Sunday, March 11, 2007

Steak *drool*

I could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera out last night...a rare moment for me and H to be having dinner at Sheraton alone (our friends are Starwood members so they regularly organise to meet up there) Just incase the $12 T-bone steak wasnt enough to fill our tummies (or finish our Asti with), we ordered smoked salmon dish was bee-o-tiful and plentiful while H's seafood chowder was quite creamy. George came out just as we were popping open the Asti so he was a bit too late to assist us but it was ok. The steaks were bigger than I expected and I couldnt finish it...maybe cos I had Ideal about an hour or two before (I was starving after swimming n dancing!!)...there was no space for dessert after that!! After the bloatedness toned down, I was sleepy but still managed to go visit my uncle in the hospital before heading home *yawn*

For those who havent, catch the 300g steak offer before it finishes on the 15th....speaking of 300, the movie is pretty good! Go watch!!

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