Tuesday, April 15, 2008

All is good....hopefully!

As I let H off on Monday night to be with his friends instead of consoling me for my accident and crappy weekend, I was rewarded last night with dinner at Swensons and a movie. Warning to all: The American Chicken Baked Rice at Swensons is horrible and their ice cream sundaes have gotten smaller. Next time I'm just having gelatos.

We watched Street Kings which was kinda interesting except that I predicted the ending from the start and Keanu Reeves was as wooden as usual. Next time we're buying the dvd cos so much of the movie was cut out due to swearing.

One of my big cases that has been going on for over 2 years is also now finally settled....wahoo!! Cant tell u how relieved I am! Oh and I'm getting my new car this week too!! Yes, I'm getting a 2nd car but its for the family really. Cant wait!!

So, onward to Thur when H flies off to China for an exhibition while I help my brothers pack and we're leaving on a jet plane (aeroplane) on Fri!!


jazsutra said...

hi pandachu,
yipee!im so excited to see you.cox i did up sumting darling 4u.hope you will like it as much as i enjoy doin it up and sweating abt it.hope u like it..please say yes..lol!
most prob be seeing you on sat.can't join u for lunch but will definitely cum and see you.i will be bringing my 3powerful kidos so dun faint!i will see u at laines.
may i know what time do u prefer the meet up?thx...

Jennie(Jenn) said...

Hi pandachu..
how are you? tot just drop by and say hi!