Monday, October 15, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya!!

Ya ya I know its a bit late but it lasts for a month and I have been doing lots of....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING the past 4 days.

So I did play rummy last Fri and got to see this little girl (as well as lose lots of money) but we had fun :)

We visited Hals n Reza (oogling at Hals and Olang's babies) on the 2nd day of raya (so we didnt have to go out n grab lunch) and I had dinner at Zaiton's while Jeff stuffed me with his cakes n cookies afterwards. He's doing a great job of looking after Filbert...even letting him s**t on his hand. LOL!

I finally decided to get off my butt n do some scrapping yday. First thing I saw when I walked in were my scraps so instead of creating an LO I started off with another X'mas card. I had gotten a kick earlier this week abt not finishing the mini album for my gf so I did....*drumroll*....the cover...LOL. I thought I was being creative! Anyway I din hav time to finish more than that (or take pics) cos my sis came along and I had to send her to work.

Oh I also received the scrapping stuff my friends bought to thank me for helping them out. Gotta take a pic of that too...

Really HAVE to get my shelf this weekend before I fly off next Sunday...sigh!

Hope ur all enjoying ur holidays and raya!! I've got my dinner sorted for tmr and Fri. LOL!

(Btw ladies, these are the starbook instructions I was telling you about)


jazsutra said...

thx agn for droping by my blog and yr 9s comment.and THX dear for taking time off yr bz schedule to send out my candies.really appreciate.i ope yr pic is in it too.thn i can scrap it up for a 9s fren like u.btw,all yr cards are great.ure good.;)

jazsutra said...


jazsutra said...

thx 4sharing d starbook so excited to try out.but im c-ing stars ....gota c d video agn&agn&agn 1st...LOL!