Monday, May 26, 2008

A little under the weather...

...but still ok. I felt a sudden dizzy spell yday late morning so took the afternoon off work. I think it had something to do with being thrown into the pool on Saturday night even if its a bit of a delayed reaction. I had a rather lazy Sunday so maybe it only kicked in after I started doing some actual work...haha.

After some rest, I decided to get going with some of my scrapping deadlines but I only finished one which is my canvas for Artz De Scrap. I had the idea in my head the whole weekend and I hope to reveal it as soon as I put the finishing touches. I wanna try and get my SIC LO done before I fly off this Friday tho :)

Something totally random here but ever since they stopped broadcasting Capital FM here, I've been listening to the local radio regularly when i drive. As much as I will applaud the local DJ's for bringing up the standard and trying hard to compensate for the loss of a London radio station there are some things that still do need improving. For one thing, some of them need to be sent for grammar and pronounciation classes cos it irks me when they pronounce things wrong like "poh-gramme" instead of programme and last night me and my sis heard a DJ saying "Leona Leweeeez". FFS!! Do u not watch TV or anything, its Leona Lewis!! Give the gal some credit and say her name right!! The worst is a DJ who was talking about not being judgmental of people and asking people not to judge her and the next day on the radio, this DJ was commenting on Paula Abdul's new single basically saying its not very good and there is a reason why Paula should have stayed a retired singer. Hey at least the woman is trying!

Sniff...I'm miserable so in a bit of a b****-ified mode. I had part 2 of my dental visit this morning and its still kinda sore. Part 3 to ensue next week. After going through a life threatening operation and having my epidural break when changing beds after surgery thus doing without anaesthetic for a few hours (my anaesthetist was in surgery n couldnt attend to me), the pain of a dental visit does not compare. But I've realised its not the pain i'm concerned about, its the anticipation of pain. My body tenses up so much jus when I see the drill or some other instrument coming towards me. I'd rather be passed out! Btw, I didnt sue the hospital in London cos they essentially saved my life and I do not have colostomy bags hanging out of my body so a few hours of (alot of) pain for the rest of my life is ok.

I'm grateful to be alive and loved today and every day for the rest of my life (however long/short it may be).

I'll leave u with a funny pic. This was sent to me...supposed to be a marriage

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chowchow said...

Hope you are feeling better Panda.