Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Back!!

Countdown towards my RAK is going to start today and my post on BKK will not be that long though I got some pictures to share. I also received my Scrapsidaisy package today. Wohoo!!

Oh and plus, though I didnt find the haberdashery store that Pearl recommended for ribbons, I did find scrapbook stuff in the Paragon Dept Store!!! But I was good...only about 1,600 baht...hehe. Even H couldnt stop grinning at my delight at finding scrapbooking stuff

Keep ur eyes peeled for who wins....Mon, ur coming back so if you win, can it just sit here and wait? :p My sister is leaving tonite and she only told me this yesterday plus work decided to punish me for abandoning it on Friday so I will give a more detailed post later on :D

Both Scrapbook Delights and Shabby Chic have brought many new goodies in *God give me strength*


Yu'er said...

Welcome back, thank you for the cheering words,any new scrapping work to show?

Monica said...

hahaha... okely dokely!!