Thursday, February 14, 2008

I want a CJ7!!

When I finally have yee sang, its twice in a day.....yum!
*Excapade's yummy dish*

Firstly I would like to reply to the comments...

Jaz, my sis said she already bought my stuff but thanks! I forgot to pass her the discount card as I got at LSS last time too (a year ago) :(

Ruey, yes I do indeed need to scrap more!! I have slowed down alot on my purchases cos I'm simply running out of space (and maybe cos I have most of it already...LOL)

Chow2, I have hardly collected any ang pows this Been really lazy and tired (really sound old!)

So, on to V-day...H and I tried out the newly vamped (menu only la) Deal's Steak Restaurant on the 13th (we celebrate a day early to partially avoid the hype) and went to watch CJ7 cute! (but not much to story la).

On the day itself, I got my red roses (so sue me for being a traditional romantic *roll eyes*), cooked H and his family dinner and we played rummy till late while watching who went through on American I'm so tired today *yawn* Thankfully I managed to stay awake throughout the whole law society meeting this morning...kekeke

*My gorgeous roses*


Edleen said...

gorgeous roses!!!

Happy V Day and come join in our Groovie Fun Loving Weekend ok Jessie! *wink*

chowchow said...

You lucky gal !!! The roses are def beautiful... BF is def a keeper - so sweet...

Pandachu said...

Chow2 ~ It was great getting them considering the man doesnt believe in getting flowers *grin*