Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Me no likes!

Me no likes end of the month or beginning of the month at 'bank located' areas. Me also no likes going or leaving work at the same time as the gov't servants. Bloody sheep. Grumpiness. Hmpf!


1. People need to understand that when they are told to not to disturb someone but still do and just dont get it when they snapped at or ignored. Doh!
2. People who say they want their lives to be private and claim people invade their privacy then they proceed to tell the whole world about their sex life (honestly, we dont want to know).
3. People who expect me to do stuff for them straightaway but when I ask them to do stuff, they go AWOL on it and I dont see it til a month later.
4. Flirtiness at inappropriate times and places are just blech! Dont do it!! I dont mind PDA or whatever but there is a time and place and there is such a thing as over-doing it!
5. Some people just need to learn to bite their tongue. If we wanted your opinion, we would have asked you for it. Understand that smoking, swearing, drinking etc is a way of life for some people. Say something about it if you wish but dont give a lecture and comment infront of everyone everytime they decide to light up, swear, drink or whatever infront of you.
6. Dont say partying is not your thing and that you prefer to be a good boy/girl at home then proceed to go around asking what everyone has been up to and look hurt that somehow you were not invited. There is probably a reason for that....
7. People who make the wrong move on the road then glare at me like its my fault. *%#$@!!
8. People who sigh about not having a partner or a life but proceed to do nothing about it. Whinge all you want, I'm not going to help you get there.
9. Bosses who hint that other people stay in late and therefore we should. Firstly, we have a life outside the office. Secondly, staying late in the office does not necessarily mean someone is working.

Needed to get that out of my system before going on refresh myself on holiday....

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