Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ruey's kit Part II & Aspiring 3D Princess :p

My good deeds for the past week (involving scrapping) are delivering my RAK to Jazz and helping my sister and her friends make an album for their friend who will be leaving for America soon on the MinDef scholarship. It was fun!! Now for me...

I finally got to do LO No. 2 from Ruey's kit. For those who have this kit, you will see that I changed the placing of the title as I couldnt fit it in one straight line hence I also had to rearrange the stickers n coasters a bit but I'm happy with the way it turned out:) These are pics of me and my brother and sister as well as an uncle whose face I've blurred out cos he would rather keep a low profile...having Shiao Long Bao in the Yu Gardens in Shanghai :)

Like I said I have quite a few days of leave to clear off this month and I was also on MC. Despite my throbbing head, I managed to painstakingly cut out the patterns on a brown PP (which was difficult as it was quite faded so the patterns were not very clear) and layer them one over another. I remember Jazz telling me that Carole Janson curls the paper with her fingers to give that nice 3D effect she has so I did the same and it was satisfying the see the result especially with the butterflies :)

Oh another new thing I tried out on this LO is sticking mini beads to the chipboard swirl. Very time consuming but beautiful result...try it only if you have time...hehe and make sure you have something to catch the beads! I finished it off by making a candy cane effect with a gold beaded chain..I love how the butterflies turned out as well. I stamped them on the same PP I cut the patterns out of then cut them out. Some of them are even embossed!

P.S. I also want to enter this LO for the Team Groovie August challenge....

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tag card!

Yay! I finally finished a card for someone. To make it a little different, I made a tag card. It's for my sister's bf to congratulate him on his results :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

What goes round comes round...

Look who won the RAK!!

Congratulations Jazz! Sorry to the others but hopefully there will be more opportunities (as I cant stop shopping for stuff). Jazz, my RAK stuff wont be as nice as the ones you gave away but hope you like it all the same. Its got Prima flowers in it tho (from my Prima frenzy earlier this year :p)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

August 8th

Today is the day my late father considered the Chinese Father's Day. 8-8 = Pa Pa (in chinese). I miss him....

Monday, August 6, 2007

Scrapping time!!....(but not for me)

Last Thursday I got an impromptu call on whether I wanted to assist in making a scrapbook album. I totally misinterpreted who it was for but it was ok. It took a while and we got down to business in the end after brooding over the pictures and (bucketload of) supplies that I had brought. We finally finished at 2am when everyone got their pages finished. Everyone had a fun time (I think) though they were all probably exhausted in the end. I didnt take pictures cos the usual picture takers were there though I havent gotten the pics off them....but a couple of them will probably read this so I just wanna say "Well Done!" to all those who were at RL's house that night and thanks to the host and hostess for accommodating us bunch :) Have a look at their LO's here.

Absolutely knackered after the scrapping session, the next day, my sisters and I went for mani's and pedi's at VS and the sisters hung out for a bit before checking out the basketball semi-finals that night. Congrats to ET for getting Best Local Player yesterday to add on to his collection of trophies and thanks for the yummy BBQ on Saturday :)

Oh a bit of a bitter note, sorry for the person who knows what I'm talking about but I'm still very aggrieved by the attitude of someone who felt I was preferring or even just buying my products from the competition. This is really not the way to do business and customers have every right to chose where (locally or overseas) to purchase their products depending on their preference. In any event, there shouldnt be any personal feelings involved when someone choses not to purchase from you. Its really off putting and its really bugging me....sorry. I just dont like this feeling so I have to let it out.

On a nicer note, I did manage to finish another one of Ruey's Funk It Up Kit LO's (finally) yesterday so I was very happy. It was very fast and fun to do thanks to her excellent instructions. It was getting dark by the time I finished it and I didnt have time to take it this morning so hopefully I will get a pic tomorrow morning. Yay!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Look what my sis got me!!

Just when I had been thinking about it, after I picked up my sister she pulled this out at home!!

I go tagged again. One of the requirements is to send a card to someone I know. Since I usually make cards nowadays, I know what I'm doing on my day off tomorrow!

1. Send ONE card to someone you know within the next 7 days (isn't it nice to make a person's day and have him/her smiling for the rest of the day?)

2. Tag 5 other friends (so that they in turn can send one card each to someone they know)

3. Display the little purple star-filled box in your blog

4. If you do get tag again, send another card!! No need to mail - give it to your kid, your hubby, a close friend, your kid's teacher, your colleague for her desk decor, etc....

I think everyone has been tagged already so I'm not going to make them rack their brains by tagging them again.

I leave you all with a picture of my cute little brother