Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sisters 4 Life

My sister (Jacyn) has arrived in Adelaide safe and sound. Btw this is another sister, I have one in Oxford, UK (Jances, she claims u never know whether she will still be there next year as she feels very stupid among all smart people but she is super smart herself I tell ya) and this one. Anyway, both sisters are on scholarship and I will be visiting one in June this year...finally making my return trip to UK.

So Jacyn apparently has really nice accommodation thanks to Flinders housing and one Hong Kong and a Singaporean housemates who are her seniors in the same course. See, she doesnt even have to go to the library for help. They've brought her shopping for necessities and will be sharing their cooking stuff with her too so its a good thing she didnt bring too much stuff...maybe we just need to send her Mi Goreng.

Her orientation started yesterday....wonder how that went? She claims she will be posting pics somewhere. If ur reading this Jacyn, how about our Sisters4Life Blog? Since it was inactive for a super long time, its time to put stuff on lor.

Anyway, my work hails me....gotta continue LLB (look like busy)

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chowchow said...

How sweet - great idea -sisters4life... I love how you have worded it...