Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More mags!

I havent even finished reading the last few mags I bought and here I am *smacks hand* with another 2 new ones. I went to Shabby Chic to make my wish list (please stop n take note here...hehe) Got to check out their new goodies which had just arrived and I of course added to my list *wink*. Doodling genies, stamps, chipboard and brads brads n more brads are on my list...hehe.

On the way back to my car, I decided to stop by Best Eastern (conveniently) to browse and found Scrapbook Inspirations, March 2007. The free pattern paper n velvet stickers weakened my resolve n I ended up purchasing it n heading over to Bookers where I ended up with Memory Makers, April 2007 which had a free mini file folder album project. Call me a woman but I cant resist freebies!


JazzScraps said...

Gosh! Don't tell me you did that all during lunchbreak??!! If your answer is YES..then call yourself hardcore as well, woman!!

In fact for the past 2 weeks, I'd bought myself a number of mags as well...probably in total like 7 excluding the other 3 titles I'd subscribed from Scrapping Gals! He! He! So I'm also calling myself hardcore as well...!! Hah! Hah!

And as for SC, I want the brads too!! Esp the pink glitter and flowers!!! *Bite finger nails*

Danura said...

what??? the march edition has arrived? Im off tmrw and get my hands on those freebies!

Pandachu said...

Jazz yes I did it all during my lunch break. Had to tapau Sushi Tei set lunch back to office...hehe. All I need to do is to find time to finish these mags..

Oh, Scrapbook Inspirations is UK based. Suddenly I love my little sister in UK more n will send her my shopping list along with lots of love. Hope u read this Janz! :p