Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ruey's kit Part II & Aspiring 3D Princess :p

My good deeds for the past week (involving scrapping) are delivering my RAK to Jazz and helping my sister and her friends make an album for their friend who will be leaving for America soon on the MinDef scholarship. It was fun!! Now for me...

I finally got to do LO No. 2 from Ruey's kit. For those who have this kit, you will see that I changed the placing of the title as I couldnt fit it in one straight line hence I also had to rearrange the stickers n coasters a bit but I'm happy with the way it turned out:) These are pics of me and my brother and sister as well as an uncle whose face I've blurred out cos he would rather keep a low profile...having Shiao Long Bao in the Yu Gardens in Shanghai :)

Like I said I have quite a few days of leave to clear off this month and I was also on MC. Despite my throbbing head, I managed to painstakingly cut out the patterns on a brown PP (which was difficult as it was quite faded so the patterns were not very clear) and layer them one over another. I remember Jazz telling me that Carole Janson curls the paper with her fingers to give that nice 3D effect she has so I did the same and it was satisfying the see the result especially with the butterflies :)

Oh another new thing I tried out on this LO is sticking mini beads to the chipboard swirl. Very time consuming but beautiful result...try it only if you have time...hehe and make sure you have something to catch the beads! I finished it off by making a candy cane effect with a gold beaded chain..I love how the butterflies turned out as well. I stamped them on the same PP I cut the patterns out of then cut them out. Some of them are even embossed!

P.S. I also want to enter this LO for the Team Groovie August challenge....


Michelle said...

Awesome layouts!!!

Edleen said...

fabulous cut work and lovely layout!

Thanks for playing with us :)

Team Groovie

Scrapper-holic said...

The beaded chipboard swirl looked like a lotta work!! Well done! It looks great!!

Yu'er said...

You must spent lots of time on cutting, that looks fabulous!