Friday, March 9, 2007

What I've been up to...

Dance: Moving on from the chacha routine to paso doble this weekend...quit the salsa/boogie group as I was too stressed. Finally memorised the whole belly dancing routine n finale. Belly dancing costume is almost ready and bought material for the latin costume.

Work: Stress stress stress...hence I quit the salsa/boogie group as doing 3 performances would have been too much for me eventually when practice steps up to more than twice a week

Scrapbooking: Did a card (will post soon) and an LO in the past week...

Have yet to: Clean my room (scheduled for the not so distant future), have the Sheraton steak special, have Excapade with the family (scheduled for Sunday), collect more hugs from H (scheduled for tonite), catch up with the girls, play rummy with the Sexy Mummy n future taitai's (next Tue. Wohoo!!), clean my car, scrap more (scheduled for tmr aftn) and meet Scrapperholic to get my Scrappinggals stuff (*drool!*)

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