Monday, June 11, 2007

Things to muse on...

Anythin scrappin' - I am still working on that LO of my jus has this space on the right that I cant figure out what to fill up with...I like what I've done so far so I dont want to ruin it by putting something that doesnt match. I have however finished putting up bling on my Latin Heat LO but have yet to take a pic as the bf has taken back his camera. Apparently for work purposes but its still sitting in his room....hmmm....Also my explosion box is still awaiting decoration n I still havent figured out what pics to put in it...

More weddings?!! - I found out a few weeks ago that I'm getting a new cousin-in-law. Finally saw her the other day but still early days yet. Another upcoming wedding *groan* But I'm really looking forward to seeing Edd, Erika, Gina, Rachel n Gerry in KL next month. Yay mini reunion!!

Sports - Borneo City Invitation Cup this weekend for those who dont know. Teams from KK, Labuan and Miri will be coming. All just friendly matches over the 3 days of 15th to 17th June. Guess where H will be all weekend? I shud get credit for helping out :p

Its coming to that time of the year where after the blissful few weeks of the football season ending and me having H all to myself with no distractions then basketball season starts and he heads back to his first love. After the Borneo Cup this weekend, he's heading to HCM for drinking...i mean some friendly basketball games :p ....Sultan Cup preparations and eventually the tournament in July then Tutong Cup after that (where I get yummy ice cream n nasi lemak) then Rimula X...then football season starts again...the whole calculation that women gets like 3 weeks off from sports during non-football season doesnt apply for me :( That reminds me, I havent scrapped H's basketball n football pics....heheh

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