Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We have a winner!

Gosh, nice to see people are interested in getting an ATC...keke. However Emily was the first person to get her comment in so it goes to her!! Sorry ladies!

I had a horrible day yesterday, a bad start leading to even worse. Dont really want to talk about it cos I'm so tired of relating the story but I'll show a pic of what happened. Lets just say my fiery red ride has had to go to the hospital again.

Things perked up towards the night when I got a call telling me my *bling bling* (I think CL still wants dibs) was ready and I had a lovely dinner arranged with my gals plus a very special lady from KK. Here she is displaying the famous dessert named after Maurizio's wife.

Look where I've ended up for the 3rd time in a week!

My dental appointment wasnt too scary this morning and I spent lunch celebrating the birthday of one of the people below...keke. We'll be going away this weekend for more partying and celebrating. WohoO!!

*However my boss is back tmr* *groan* Nevermind I have another fun dinner with more gals planned tonite and it'll be steamy!! keke


{ Yu'er } said...

thank you.
By the way, take a deep breath, things happen. sometime, have to take it easy... love and hug

Caroline said...