Monday, February 26, 2007


Right after I write a comment in Jazz's blog about not doing pink I remembered this card I made for my sis in UK. I felt like scrapping and since she said I never write to her I thought I'd make it extra special by making her a card. I used the paper and stickers from the Vintage Cardkit I obtained from Shabby Chic and chose her favourite colour...u guessed it...Pink! I had read about shaker boxes in the Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking so I was itching to try it out. I had got some glitter hearts and stars from a shop I passed by one day and saw bits and pieces I could use to scrap with.
Shaker boxes are a great addition to any layout (though I havent made another since). Just cut a hole in ur cardstock or paper (whichever ur using). Cover the hole with a piece of transparency (cut to fit n pasted around the hole). Place foam double sided tape around the top of the transparency (that is not stuck to the paper). Proceed to fill the area inside the area created by the foam tape with little beads or what have u...then cover up and seal off with paper. Voila, shaker box! *Groan* Havent explained it very well but hope u can see it...
The silver and red flowers below the shaker box are actually adhesive ribbon from Hokko where I also got the butterfly. I bungled up the interior of the card a bit cos I didnt fold the paper before sticking it on so its got 'bubbles' which really annoyed me. Finished it off with freestyle journaling and some matt metal heard brads as well as a sticker from the cardkit. I need to get one of those "Made with Love by..." or "Created By..." stamps....*mumble*
Best part of the day was of course that my sister loves the card and hopefully "Ahem" it has a special place amongst her gallery of photos in her room...hehe

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JazzScraps said...

Yeah!! PINK!!

Lovely card as well!! Never did a shaker box...maybe I'll give a try one day...tho might need to find appropriate LO for that.