and I have sorted out the bridal studio. We both think we've got a pretty good deal and are happy so we've put a deposit down. We're looking to take pics sometime in July. Now for me to loose 3kg and H to lose 10kg...hee hee

Friday, December 19, 2008


I've been a really horrible blogger and scrapper I know. I've basically been spending time with the family, finishing season one of Gossip Girl (ooooh so b***hy), considering possibilities of what to do to my room (and REALLY need to get down to decluttering), preparing for my farewell party (tonight) and looking forward to my upcoming holiday in a few days...Wow, time has flown....seriously...cant believe half my break is almost gone *sniff sniff*. Oh I've sent out and received some SK Swap much fun!! Until i stop by again...take care y'all!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Last day..

I felt an instant weight lift off my shoulders as I finished my trial just now. It means (1) that I dont have to come into the office tomorrow other than to pack up my stuff (2) I no longer have to wear penguin suits/ lizard s**t outfits officially anymore!! (unless for functions in the new job). I've just started watching Gossip Girls (till 5am this morning...yes despite my trial) so guess where I'll be for the next few days till H comes back from Japan ;)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Little balls of joy

Hi there, I've been lazy with the blogging world this past week...fitting in mahjong sessions before H's sister left, bringing the sibs to watch Bolt, finishing up my status report at work, wondering what to pack up in the office and my current fix of making little fabric yoyo's. They're cute. If you've seen the Maya Rd ones then they're about that size. Would look much better with a button or brad of some sort in the middle cos I aint the neatest sewing person in the world but its still cute. I prefer the little round ones to the heart shaped ones but I havent ventured to the clover yoyo's. So anyway, I found some leftover fabric from some baju-making some time ago so...I just wanna say hi and thank those that drop by my blog eventho I suck at updating so for those who commented on the last post, I'll be sending some fabric yoyo's ur way...Thanks to Zizi, Mich, Ed, JC, Emily, Vivs and Foxyzz (who immediately sent me an sms wen she saw the post). Hope to see those little things on ur projects soon!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Early Christmas Present

I so totally screamed when I received this package. I was not expecting it at all!! Julia and I had been corresponding since the advocacy workshop and after she sent me a few goodies and I sent her my thank you card, I didnt think there was more stuff coming cos we had agreed not to do this endless cycle of exchange of presents but then this came!!

Actually I didnt even look to see who it was from before I opened staff had picked it up from the post office without me knowing. I had told Julia about how I liked the cute Heather Bailey fabric yo-yo's and she told me about this tool that helps you make it. Little did I know she was going to get it for me...but not just that, she also got me the heart and clover shaped ones AND she got me 3 pieces of HB fabric and a book on fabric scrapbooking. This is one of those things that you didnt know was on your Christmas list until you get it. *screams with delight again*

Julia, if ur reading this, I havent met you yet but you're a star! On my next trip to Singapore I'm bringing you a whole box of goodies and will buy you a huge expensive dinner and I wont take no for an answer!

*squeal squeal squeal*

I'm off to play with my new toys *huge grin*

The Countdown Begins...

In less than 2 weeks, I'll be packing up my office to fit into an (XL size...hehe) Ikea box and stored away for another 2 weeks before it the stuff will be unpacked in a new location. Its been over 4 years and I've moved from a cubicle to a lovely room (and hopefully an even lovelier one). I cant wait. Its all so exciting...a new place, new people, new challenges. Lots of things happening in 2009. A new journey or more to begin so...LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!