Thursday, May 29, 2008

I asked someone to do something sweet for me...

...and he gave me something sweet :p

We're staying in a new hotel this weekend :)
I cant wait for the spa to soothe my worries away tomorrow....

In the meantime, I cant get this version of the song outta my head eversince I heard it....

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Its only Weds and Aunty Flo is really bringing on the hormones this time around. There has been drama in my office everyday and people have been pi$$ing me off non-stop since yday. Even H knows to be careful cos I'm on a war path. LOL! This weekend better come quickly....

On a better note, I received some happy news today. Not about myself but happy for the person I got the news from. And H won another bet from yesterday's dinner paid for from winnings on Saturday...LOL. Men!!

No SB Shopping!

I'm thinking of extending this thru to June except for my Cuttlebug and must have MM Noteworthy II purchases I think. No more impulse buys anyway :D

Anyone wants to RAK me? LOL! Kidding! I hav so much stash to use up still!!

Oh I want the X'acto cutting knife too as I love detail cutting despite my fingers hurting after :) Especially for cutting like this.....haha. This is the LO I did for Mac at our photo swap challenge at Jazz's place a week n a bit ago :) My hats off to Mich for cutting out the whole PP of the blue flower. I was tired after only this!! (maybe cos she has the X-acto knife...keke)

*Pic taken from Mac's site*

Monday, May 26, 2008

A little under the weather...

...but still ok. I felt a sudden dizzy spell yday late morning so took the afternoon off work. I think it had something to do with being thrown into the pool on Saturday night even if its a bit of a delayed reaction. I had a rather lazy Sunday so maybe it only kicked in after I started doing some actual work...haha.

After some rest, I decided to get going with some of my scrapping deadlines but I only finished one which is my canvas for Artz De Scrap. I had the idea in my head the whole weekend and I hope to reveal it as soon as I put the finishing touches. I wanna try and get my SIC LO done before I fly off this Friday tho :)

Something totally random here but ever since they stopped broadcasting Capital FM here, I've been listening to the local radio regularly when i drive. As much as I will applaud the local DJ's for bringing up the standard and trying hard to compensate for the loss of a London radio station there are some things that still do need improving. For one thing, some of them need to be sent for grammar and pronounciation classes cos it irks me when they pronounce things wrong like "poh-gramme" instead of programme and last night me and my sis heard a DJ saying "Leona Leweeeez". FFS!! Do u not watch TV or anything, its Leona Lewis!! Give the gal some credit and say her name right!! The worst is a DJ who was talking about not being judgmental of people and asking people not to judge her and the next day on the radio, this DJ was commenting on Paula Abdul's new single basically saying its not very good and there is a reason why Paula should have stayed a retired singer. Hey at least the woman is trying!

Sniff...I'm miserable so in a bit of a b****-ified mode. I had part 2 of my dental visit this morning and its still kinda sore. Part 3 to ensue next week. After going through a life threatening operation and having my epidural break when changing beds after surgery thus doing without anaesthetic for a few hours (my anaesthetist was in surgery n couldnt attend to me), the pain of a dental visit does not compare. But I've realised its not the pain i'm concerned about, its the anticipation of pain. My body tenses up so much jus when I see the drill or some other instrument coming towards me. I'd rather be passed out! Btw, I didnt sue the hospital in London cos they essentially saved my life and I do not have colostomy bags hanging out of my body so a few hours of (alot of) pain for the rest of my life is ok.

I'm grateful to be alive and loved today and every day for the rest of my life (however long/short it may be).

I'll leave u with a funny pic. This was sent to me...supposed to be a marriage

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tunnel Book Tutorial

I just found this and I wanna share cos I think its so cool!! If any of u hav time to do this in ur spare time, please let me know cos I wanna see!!

Thank you!

I just wanted to write a little post to thank all of you who kindly leave comments here for me to keep me going :) I know I dont always leave comments on other blogs though I regularly lurk there but rest assured, if ur blog is on my link list I'm visiting!!

WS, next time we meet, we'll have a 'cartoony' conversation ok? LOL!

On another note...eventho David A singing "Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me" gave me the chills, and I think both are winners, I think the better and more original singer won :)


Ruey has tagged me and since I didnt do the last one I think I should do this one....6 unimportant facts about me.....

1. I must hug something when I sleep, whether its a pillow, teddy or helps. I think I fostered this habit since I was a kid.
2. I love dark chocolate and the best part is that its healthier than all the other chocolates!
3. I am currently trying to visit one new place a year hence my great travel plans this year (that is making me very broke)
4. My favourite colour used to be blue but now I think its red. But at the end of the day, it does depend on what an item is when I go for the colour iykwim
5. I prefer being warm to cold. One of my best moments was lying by the poolside in KK getting tanned then jumping into the pool to cool off with a couple of laps then back on the deck chair again till it gets too warm etc.
6. I can do cute cartoony voices. My sister finds it amusing. I dont really share it cos its kinda childish *blush*

Now I think I'll tag Pearl, Jasmine, WS, Lee Ming, Vivs and Alin :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I asked H if he could make me one of these and he agreed!! Yay, finally I can throw away or alter some packaging and have all my stuff in view!!

That reminds me, I forgot to pick up more Cropper Hoppers when I was last at SD. Seriously need to organise my scrap space cos its so overrun with stuff!!

Went to dentist this morning, I think my bill hurts more than my tooth *groan* I think I may have to extend my no SB shopping rule.

Btw I know I said previously that I had some stuff to RAK patient ok. I'm in the midst of clearing up my scrap space :) Just lemme finish my deadlines first :p

Phew got my mojo back!

If I continue scrapping like this, I should have no problems completing all my deadlines and more before I fly off end of this month :)

An LO for Jazz's challenge up at SnC using BG papers and our old photos involving our mothers :)

An altered set of little drawers that look a bit too pretty to be hiding in my scrap space in the basement :)
*big thank u to Jazz for the very very coveted Tinkering Ink PP she RAK-ed me last nite*BIG HUGS!!

Made a few cards for the Sichuan Earthquake Charity...

...and some fellow scrappers...

and one for my darling...

OK now to do the Artz De Scrap challenge, SnC Mod's Challenge and my SIC LO for next month...sorry for the picture-ful post...

Btw, if u wan to see our creations from Saturday's crop at Scrapbook Delights, one of the scrappers has done a little "report" on her blog here. Some amazing talent coming from the scrappers that day. Everyone was a winner!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Good Cause

Dear All,

Victims are victims regardless of gender, race or religion so lets put our crafty/spending hands together and join in the SIC Charity Move. Scrap Inspire Create is putting out a call to all scrappers to make papercraft products to be sold. Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Sichuan Earthquake victims and donated to the Embassy of China who will be receiving it on the part of the earthquake victims. More details can be found here.

Notice I mentioned earlier about spending...well, there are some of you out there who would be willing to buy stuff so have ur wallets a ready to shop for a good cause :)

Thank you everyone :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

In a rut.....a lazy rut...

Not done any SB for a while....feel sooo lazy. Doesnt help that I got some new computer games I'm currently addicted to and I'm lusting very much after the Cuttlebug and my brain has convinced itself that until I get the Cuttlebug ordered it wont be inspired....Seriously...I think that's just an excuse for my brain to try and trick me to SB shop. I even tried to go to this place to try and gear myself up but it not working....yet.....I need to get moving soon...deadlines are looming...

Its......American Idol!

I think David Cook is the better of the Davids in that he is original and has managed to make so many songs his own but I just cant get over this performance...

I agree that he a prodigy...he knows his range and doesnt try to push too hard. Nevertheless, I think they both are already winners no matter who wins next week :)

Oh and did anyone watch ANTM this year? I didnt really follow it as future MIL is usually watching the tube at the time but I did manage to catch the final to watch this lady win...

I'm still currently trying to catch up with H on watching Entourage, Prisonbreak and House....if only there were more hours in the day *sigh*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just chillin...

One fine day, 4 girls decided to take a road trip down to Miri for the annual Miri Jazz Festival....

They decided luxurious accommodation was the only way to go for their short excapade....

Arent we such good gals? :p

And took this pic infront of the hotel before heading home to celebrate Mother's day with their respective mothers....

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Last night and this morning was HAPPY MAIL time for me. I went to the postbox last night and collected 4 ATC's for the swap at SnC. This morning in my office, I received a RAK from CK in conjunction with NSD and the lovely part is that I hardly know her!! June also sent me my LO for our SK swap, details below, together with a RAK. The generousity of all ur ladies really touches me *sniff sniff* Photos coming soon (Jazz, I think I finally figured out where I put my camera. U wont believe it wen I tell u!)

I MUST make lots of THANK U cards tonight....seriously I'm so behind!!

I've long been an admirer of Aussie Scrap Source and their gorgeous papers. I happened to stumble on their blog earlier and want to share it with u all. There are some absolutely beautiful LO's on show there...I might even ask my sis to bring back some of their papers from Oz! Not all the LO's are from their papers but I love what they've done anyway.

I did this LO for a swap at SK Forum and also entered it for a friendly challenge at Groovie Cafe to do my first 6x12 LO. I just saw that it was picked as LO of the week starting last Fri at Groovie Cafe. Apparently the news was posted on 9th May but the blur sotong in me only saw it today...keke...

Btw, I have to give a big shout out to all the supportive people including u blog lurkers who visit my blog and leave wonderful comments. Someone thought I was not taking part in a challenge this week and messaged me to make sure I Btw M, I'm very touched by your support and belief in my capabilities as a scrapper and I hope I can live up to ur expectations. *Hugs*

Friday, May 9, 2008

Its the Weekend!!

Last night, I met in person a scrapper I totally admire. Before I got to delve into my dinner, she gave me this

She made one for Jazz too which was so beautiful!!
Its made from scratch and absolutely gorgeous!! I didnt even have time to make anything for her and she, the busy jet-setter, managed to find time to make me a book!! Thanks so much Nana!! I've decided to make it my travel journal for my upcoming June excursions so I'm off to put little pockets into it for memorabilia. Jazz will prob put up our pics at her blog soon :)

After enjoying this,

with the ladies and chatting about "interesting topics" where Joey and I learnt alot and we took our many pics and picked up tips from Nana, H and I went to watch Ironman which was pretty good. I encountered a first in a cinema though. Ppl drinking alcohol in there!! Yes, we smelt it!! (well, H did cos they were next to him :p)

I'm back to using my trusty red car today after using the new Vitara for the past couple of weeks. Finally I can drive more than 80km/hr!! TGIF!! No matter how much I try to clear the mountains from my table, they dont seem to be moving much but I guess something is better than nothing. Cant wait to be sipping my beer on the beach with jazz playing in the background tmr....wohoo!!

First, trial tomorrow.....*groan*

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Snowed Under!!

...with work that is. Sha is away till next week and i actually texted her yday to come back!! LOL! Now that she's not here my table is the only end of the conveyer belt from the bosses rooms and its not funny. Though I was given a sign last night when I was working late. Electricity to the whole block went off at 8pm. I had to pack up n leave eventho I still had so much to do!!

I also had to send of dear DD, my former dance teacher who has been around the last 10 days 'torturing' people with his workshops. Gosh he makes us laugh so much, we're so going to miss him. Dont know when he will be back again. *sniff sniff*

Oh I received my April SOMO kit....such soothing colours in line with the new 7 gypsies paper...sigh....wonder when I can start on it with my current workload. I'm also meeting a special guest from Singapore tomorrow and heading to the Miri Jazz Festival this weekend. Yay!!

Btw, I sort of cleared up my paper stash last week and I wanna give some stuff away so stay tuned here and u might be one of the lucky ones!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

March SOMO Kit

I've been itching to use the March SOMO kit since I received it but as u understand, its so precious, I need to be sure I make an LO that I really like so here are my two attempts at the kit.....

Used one for a challenge where I had to scrap a B&W or Sepia photo...

And another which had to incorporate a quote. I chose "We do not remember days, we remember moments"

I know I'm not supposed to SB shop anymore but SC had this paper sale of 40% off on NSD n I couldnt resist. They had new BG, CI and SEI papers in....sigh....of course I ended up buying other stuff to...sigh. But I'm happy I got Lia her MU Punch!! Yay!! A Singaporean scrapper is visiting in a few exciting!!

In the meantime I think i'm going to give SB shopping a break. I heard some scrappers have agreed not to do any SB shopping this month n to produce at least 10 LO's with their current stash...what a great idea!! Gals, if u read this, I totally support u!! WTG!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

SK Ultimate Scrapper

I'm flying for that title along with other wonderfully talented ladies (with much better internet connection) and its nerve racking i tell ya!! Its my first online active crop/competition and its got me on my toes 24/7. I even had trouble sleeping cos I couldnt stop thinking of ideas on what to do for my LO's....
Challenge #1 was to create an LO about ourselves without any photos
Challenge #2 was to create a 2 page LO with 10 photos and something in sequence i.e. months, numbers, years, alphabets, etc
Now I have to do a mini album for Challenge #3....yikes!!

BUT right now I'm jus going to pop by Shabby Chic to pick up something for Lia before I rush home to finish my next challenge....anyone want to cheer us on? Check out the forum here!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Heard of Project Runway?

Well now there's Project Scrap-away!! Brought to you by Scrap-n-Crop!! On top of that there are 2 DT challenges going on at the forum, one of them hosted by non-other than our talented Brunei scrapper Jazzscraps!! Wohoo!! Lots of prizes up for grabs oh and just to entice you with more shopping, if you spend more than RM300 at SnC, u get a tote bag worth RM19.90 absolutely free....go on scrappers, shop n scrap!!