Friday, February 29, 2008

All Clear!!

Today, I'm officially out of remission!

Yes, on 28th of February 2003, I underwent an operation in St Mary's Hospital in London to remove a tumour therefore officially yesterday afternoon, I was out of the usual 5 year remission period observed for most cancer patients.

So far my bi-annual medical check-ups have also been ok so here is hoping for the best for the rest of my life :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I finally did this LO that was in my head for AGES!! I knew what I was going to do with it but the Groovie Mini Challenge items were so perfect to complement the photo i.e. the stamped tag, die cuts, butterfly ribbon, pearl beaded chain, Hambly chandelier transparency, 3 Prima flowers and purple ric rack.

This is probably one of the rare times u will find my darling in his monkey suit but it was a requirement of the party theme for the night. The right side of the LO was looking a bit empty even after I put in the butterflies so I cut out some hearts and used them as masks to add some detail to the LO. The CS is Bazzil Bling btw and dont u just love the Heidi Swapp Glitter flowers and Maya Road birdie?!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sisters 4 Life

My sister (Jacyn) has arrived in Adelaide safe and sound. Btw this is another sister, I have one in Oxford, UK (Jances, she claims u never know whether she will still be there next year as she feels very stupid among all smart people but she is super smart herself I tell ya) and this one. Anyway, both sisters are on scholarship and I will be visiting one in June this year...finally making my return trip to UK.

So Jacyn apparently has really nice accommodation thanks to Flinders housing and one Hong Kong and a Singaporean housemates who are her seniors in the same course. See, she doesnt even have to go to the library for help. They've brought her shopping for necessities and will be sharing their cooking stuff with her too so its a good thing she didnt bring too much stuff...maybe we just need to send her Mi Goreng.

Her orientation started yesterday....wonder how that went? She claims she will be posting pics somewhere. If ur reading this Jacyn, how about our Sisters4Life Blog? Since it was inactive for a super long time, its time to put stuff on lor.

Anyway, my work hails me....gotta continue LLB (look like busy)

Monday, February 25, 2008


I started another subscription for kits. Hopefully it will be more used than my previous ones....I just couldnt resist this one after shopping around all the different sites that sell kits

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Some scrapping was done yday...

A better picture of the LO of my dad which I did for what I've realised now is altogether 4 challenges.

Finished making the recipe cards for the swap so I can send them out tmr. Can u see how in love I am with MM's new line?

Made a birthday card for a girlfriend...

And a guy friend.....whose birthdays we celebrated last night....

More pics to come of our funny hats party :)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dad...I Miss You

This is quite a blur picture, I think I should take another one. Well, this LO was also for 3 challenges namely a DT scraplift over at Scrap-n-Crop, Felicia's Groovie Challenge and June's challenge to use paint instead of PP at Groovie Cafe.

I think cos of thinking of all these challenges I was supposed to do, I just ended up thinking of them when I made this LO. I liked the wavy words and stickers used by Wati in her DT challenge, the challenge to use paint for June's and to use only 2 colours for Felicia's. However as the only stickers I had were brown that matched the colour in the photo too, the only plausible colour I could combine with was white really. I hope u guys like it. I think I should take a better pic tho :p

Its about how much my dad has taught me and how much I miss him. The chipboard was painted brown and stamped with white brilliant ink. I've double matted and raised some of the stickers with foam tape too :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thanks Adeline!

This was from a (local) photo swap I arranged some time ago. Scrapper-holic picked my photos and decided to do something different with girly photos. I absolutely love the result! She left me a big space for journalling (which is why this has taken so long to post as I thought for ages what I wanted to write) and wanted me to write freehand, no lines, nothing! I did and this is the result....wonder if its the result u envisaged?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear, can I have something like this please?

In the midst of my blog hopping, I came across this
Sigh, wonder if I can convince H to convert my basement scrapping corner into this...

I'm all for patriotism but....

I kinda think sticking this on my car without my permission tantamounts to vandalism of some sort. Thank god they stuck it on the glass instead of the paint!

These are my tags for Scrappin Kids Care. Not had time to make more than these really...

I also decided that SKC should take credit and made these labels to go behind the tags :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The weekend

I was hoping to get lots of scrapping done at the weekend but fate intervened. I ended up spending the whole Saturday at work til 5pm and was so tired after that I collapsed into bed and did not get up till 7pm when I had to be at my little cousin's 5th birthday (we did detour to grab a present first)

Sunday, I was rudely awakened to go to H's boss' house. They had invited over all the lion dances from all the different schools and associations. Only good point was that I won $60 *wink*. I also introduced Geri to this little boy who she really wanted to envelope in a big hug :)

I went home in the evening to find my sister had left this for me from LSS. Glad she didnt get more (that wasnt available) as this already amounted up to $155+. LOL!

Its a Manic Monday at work. I've bought lunch to eat in. Now to finish those documents....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I want a CJ7!!

When I finally have yee sang, its twice in a day.....yum!
*Excapade's yummy dish*

Firstly I would like to reply to the comments...

Jaz, my sis said she already bought my stuff but thanks! I forgot to pass her the discount card as I got at LSS last time too (a year ago) :(

Ruey, yes I do indeed need to scrap more!! I have slowed down alot on my purchases cos I'm simply running out of space (and maybe cos I have most of it already...LOL)

Chow2, I have hardly collected any ang pows this Been really lazy and tired (really sound old!)

So, on to V-day...H and I tried out the newly vamped (menu only la) Deal's Steak Restaurant on the 13th (we celebrate a day early to partially avoid the hype) and went to watch CJ7 cute! (but not much to story la).

On the day itself, I got my red roses (so sue me for being a traditional romantic *roll eyes*), cooked H and his family dinner and we played rummy till late while watching who went through on American I'm so tired today *yawn* Thankfully I managed to stay awake throughout the whole law society meeting this morning...kekeke

*My gorgeous roses*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've sent my proxy...

My sister left for Singapore this morning with her EJ...and my very long shopping list for LSS! I was on the Laines site for ages listing out stuff for her to get me. Maybe I should have just given the list to a fellow S'pore scrapper....haha. I told her to just hand the list to the lady at Laines and let her sort it out. LOL!

I've been told that I should post this picture of my scrapping supplies. Told u it was ALOT!! The boxes at the top are my "still to be used" OPAAT kits *grin* and a box that was used to house the flower bouquet that H bought me last year

The 1st shelf has my paint, foam stamps, brads, buttons n other little embelishments as well as my punches.

2nd shelf has my photos, flowers, pens, adhesives

3rd shelf houses my rubber stamps, chipboard, stickers, inks and rub-ons

Bottom shelf is where my paper, albums, clear stamps and kits are.

See why I need to scrap more? It all looks so messy as well, i think I need to buy some coordinating storage

by the way, there's more stuff on my scrap table *blush*. It houses my MM desk organiser and embelishment drawers, ribbons and the scrap tools we always use

Monday, February 11, 2008

Thanks ChowChow!!

Before CNY, I emailed ChowChow to let her know that I would love to have one of the ATC's she was offering up.I made her a rather Valentine-y one as I was in the midst of making V-day cards n projects and this was what I churned out

ChowChow had quite a few gorgeous ATC's to choose from including alcohol inked ones and UTEE but I was intrigued by those made with the melting pot so I asked for one of those and here it is!! Its really really really nice!!

She also mailed me her receipes for our recipe swap at Scrap-n-Crop and a few little goodies including a Rhonna Farrer stamp. Horray for Scrapping Friends!!

I'm going to SINGAPORE!!

Its been a very quiet CNY this year as most people decided to leave for the long weekend. I hardly visited any houses and we even found time to go to Miri overnight. Its probably a sign of old age or something to have a quiet CNY but its ok *grin* Boy was it hard getting up for work this morning tho!!

Oh, made this V-day card for my colleague using mainly MM stuff, forgot to take a pic inside tho....

As for Singapore......
Yup, I am going but not next month as planned. My mate and I will be heading to Cambodia to do what I've been wanting to do since I came back to Brunei...visit Angkor Wat! Its absolutely beautiful and I've been coveting this trip for a while. So we will be stopping over at Singapore as there is no direct flight and do some shopping preferrably after so we dont have so much stuff to lug about as we're planning on roughing it in Cambodia. This trip is planned for April so loads of time!

Oh and the winner of my "little something" is "LAY HOON". I have ur address already right? But just incase, please email it to me :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Wishing all of you a Happy Chinese New Year and hope you get lots of ang pows (even if ur married :p) Enjoy the holidays!!

I'll leave u all with my droolworthy RAK from Lia....

And what I made at Aida's Bloom Class last Friday with Scrap-n-Crop

People keep giving me things! So nice!

I got more money today after winning some last week...keke....not even started visiting and ang pows come in's money was gifts tho...keke. Guess I'm buying my family our CNY Eve meal!

Sha also finally unpacked (thanks Chris) and gave me this lovely flower brooch and Japanese print covered photo frame. She was on the South East Asian Youth Programme whereby the participants learn cultural stuff from their respective countries and get on a ship together spreading their cultures.

Oh and I received this from DHL this afternoon! Will show u the contents when I have had a good chance to drool at it! Thanks again Lia!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Getting into the CNY spirit.

My colleagues have started giving me gifts for the upcoming CNY. A corner of my room is turning into a mini food store....

This is my favourite so far tho....a huge tub of yummy Kuih Mor!

After I finish this god awful submission, I'm going to head back , finish off the CNY cards and packages for my colleagues and fall into bed (I'm ill)

I'll leave u with a snapshot of the steamboat and yummy crab dinner I had with some other lawyers last week....oh we sang too.....I think lawyers should just stick to arguing :p