Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm a Survivor!

Today, I celebrate being alive. 4 years in remission since my operation and another year to go. Medical tests have gone well (so far) and friends and family are always there to make sure I know my life is worth fighting for. I wanted to spend this day with these people so well, I live with my family so I knew I'd see them. I arranged lunch with H and am having a girly night out tonite.

If there is one thing going through a life and death situation that u learn, its that you should not harbour bad stuff. Move on and away from any bad experiences and people and make the best of what has happened. If someone doesnt make you feel good, move away from them rather than cause a ruckus. Dont bring your bad experiences with you, instead concentrate on the good. Another fellow cancer survivor I have met laments on about how he is a dying man, doesnt eat all sorts of stuff and is always in a very pessimistic mode. I dont know how I would be if that had turned out to be me. I dont want to restrict myself cos I dont know how much longer I will be around and I dont want to leave this life regretting not having eaten, drank, partied, done etc things just cos of something that had happened to me.

Dad was one of the longest survivors of cancer according to his doctor with 20+ years fighting it down to his last breath. He was and still is my biggest hero and aspiration

Live life to the fullest, enjoy every moment and most of all, Be Yourself

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