Wednesday, April 30, 2008


SOMO has just released a sneak peek of its May kit....luckily I decided to continue with my subscription cos I've been wondering whether to get owl stamps for a while and I see the groovie OA ones there!! Yay!!

Oh and dont forget to check out the new challenge at Scrap Inspire Create and also our guest designer....the gals have produced such beautiful work!! Will post my LO here tmr :) Hope to see urs soon!!

May Day!!

I feel like scrapping this lunch time....i dont know why the sudden urge....the other day I even took over H's bedroom floor (when he was out playing basketball) to scrap on the floor while watching (or rather listening) to American Idol...but I cleared up before he came home!!

I'm bored...I have lots of work to do in the office but I'm bored. I dunno y it feels like its Friday. On another note, I met up with DD my old dance teaacher yesterday! He is in Brunei for 10 days so I treated him to some Sheraton yummy food last night and should see him again tomorrow. He is aghast that I've stopped dancing....kekeke...

I've been blog us mad scrappers do....especially during the beginning of the month when new challenges n announcements come up....a few things struck me and its something that I've discussed with a fellow scrapper before. We all scrap for preserving memories, the love of the craft (shopping), making scrapping friends etc. It is nice to get recognised once in a while n get yummy stuff in return for our creativity and efforts but its sad to see some people turn it into a competition. Personal feelings and politics come into the picture and sour what is a lovely hobby (and obsession). I'm glad to know that this doesnt happen in Brunei and I hope it never does. There are so many new scrappers out there and no matter how 'advanced' we are, we should always try to help promote n support this craft and not sully it with personal feelings or ambitions.

Anyway, that was my 2 cents is a little table decor I made for a friend. Her name is Winnie hence the "W".

Sunday, April 27, 2008

No electricity or no water

Somehow H's house is no stranger to water/electricity cuts and last weekend there was no electricity for over 24 HOURS!! I was ok sleeping with no air-con but H could not sleep at all cos he has polar bear genes or something and needs the cold. Fortunately for him, electricity was back on by last night but I was already enjoying the comforts of the A/C back home by Sunday afternoon...keke.

I had a great time catching up with some of the gals and one of our ex classmates last Thur...i was supposed to only be with them for an hour then move on to a bday dinner but stayed on and didnt go for the bday till 10.30pm...opps!!

Friday saw me stuffing myself with the Sheraton seafood buffet...mmm....havent eaten so much in a LONG time!! Despite this I still didnt make my way to the gym over the weekend...LOL!!

Saturday's GHK Annual Dinner was really entertaining as they brought in this Singaporean lady who was quite a performer!! Shame the food was so slow and service not at its best. H was even drunk enough to take a pose-y picture together though it now means I have to bug him to get it off the official photographer. He knows everytime I get a good pic of us, I HAVE to scrap it!! LOL!!

Sunday was just absolutely lazy and for want of nothing to do while H went to play snooker with the boys, I got my nails done, indulged in Fun Donuts and read my chick lit and of course....zzz......its back to work now on a Monday...sighs...

All my good intentions of scrapping LOTS at the weekend went to mush with no electricity at H's but here is an LO I did for Create last week. We're supposed to reduce, reuse, recycle so I used a paper doiley from the bottom of my cuppa at my usual hangout one day and cut outs from a pizza box some of my scrapping goodies come in for the title. This LO documents a moment in our trip in KK where my "finger-happy" friend who was on a high of watching Korean drama series non-stop couldnt stop doing the "peace" cutsey pose all throughout the holiday. Looking at the sequence of photos where she went from 4 fingers to 2 to none still cracks us up!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scrappin Kids Scrapbooking Frenzy!!

This is a little late and U may hav seen it in one of the other blogs but SK Forum is having 14 days of SB Frenzy in conjunction with National SB Day and its lots of fun fun fun! There's a quote challenge, colour challenge, swap challenge, goody bag swap and even a bazaar!! What r u waiting for? If u havent signed up, do so here!!

And if u havent yet sent in your entry to SIC, you still have a few days left!! May's challenge and guest DT is just so fabulous, I cant tell u how excited I am!! If you have already submitted, do tune back in on the 1st for the winning LO and our new challenge!! Here's a sneak peek of my LO for next month :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I won my case!! And a RAK!!

Yeah got the decision for that trial I was stressing about while planning legal dinner and it was granted in my client's favour.

AND got a tip-off yesterday on some blog candy and I won!! keke, wonder what it will be. Thanks for the tip Zizi!

I also cant believe that I've manage to produce 3 LO's in 3 days since I came back from Singapore. Must have had some scrapping mojo rubbed off on me when I shook hands/ hugged some of the talented scrappers there. However, I want the pictures on this post to be solely dedicated to Jaz who did gorgeous work! Look!!
And she even has her own stamp!!Photobucket

Btw Iralamija has a little challenge going on at her blog. Click on her name on my blogroll to find out what it is!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mojo where are you?

I didnt manage to take pictures on the night of the legal dinner so I'm digging around other ppl's camera's now...haha. Here is one that was sent to me after I was in a more 'relaxed' mode on the dance floor...with me is Diyana, one of the court interpreters who was really workin the dance floor that night!!

I made this for a family friend. Didnt turn out how I thought but its ok la. Made another nicer one with Bella papers actually but I gave it to my aunt before I got a chance to take pics of it...keke.

So, I'm back in Brunei with lots of scrapping supplies and on Monday night I wandered down to the basement to scrap....and I drew a I couldnt believe it...I sifted through my pictures and finally settled on this picture and decided it would fit into the Groovie Challenge of "BLUE" as well. As my sister loves blue, it was perfect....

Btw, Jazsutra made me a lovely little trinklet container n one of her stunning LO's. I wanna make sure I get a good pic before I post it so much babe!! *HUGS*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Do the animals still look the same?

So Singapore over the weekend with these 2 little ones was kinda taxing. Glad I dont have kids yet...haha. Its been a very long time since I went on holiday with kids. Forgot how tiring it is. Well, we arrived at night so after supper, we settled into the beds for what we hoped was an early morning...

The boys were hard to wake up in the morning so we got to the zoo late but had fun despite our tired feet.

Of course as a result, I was super late to meet Lia, Jaz and Gaynor. It was also lovely meeting Siti and running into Sal at MWL...where I spent lots *gulp*

After that, I was reunited with my half S'pore, half Brunei cousins plus their parents of course then I was rushed off to check out the Singapore flyer (I did manage to squeeze in some shopping at John Little tho! keke)

and the night ended with late dinner at Clarke Quay...

I got to meet this lovely young boy on Sunday before I I call his dad 'koko', it meant that he calls me "Aunty"....I OLD LA!!!

And of course, I went to Takashimaya to get some stuff before spending more money at Laines and meeting Edleen, Felicia and Yannie!! So excited that I forgot to go to M&S to get the cookies :(

So I'm back in Brunei now, back to work (bohoo!) to pay off my credit card bill. Urk!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Almost had a nose bleed...

....going through Laines and MWL's pockets going to have a big hole in it....

I got my baby back!!

Yup my car is back and shiny and more good news for me today is that I'm getting my 2nd car which is essentially for the whole family next week and I got my SOMO kit....drool!!

Perfect for my Singapore Zoo pictures this weekend, dont u think?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All is good....hopefully!

As I let H off on Monday night to be with his friends instead of consoling me for my accident and crappy weekend, I was rewarded last night with dinner at Swensons and a movie. Warning to all: The American Chicken Baked Rice at Swensons is horrible and their ice cream sundaes have gotten smaller. Next time I'm just having gelatos.

We watched Street Kings which was kinda interesting except that I predicted the ending from the start and Keanu Reeves was as wooden as usual. Next time we're buying the dvd cos so much of the movie was cut out due to swearing.

One of my big cases that has been going on for over 2 years is also now finally settled....wahoo!! Cant tell u how relieved I am! Oh and I'm getting my new car this week too!! Yes, I'm getting a 2nd car but its for the family really. Cant wait!!

So, onward to Thur when H flies off to China for an exhibition while I help my brothers pack and we're leaving on a jet plane (aeroplane) on Fri!!

Travel Log

I've been meaning to put this up for a while to record my travels for the last couple of years. Its not much but I thought I'd better record it before I forget (I already had to check my passport)

2003 - Melbourne (I was still studying in UK), Monte Carlo & Nice
2004 - Singapore, London (went back to be called to the Bar)
2005 - Singapore
2006 - KK, Singapore, China, Vietnam
2007 - Singapore, KK (2x), Bangkok, KL (3x)
2008 - KK

Scheduled for 2008 - Singapore, KK, London, Oxford, Prague, Paris, Cambodia (Siam Reap), Australia/Hong Kong, KL (maybe for LASIK)

Let's not count the weekend trips across the border to Miri or Kuala Lurah...haha. Note how my number of trips increase as my salary increases every Esp this year cos I've paid off my car.

I'm also currently trying to visit somewhere I havent been before every year. It started in 2006 with Vietnam and China. Last year it was Bangkok. This year it will be Prague and Cambodia *fingers crossed*

So, any Singaporeans reading this...see u in Singapore this weekend!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

This is fun...

Just a little blog challenge over at the Scrappin Kids Forum which was set up recently. Its fun there so do join!

What was your first......

1. SB item bought? A K.Ology Photo Cube from K & Co
2. layout? A Valentine's LO of me and my bf
3. concert? I think it was Chesney Hawkes in Manchester...I dunno wat I was thinking
4. handphone? Prob a Nokia (yea I'm predictable)
5. boyfriend's name ? Jonathan
6. job? Waitress in my dad's restaurant unless u count babysitting my siblings
7. vacation as an adult? Hong Kong
8. pet? I think it was a rabbit
9. designer handbag? Gucci
10. grade teacher's name? I cant remember

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So I had a bad weekend it was crazy busy with legal dinner and dad's 'anniversary'

Then I had a bad day as Alvin, Simon and Theodore here explain...

cos of this
Yup, got rear ended (no jokes please, enough from my office already) So i'm car-less for the next few days but I've borrowed my Aunt's in the meantime.

I've told H he needs to buy me chocolate to cheer me up just bcos he's my bf. He was like "someone else bumps into u but I gotta buy u chocolate". But he's buying it...I'm trying to get him to throw in some ice cream too...hehe. That's why this next song is dedicated to him. Sing along! :)

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm Exhausted!

And its only Tuesday....

Last Friday, we visited my grandparents (father's side) and my father's grave. I wasnt prepared for the wave of emotion that hit me that day and I tried to supress it at dad's grave. The rest of the day, I was kept busy so it wasnt till I was in bed that night that I could not stop the tears flowing...for hours! Its as if it wasnt that long ago that I last saw him. Kept H awake too!

U can imagine the next morning, I was looking and feeling crappy when I had to go into office to sort out some stuff then take part in the HSBC Badminton Tournament on Saturday afternoon (and also found out how out of shape I am). When it came to the lawyers informal gathering that night, I was ready to hit the sack at 10pm!!

On Sunday, we visited my grandmother's grave (mother's side) and my uncle's. Thanks to the Lee family's great attitude, that was decidedly more pleasant than Friday's session out and I never really knew my grandmother as she passed away when I was a baby. In fact, I was the only grandchild she ever carried.

A massage to soothe my aching post badminton body was in order on Sunday and it was over all too quickly. I soothed the rest of my aches by playing badminton last nite :p Fight pain with pain!

Yesterday and today, I have been in a frenzy about the legal, invitees, programme, performances, sponsors, games, etc. I havent even had time to try out my dress! Must go today....its gorgeous! Now to find time to make the accessories....

Thursday, April 3, 2008

SIC's 1st Challenge

Cant remember if I announced it previously when I mentioned I was DT but SIC's first challenge is up. The challenge is "I Love to Scrap about..."

I love to scrap about my loved ones. I know it seems I most scrap about H and me but I get an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when I scrap my family too so instead of picking just one, I picked the whole bunch of them (including H)!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm all scrapped up!

I almost forgot to tell u gals, I also won a RAK from SnC for Best Effort along with Yati for last month's DT Challenge...

I scrapped 2 LO's last night. As usual one that took me ages and made me feel like doing a simple LO after but they're both nice lah!...well, I think anyway...I havent taken a pic of them cos I was running around during daylight today doing my trial all day then sorting out law society and office stuff for the rest of daylight. Hmpf!!

Oh, I havent shown u what I did to the Law Society invitations. I printed them out all plain with the words and the logo...but U know la, kepo scrapping leagle beagle couldnt let the invitations go out all plain so here's what I added:-

embossing n stamping

Simple only la! Dun get paid for this n it involves my precious scrapping supplies...kekeke

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More good news! Boing!!

I've been accepted into the Scrap n Crop DT!! Well, more like future DT as my slot wont be till next year...LOL but I'm excited all the same! Jazz n Iris from Philippines are up for the next 6 months starting next month. I cant wait to see their wonderful creations!!

AND AND.......

I just bought myself and my 2 littlest brothers tickets to Singapore for the weekend of 18th to 20th April!! I'm so excited to meet all fellow scrappers from Singapore and LSS only has SDU classes so not sure if I'll take part in that but I gotta check out MWL too!! Oh and Chow Chow will be coming into the town just before I leave so we're going to arrange to meet up too! I finally get to meet the Queen of Canvases!! Scrapping, seeing friends, visit to the zoo (and night safari) and lots of food!! Its going to be a packed weekend!!

Phew! I can go rest and steady my heartbeat darling has just told me he cooked chicken rice at home....gotta go....hope its not April Fools!!