Thursday, June 28, 2007

Proposals and another LO!

Our lovely local British proposed to his gf last week (Hurray for the rummy couple!) which means another hen night on the cards after EL's proposal in Feb. Gosh...better start saving up! At least one bride-to-be has decided on BKK which is going to be so cool!! No way I'll get scrapping wedding albums done on time!! ears are still ringing from the wedding

OK, now for another LO...this is my little cousin Claire who jus turned one last month. PP is Urban Lily and I used Heidi Swapp masks for the title which I then embossed with rainbow powder. I thought the lace matting the photo would be quite sweet and used sequins to bring out the title more as well as some rhinestones. You also cant see in the picture but I outlined all the cut out PP flowers with a silver gel pen to bring it out more :) Oh used to Chatterbox Doodle Genie with the silver pen and filled in with white too :) TFL!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Latin Heat

Yeah! I've nicked the camera back! Muahahaha!!!

I finally finished this LO ages ago. Basically I added MM crystal and shimmer brads to the Queen & Co. felt ribbon and pasted some Queen & Co. gems onto the PP. I also added K & Co. Butterflies and made a little design under the quote with some yellow glitter and small rhinestones.

This is not a nice post so dont read on if u cant take it...

This post is to someone who needs to wake up and smell the roses. I know you will think this post is about you because you always think things are about you. This is as you always will see it, me being mean. Stop your whining cos everyone knows it’s for nothing. If you spent less time whining and chatting and more time working then people would understandably be more sympathetic. The devastation you have left behind is going to take ages to repair. Above all, understand this, of all the people I could be jealous of, it would not be a single, unqualified, spoilt, annoying, over-reacting, flirtatious tattle-tale. Its time to group up and find yourself a man and friends that you will not inevitably drive away.

I may sometimes be unhappy and dissatisfied with life but at the end of the day I'm grateful that I have a family to return to, a man to depend on and friends who will always be there for me. Its time we all learnt to count our blessings...(and scrapbook them!)

Monday, June 25, 2007

Putting my feet up...

I have scrapped a teensy bit (as in finally finished off 2 LO's that were needing some final touches) and I havent done any scrapbooking shopping despite SC having Elsie's stuff cos I honestly need to keep myself in check. Out of mind, out of sight.

At the weekend, I went to shop for something much more gratifying...when I eventually get it but I thought I'd get a head start on it. Other than that and attending Mui's wedding (where I developed a heat headache which I hate), it was lots of sleeping and Gray's Anatomy, Season 3 (oo-er, I couldnt stop watching it!!).

I'm still catching up on 4 days of hugs since the bf came back....and a little chit chat and drinkies at CZ and Sheraton never hurt :)

Crap! the boss just dumped some work on me.
My headache on what to get H for his birthday still hasnt been resolved...sigh...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time to save $$$

Scrapbooking suppliers will suffer a tiny dent and my wallet will breathe a sigh of relief as some surprising news and change of plans has made me decide to save as much as I can from now on. Scrapbooking shopping will be severely limited now and I think Love Elsie will be my last indulgence....I'm resisting SC for now. Maybe other scrappers who cant resist the lovely new goodies wont leave anything for me :(

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


So many weddings happening and engagements being made. Next month I fly off to an old friend's wedding in KL as she marries her college friend whom she's only dated for over a year...

The other day, I heard something very interesting and its played on my mind eversince. Wedding bands are supposed to be smooth with no breaks or gems in it cos it could (possibly) mean a rocky marriage. A wedding band is supposed to be smooth and never ending hence an unbroken circle. Now I understand why one of my friends chose a much nicer engagement ring and just had a normal gold band for his wedding ring :)

On another note though, this means the above ring would be more interesting to the ladies. Even if you werent into material gems or bling, you have to admit its a sight more attractive than a gold band. As girls we grew up hearing stories about lavish proposals and the much coveted "ring". As women, we wait for the day to receive ours. Despite what men think, its not about competition or cos all ur friends have it...its THE piece of jewellery that most women look forward to all their life (correct me if i'm wrong. I did say most)

Funny enough though, when that day comes, if you care about more than the "ring", you start thinking about what it means...a commitment to each other, towards spending the rest of your life with each other, putting up with each other for the rest of your lives (LOL!!) and starting a family together...not to mention living with in-laws!! He will sometimes smell ur farts (it is a big deal to some!), see ur hairy legs, see u with ur facial mask on, experience ur mood swings n bad hair days, etc...but most of all, you're in each others lives. There is no more running away from it.

Divorce is expensive (trust me I've done enough) and unfair on those around you. I knew someone who broke off her engagement (and they were a very close knit couple) cos when it came down to it, she just couldnt see herself spending the rest of her life with the guy. When it comes to crunch time, even when you've wanted it all your life, can you bring yourself to say "Yes"?

Monday, June 18, 2007

Another accordian album

I made another accordian album as a very belated birthday present for a friend. She din want me to spend on her and I knew she'd like this. I chose beautiful 7 gypsies PP for the cover and matched it with Java Bazzil cardstock. The album I think is simply but beautifully decorated and she loved the colour scheme. I have to say sorry for the bad quality of photos as it was taken with my 2.0 mega pixel phone camera as I had to give it to her today and H was holding the camera still. I have also blocked out the photos to hide their identities...muahahaha....

This is the first page. As they were both smiling, I chose the quote "Smiles are the souls of kisses" The PP is 7gypsies and the flowers are Red MM and white American Crafts.

I only did 3 pages as I promised the bf I would leave him a page to decorate in his own time. I am keen to get started on the LO of the flowers I received from H on my birthday but am feeling very tired at the moment due to staying up til 5am due to caffeine pumping through my veins. I'm using caffeine to stay awake at work today...

Thursday, June 14, 2007


I absolutely loved the B&W flower Ruey created with June's OPAAT kit and since I was thinking of doing some LO's with B&W paper, I thought the kit would be a good start. As I was also loving the sneak peek of the July kit, I decided to place a 3 mths subscription. Thank God!! The July kit's been released today and its GORGEOUS!! As I said before, I heart Elsie n its got lots of reds and blues which are my fav mixes of colour at the moment...check it out!!

Yes, Jazz, I've finally done it!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Basketball news

This post is especially for the sister who will be missing most of the basketball matches this summer. LOL. Who ask u go so many holidays? There are perks to dating a BBA committe member though I help him with his work sometimes....muahaha. So here goes....

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Borneo City Invitation Tournament will be held this weekend with teams from Miri, Labuan and KK joining us here in Brunei. 3 teams from each city consisting of mens, veterans and women's will be attending except for the KK veterans and womens team who are unable to join us this year. There are about 4 matches a day to be played at the BBA Hall at Batu Bersurat and they will be treated to a nice lunch at *ahem* Seri Kamayan on Saturday, 16th. Not sure about the price of the entrance fee yet but its usually like $1 or $2 anyway.

Next is the Sultan's Birthday Challenge Cup. (Some BBA members will be going to Vietnam for some friendly matches before this starts including my H *i'm green with envy*) This is scheduled to start on 30th June. Closing date for applications is 27th June and until they know how many teams are playing, we dont know how long this competition will last. The top 8 teams in the Sultan's Birthday Challenge Cup will go on to compete for the Pepsi Cup and stand to win bigger prizes there. Usually this tournament starts in mid July but it has had to be moved up this year as the Rimula X Tournament is scheduled for August, almost a whole month earlier than usual.

Rimula X's main organisers are not BBA but the competition by right, needs to be sanctioned by the Brunei Basketball Association in order to go ahead. The one year they didnt get approval, it was boycotted by BBA and its members. The usual invite of a few international teams to Brunei will happen and we're all hoping to see the very animated Argentinian coach for the Jordan youth team....ok, ok and the Korean basketball players too!!

Tutong Cup is organised by the Tutong Basketball Association there so I dont know the details of the competition. It tends to drag on though as its outdoors and can be called off on account of rain. However, if you enjoy good home cooked nasi lemak and home made ice cream, I highly recommend attending there. You will feel the small portions are a rip-off but you cant resist eating it all the same :) By the way, its held at the Tutong Chung Hwa School basketball court.

Bah, enough kah sis?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Things to muse on...

Anythin scrappin' - I am still working on that LO of my jus has this space on the right that I cant figure out what to fill up with...I like what I've done so far so I dont want to ruin it by putting something that doesnt match. I have however finished putting up bling on my Latin Heat LO but have yet to take a pic as the bf has taken back his camera. Apparently for work purposes but its still sitting in his room....hmmm....Also my explosion box is still awaiting decoration n I still havent figured out what pics to put in it...

More weddings?!! - I found out a few weeks ago that I'm getting a new cousin-in-law. Finally saw her the other day but still early days yet. Another upcoming wedding *groan* But I'm really looking forward to seeing Edd, Erika, Gina, Rachel n Gerry in KL next month. Yay mini reunion!!

Sports - Borneo City Invitation Cup this weekend for those who dont know. Teams from KK, Labuan and Miri will be coming. All just friendly matches over the 3 days of 15th to 17th June. Guess where H will be all weekend? I shud get credit for helping out :p

Its coming to that time of the year where after the blissful few weeks of the football season ending and me having H all to myself with no distractions then basketball season starts and he heads back to his first love. After the Borneo Cup this weekend, he's heading to HCM for drinking...i mean some friendly basketball games :p ....Sultan Cup preparations and eventually the tournament in July then Tutong Cup after that (where I get yummy ice cream n nasi lemak) then Rimula X...then football season starts again...the whole calculation that women gets like 3 weeks off from sports during non-football season doesnt apply for me :( That reminds me, I havent scrapped H's basketball n football pics....heheh

Thursday, June 7, 2007

KK part II

We're leaving for the islands....

Our driver...



Potentially fantastic sunset view...but this will do...

Columbian entertainment at Rumba

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


I've been searching high and low for that mag that has instructions on how to make an explosion box that I even went to the point of asking Michelle if she had instructions and guess where I found!! Doh!! Watch this space...hehe!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I heart Elsie....sigh....

I want the OPAAT July kit....I'm loving the colours in the sneak peek already...wanna help me out here Mitsy? *grinz*

Sunday, June 3, 2007

KK part I

Sun, sea and snorkel....Sapi Island Beach where we started snorkelling which led to para-sailing then it rained so our banana boat endeavours were crushed :(

Beautiful waters off Manukan Island...

This is me before the tan...yes I got a tan from lazing about the island and sunbathing next to the Magellan poolside :)

View of pacific and glimpses of the harbour from our room balcony...

More pics to come...once I get them off other people's cameras *grin*