Sunday, August 3, 2008

I read this....

"In her book, Helen Fisher said this, “People around the world say the exhilaration of romance wanes as their marriage or partnership becomes increasingly stable, comfortable, and secure. I have mixed feelings about this fate nature has decreed. First, many of us would die of sexual exhaustion if romantic love flourished endlessly in a relationship. We wouldn’t get to work on time or concentrate on everything except ‘him’ or ‘her’. Moreover, as romantic love matures, it often expands into hundreds of complex and fulfilling feelings of attachment that produce an enormously intricate, interesting, and emotionally rewarding union with another living soul.”

I guess, if I were to answer my friend again, I would say, “The chemistry is not gone. Strange as it may sound, it has become stronger. It might no longer exist in the same form that it was when we first met. But it has evolved. To stand the test of time.”

... at a blog of an old uni friend that has given up the legal profession to pursue the line of business u will find at her blog here and I think it really rings true for many of us.

This is also why I believe a great friendship between a couple is essential to make a relationship work. I find many couples dont really understand each other and just learn to grudingly accept the other's faults. Over time, this can grow into a cauldron of pent up frustration that will one day boil over and ruin many relationships. A great friendship is needed for understanding and communication. Its taken some time but H and I have reached understandings in our relationship that I never knew would be possible.

I think another important factor is the respect we have for each other. Find out what each other likes/dislikes and try to steer away from the bad stuff. Even if you do stumble onto bad ground once in a while, try to do minimal damage and always make up for it. It doesnt have to be in physical or monetary terms...sometimes we dont realise that even the smallest gestures can move in the biggest ways.

I'm so glad that as different as we are in many ways that we have found each other and H may not be the most romantic (at all) or handsome guy in the world but he's definitely the one that I've chosen to spend the rest of my life with because of the above and more.

P.S. No I still havent got my ring yet :p

On another note, I'm curently coveting this....very sold out in Incomm in 2 days but they only have the dark coloured one....I want the white onneeeeee!!!

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