Thursday, December 13, 2007

Justice should prevail...

I just opened my office email (a few days late) to read this article from someone I met in KL. I couldnt believe the title as soon as I opened my email and more so as I read on. I think its totally ridiculous what's happened there and its only added on to the controversy surrounding the Lingham tape which fortunately the PM has now decided to set up a Royal Commission about.

Bon was in no way acting out of bounds and having met the guy, I cannot see any reason other than the unrest that has been happening within the legal profession in Malaysia that would cause the police officers to act the way they did.

Though we may have absence of such politics in Brunei, it would not be entirely true to say such politics do not exist. Hopefully us neighbours can learn from the situation in KL and ensure justice is always sought.

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