Monday, December 10, 2007

Fun weekend!

It was a fun weekend indeed though it was tiring to sit through 4 hours of bowling, the after party was great fun. GHK company events are always kewl! H only got the 2nd highest score of the night so he didnt win anything but he was still the winner in my eyes :) He was tipsy enough to sing a song to induce his workers to dance and I have the pictures to prove it!! Haha! Shall not post them...keke.

Last nite we attended a wedding of H's childhood friend, PK. His mum tried to stop us from going home but we were too tired and sneaked off before the disco started. It was one of those weddings which was really "Finally!" cos they have been together quite a while but his nervousness really showed thru! It was more peaceful than I thought it would be tho but a sweet wedding all the same. Food flowed better than the wedding we went to last week.

Its the month of weddings, baby's one months, birthdays and holidays. Counting down to X'mas in KL and New Year's in KK!! In Ducky's old words....gimme that broke look ;)

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chowchow said...

Hi Pandachu, thanks for flattering comment left in my blog. You are the 2nd Bruneian in my blog, the first being Jazzscraps. I think you may know her. Anyway, thought I just stop by to say hello. Give me an email when you are in town in KL, maybe we can get a coffee or something. Thanks.