Monday, February 26, 2007

I stitched & stitched & stitched...

Ok so the sunlight has kinda caused a lot of reflection here but at least my stitches showed up!! I only used normal thread for this one as I was not patient enough to go out and buy DMC thread and come back to the LO.

I knew I wanted to use this Valentine's pattern paper I got from Shabby Chic and the rhinestone flowers from Hokko against black cardstock but I got a bit stuck on embelishments as the paper was already so busy. I had just bought the scallop cutterpede so I cut out a sticker from the Love Cardkit (that says "You & Me") I got from Shabby Chic and pasted it onto red cardstock and cut a scallop frame round it to make it look like a picture frame. I then had this huge bit of blank that I was unsure what to do with. Suddenly, I remembered seeing a card in a scrapbooking magazine where a someone had drawn a design n stitched it out. So I squiggled someone I thought looked cool and started labourously punching little holes for the stitching....holes which grew further apart as time went on! LOL!! As this was quite a big design with quite a bit of overlapping, it look me about 2 hours. I had to make sure I did not end up with a jumbled mess so I would rub out one section of the pencil lines before moving on to another.

This picture is one of the rare moments where my shy H shows some "public" affection (inebrieation helps) and the pic also symbolised something for me. I wanted to capture what the picture meant in some journaling....though not obvious in the LO, hence my pull-out behind part of the patterned paper. I had also bought some metal tags from Scrapperholic and while they fell out of the packaging when I opened it, I noticed that one of them beautifully fit the word LOVE from the patterned paper so I stuck it on!! Add 2 little heart brads for good measure in the corner, a couple of squiggle punch outs and Voila! My finished LO! :)


JazzScraps said...

Hey!!! This is really NICE! Loved the stitching!! Actually, I've got plenty of DMC floss - new ones just like Hokko's. If you need me to bring any on Friday night, do let me know. I sell for 30 cents each. But I know it's better if you were to choose yourself - more satisfied that way. Scrapperholic came over to my place & got herself aplenty!!

Pandachu said...

God, I thought Scrapperholic already had loads!! Haha, I guess with scrapping, you can never have enough though. Ya I'm glad the stitching turned out well eventually. Prompted me to buy an album to preserve me LO's. Lol!