Monday, July 30, 2007

Family weekend...

The reason why I dont bring my siblings out often is cos its very expensive. Over the weekend, after getting my paycheck I brought them to Excapade for their fav sushi. Cos I have so many siblings and they are absolute hogs when it comes to food, the bill ran up to $170++....$155 after discount but still!! (So I paid $100 of it but they're still pigs) Thankfully Star didnt eat cos that would have ran it up to $200! Our little Jerome couldnt stop taking pics of the Star.

After that we went to watch Simpsons, The Movie which was quite funny but it was late and my eyes were getting droopy towards the end of the movie. (The movie started at 11.50pm) Had to fork out for drinks and popcorn at the cinema too (Jer paid for the tix). I dunno where they pack it away!

Next morning saw me stumbling out of bed to bring Jerome to GHK Family Day where H was already waiting for us with free Jolibee meals and some coupons to play with. Janice and Jasper joined us later (I shooed mum away cos she wouldnt stop nagging) Thankfully it wasnt a totally hot day but its frustrating seeing the kids only winning sweets. It would be unfair to play for them though as it deprives them of the winning sensation. Well, we got 2 sunshades, a passport holder and lots of sweets n keropok. The better gifts were mostly given out in the morning. I got a headache from the heat as usual but I got to meet Ah Tai's son which is a little replica of absolute cutie!!

H and I thought of winding down with a quiet dinner after watching some bball but we got a call reminding us that we were supposed to be at a baby girl's one month. Opps! Nice food there but the whole GHK Family Day experience (and football for H) found us leaving at 10.30pm to head to bed.

I took pics of the kids having fun and some of dinner but they arent very good so i wont put them up. Did some scrapping shopping over the weekend (again) and did more pages of DD's album. I've only done 14 pages but the album is getting bulky already so I will probably stop now. Pictures in the next post. Promise!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Phew! No more nights like last night for me! After a long day at work, I rushed to Jazz's to pick up something (I gave up on waiting for the rain to stop) then dropped by Z's and checked out her stuff before she flies off tmr. I have so totally given her the scrapbooking bug! Then it was off to V's for dinner where we discussed DD's farewell album. (I also found out she made cards so she had some ideas n stuff to put into DD's album).

Had a quick shower at H's place then worked on DD's album til past midnight. I did five 6x6 pages and my supplies were all over the floor but I'm happy with the progress. Only 35 more pages to go (Yikes!!)

Anyway, I finally found out what RAK means from Jazz some time ago (I'm a bit slow like that). I thought it just mean giving away stuff (free gifts for us!) but its actually short for Random Acts of Kindness.

Now with the growth of interest in scrapbooking in Brunei (I have totally infected my colleague Z now!) and my growing scrapbooking stash, I thought I'd put together a little something to give away. I'm thinking in the form of a kit the eventual winner can work on and let us see the results. Other people's work is always inspiring so post a comment on this post and I'll do a draw on 9th August to see who wins!

Good luck!!!


Yay! I won Challenge #12 for the Sisterhood of Scrap challenges. Still not sure what I won yet but I had fun doing the challenges (that I managed to squeeze in) anyway! Congrats to all the other sisters on a job well done esp to those that did every single challenge!!

I'm naughty. I went to Scrapbook Delights and Shabby Chic and bought stuff *smack smack* This was with controlling myself as my pay isnt out till the weekend. Fortunately SC has finally figured out what to do with the points we members have been collecting which is to redeem $5.00 for every 200 points we have. Further I got a free American Crafts Minimarks rub-on when I bought another and I get USD$0.50 off the next Minimarks rub-on I buy. Kekeke. So I got a free rub-on mini pack and money off my purchases so the damage at SC wasnt too bad. I also reached the mark to get 10% discount at SD so really I saved money right? *wide eyed innocent look*

My project for this week is to finish an 6x6 album for my dance teacher, DD who is leaving next week *sniff sniff*. Work has eased off just a teeny bit so I should get to finish it. That was my excuse for all the scrapping shopping (yeah right!!)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cool Mazebook Instructions

I blog hopped to a sister's blog, Pearl, today and found this great video of instructions for a maze book. I had already made the inside of the maze book but have yet to decorate it. Didnt realise I could make a cover for it n all. Thinking of making a book for my mum to show off her kids...heheh....Enjoy all!

Monday, July 23, 2007

More challenges

I know I'm probably late and these pics are horrible but I was stuck in court the whole morning!!

Challenge #5 and #11.
This LO filled in the requirements for 2 of the challenges

For #5, Kim required us to use staples, inking, something about summer, torn PP, eyelets, rub on's or ribbon

For #11, Pearl wanted tangerine, blue, green and white in the LO and to also include circles.

Challenge #12. This required making a chipboard flower. I used flourishes to make the flower, painted them with their primary colours and dry brushed with copper or gold paint then put shimmer glaze on them n sealed it off with modge podge for a shiny finish!

Sunday, July 22, 2007


I finally scraped some time out to myself to do some scrapping and finish that challenge that has been playing on my mind eversince Gabi posted it up for Summer Stroll with the Sisters Challenge No. 9!

Her requirements were:-

1. Doodling with a white pen (which I did around the title to try and bring out the arch shape a bit more)

2. 4 pieces of chipboard (That's in my title itself)

3. 3 different pattern papers (I used Urban Lily for the butterfly swirls, Basic Gray's Blush collection for the printed background and Chatterbox for the stripe)

4. Title to be in circle or arch (as explained in 1. above)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Sisterhood of Scrap challenge # 10

Dear Scrappers,

As I mentioned in a previous post, Sisterhood of Scrap is having an online crop wherein something different happens everyday. Here is my challenge for all of you today:-

Make a card using the following:-
- 2 ribbons
- 3 flowers
- top it off with buttons and/ or bling!

There will be a prize drawing for everyone who submits and does this challenge. Click on the name above for all the other exciting challanges you can join and the great prizes you can win.

I've come up with a card of my own below using 3 different types of flowers (felt, plastic and paper) including some rhinestones and shimmer brads for bling!

Dont forget to leave me a comment and post your link to your card to be included for the prize draw!! Happy scrapping!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

The lovely Michelle has tagged me as a Rockin Girl Blogger and I think I should really tag lots of other lovely chickas who definitely deserve this:-

Lee Ming

Loooong weekend in KL

By the way, the night before I left for KL, I went to watch Temasek square off against Wan Sing in the Sultan Cup and I have to give a special mention to my sister's bf, Esmond who played almost the full game eventhough he had just gotten off a 16 hr flight less than 2 hrs before the game and he played well!! H's team Bukit Ladang also managed a win against Jasmo after some of their players decided to stop stealing the limelight but unfortunately that wasnt the case last night. Still their opponents were Temasek so it was to be expected. Anyway thats my very biased bball report on the 2 teams that I support this competition...haha.

Had a fab time meeting up with my friends from uni in KL for Erika's wedding. Big shout out to Erika, her hubby Chiueh, Gina and her hubby Fumi, Edd, Rachel and her man Sunny, Geraldine and of course Roger for all being there. This was the card I made the lovely couple (HER fav colour is purple at the moment and I was glad to see the colour of the card matched the bridesmaid's dresses)

The lovely couple...

The bride and her sister, some of us and the cake (with little cupcakes which were given away to everyone afterwards in little boxes wrapped up with purple ribbon)

We went clubbing after and this was just before he purged...

We were not very amused afterwards but tried to smile anyway...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Stroll with Sisters

Dear Scrappers,

Sisterhood of Scrap is having an online crop session called Summer Stroll with Sisters from 15th to 21st July 2007. Keep checking the blog for more details :)

Monday, July 9, 2007

Birthday jar of goodies!

It was my dear bf's birthday last weekend and while I was racking my brains for what to get him, a friend of mine told me of something she made for her ex bf. She made 52 notes of coupons, quotes, song lyrics, etc for 52 weeks of the year in a jar and filled it up with Hershey's kisses. Every week he's dip in for a new "note" and there was chocolate for when he felt like it. Knowing my dear bf isnt a great chocolate fan but doesnt mind having it once in a while, I thought this would be great but it wouldnt be all that I would give him. I only made 20 notes and he is allowed to open 1 a week but I gave my friend's idea a twist. First I rolled up my notes and secured them with ribbon to look like scrolls, like this....

Then I bought mulberry type paper in a few colours n some coloured foil wire and wrapped up each piece of Hershey's kisses with "scrolls" stuck in random ones so they look like this.

I put them into a jar and H gets to pick only one 'package' a week so depending on his luck, he gets something or just a bit of a chocolate snack!!

I'm not to stingy lar....I also got him an all expense paid trip for 2 of us to Kota Kinabalu...remember my beautiful pics of the sea? Yup, my best friend from my childhood is awaiting my return there and a weekend with H all to myself works out great for both of us!! Hehehe....Oh we also had dinner with his family n a couple of his best friends :p not to mention the very boistrous session we had at Sheraton the night before....hehehe

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sisterhood of Scrap

My scrapping mojo was a bit on the low side recently and ever since Yu'er announced joining in the Sisterhood of Scrap, I've been visiting their site to check out the different things they have in store every day. Last week's challenge was to use a library pocket in the LO and I thought that was easy enough so I decided to try it out. My LO took some thinking but it used a few different elements after deciding which pictures to put in. There is doodling, embossing and glitter added to make it less plain. TFL!!

Oh btw, I'm this week's sister :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Funky nails

Like my funky nails? Got them done yesterday. Thought I'd be brave and go for something geometric rather than the usual flowers n butterflies! Hehehe...

By the way, my June OPAAT kit arrived today. Its GORGEOUS!! Will post pics soon if anyone wants a closer look....was tempted to bring it home and get started on it ASAP but I picked it up before coming to work so no go :p

Birthday card

Just a little something I did recently....I had a hard time stamping in line cos it was foam stamps...LOL! But it was fun and I dont mind the end result except maybe I should have matted the tag :)