Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've sent my proxy...

My sister left for Singapore this morning with her EJ...and my very long shopping list for LSS! I was on the Laines site for ages listing out stuff for her to get me. Maybe I should have just given the list to a fellow S'pore scrapper....haha. I told her to just hand the list to the lady at Laines and let her sort it out. LOL!

I've been told that I should post this picture of my scrapping supplies. Told u it was ALOT!! The boxes at the top are my "still to be used" OPAAT kits *grin* and a box that was used to house the flower bouquet that H bought me last year

The 1st shelf has my paint, foam stamps, brads, buttons n other little embelishments as well as my punches.

2nd shelf has my photos, flowers, pens, adhesives

3rd shelf houses my rubber stamps, chipboard, stickers, inks and rub-ons

Bottom shelf is where my paper, albums, clear stamps and kits are.

See why I need to scrap more? It all looks so messy as well, i think I need to buy some coordinating storage

by the way, there's more stuff on my scrap table *blush*. It houses my MM desk organiser and embelishment drawers, ribbons and the scrap tools we always use


Ruey said...

oh far have more scrap stuff that I do!!!! hehehe...slow down on the shopping...give me a chance to catch up. hehehe Make sure you take a pic of your latest purchases for me to drool over. I've been out of the scrap loop so long that I have no idea what is current and not.

Stine66 said...

Wish that was my supplys. Nice homepage you have here.

jazsutra said...

hey pandachu!so u r really cumin to singapore???do update us..seems like yr schedule bit tight,but do let me know ya...btw,i hv discount at is the purchase taking place?

LaY hOoN said...

Love the tidy-ness shelf.
Mine still store in the boxes :p