Monday, October 29, 2007

KL musings...

So yesterday I had my first Airasia flight to KL. Big plane, loads of seats, definitely fully utilised. For those who are fussy abt seats, its definitely worth paying the extra $9.50 to get on the plane first. It occured to me again how the AA flight attendants always look like they're abt to change their tops n head out clubbing straight after they leave the airport terminal.

Immigration queue was long as an Indonesian flight arrived just before us and their processing through immigration took AGES. Our luggage was taken off the carousel by the time I got thru immigration. My poor friends who were waiting for me then had to drive me all the way to the hotel to check in then bring me out for supper before heading home. They wouldnt let me eat Mee In My Mug in my room. I had roti canai at the Penang Nasi Kandar stall was too late for a nasi kandar meal...

Hotel is nice but the rooms are noticably smaller than at the last hotel I stayed in. Good quality but then, it is Traders. I liked that they put a Chuppa Chup on the towels instead of flowers :) Bed is so nice n soft and I have a great view of the park and right across to KLCC Suria.

This morning's conference was an interesting medly of talks...though I only attended the opening ceremony as the other topics of the day did not interest me. Well, at least I got the goodie bag....haha. Interesting speeches especially in light of what is happening with the judiciary in M'sia at the moment. I must say Sultan Azlan Shah is very impressive and knowledgable.

I'll be more involved in the conference for the next couple of days. Dun think I can make it to Scrappingville again this time as its inconvenient to get there by public transport and I dont want to inconvenience my friends to bring me there. Missing out on the PM's Reinassance dinner tonight for Madame Kwan's with WS. Chillin in Skybar is good enough for me tonight I think, seeing as the socials for the next couple of evenings will be tiring. Meeting with uni mates will happen tmr nite...that will be really tiring especially after some drinks at Bar Savnh...heheh

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