Tuesday, December 25, 2007

We're back!

Last (brain-dead, holiday mode) week ended with a party for one of the bosses. Had a right laugh because we got a 'he-she' to do 3 lap dances. S/he was TALL! but we all had a good laugh so it was fab! I escaped the night on time to rest before the flight to KL the next morning. H din get back til late but he won some $$$ to compensate for paying for my overpriced ticket to KL so it was ALL GOOD!!

Day 1
After checking into the hotel, we headed straight to Wan Utama for late lunch and shopping. I spent quite a bit and didnt even get to the new wing...yup! I got my shopping bug back. On the way back in the cab, H was like...did you see the scrapbooking shop? I was like...WHAT?!! Oh well....after a short respite, we headed out to this German restaurant for pork knuckles, lots of sausages and good ol' Paulaner. Absolutely fab meal!! (pics to come). We then moved on to Beach Club not realising its a pick up joint. (I was wondering why so many women were displaying their chests). After realising where we had ended up (after my friend got chatted up) we moved on to Atrium on Asian Heritage Row. Good music but crowd was slow. By the time it started filling up, the boys were a little more than tipsy. We ended the night with supper at Jln Alor before crashing into bed. Before sleeping, I thought I'd try my luck to ask the drunk bf to pay for my shopping the next day. He said he would sponsor RM300 and did hand it over the next day. Result!!

Day 2
We were woken up early the next day by H's sister who needed a place to crash for a few hours before her bf turned up. Had brekkie together...cant beat half boiled eggs, butter and kaya toast and curry with bread....before embarking on some shopping at Sungai Wang. We then met up with the others for lunch and more shopping at Mid Valley. It was too crowded for my liking so I just got my bro's monopoly set and some stuff for H then we hot footed it back to the hotel for another quick rest before dinner. We wanted to try this famous Chinese restaurant but it was booked out so we found a nice place further up that served Taiwanese food. The boys continued their drinking binge after that while the girls rested their tired feet and went over their shopping for the day. So much for only having a short drink...they came home at 3am!!

Day 3
Shopping in Sungai Wang filled the day while the boys went and did what they were supposed to do...work! I managed to squeeze in lunch with Ric and Janet in between then I shopped some more. Went back to the hotel at 6, dumped my bags, got ready and headed out again straightaway to The Curve. I love that place! It reminds me of UK somehow. We had a HUGE meal at Tony Ramos then spend the rest of the night in Scarlett. Great music but it was jam packed with people. Actually the whole of Curve was....supper was again at Jln Alor and the taxi cab there was "interesting" to say the least. I had my largest dose of frog legs that supper...the first night it was crabs...*burp*

Day 4
Wake up, check out, delay of 2.5 hours at the airport, breakfast at Burger King!, more shopping then flight home sweet home. Oh we had to go for dinner at a friend's house that night before we could crawl into bed. Waking up this morning was not easy!

Not many pics other than those taken on my new phone and someone else's camera cos I didnt carry my camera ard most of the time. 3 more days then I have to pack again for my next trip....kudos to those people who constantly travel....I dont know how you do it....

Hope everyone's had a Merry Christmas.....and honey, thanks for the lovely trip so that I got to spend Christmas with you...Muah!!

Mon, if you read this, hope ur enjoying the rest of ur holiday!

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