Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jingle Jangle...

I finally went to the tailors to get measured for my 1st costume i.e. belly dancing in hot red. Lady there who had measured me last year commented on my weight loss (*chuffed*) So $150 for the first costume...and another 2 more to go. Funny how we pay more for less material however it does include a lot of beading and shiny shiny stuff so its all good ;) The belly dancing costume does include the veil for my group anyway which I can probably reuse and I've always wanted one of those chiffony skirts since I saw Sha performing in hers. I managed to find red bangles in S'pore to match the costume while wandering around Clarke Quay. Cant wait!!

Since we're on the topic of dancing, I thought I'd share this pic. Apparently my sister's mate carved this...that is one talented girl!!

We're taking a break from dance rehersals for CNY obviously but back to full swing after that so hopefully it will eliminate all the cakes, cookies, keropok, etc that I'll be gorging...hehe. This year's CNY is going to be a lot more toned down due to the fact that we all have to return to work mid-week. H and I have no choice but to return due to work commitments though we'd love to take the week off.

After all the hearing the events of some people's Valentine's day yesterday, H and I have decided to now celebrate it on 13th to avoid all the hype and commercialism. To be honest, as long as you're enjoying some time out with your loved one, no matter where you are or what you're doing, you will be having a great time. A friend told me one of her best Valentine's was just staying in, watching a movie and eating a tub of ice cream with her beau :)

I suppose I should mention that I did a LO on Monday. I had a handful of China pics which I've divided into 3 LO's. I picked 2 papers from my Basic Grey (Urban Coulture) pack that I got from Scrappingcove and have yet to work on those. As I had purchased quite a few flowers from Scrappingcove and Laines, I really wanted to use them. The pics from Nanjing were good for these as there was a lot of greenery which would make the flowers stand out. I wasnt sure if I was finished with it cos it looked a bit too simple for my taste but when I showed it to H last night, he really liked it so I might just leave it the way it is. Will post it up soon.

I also rushed a card for H's aunty on Tuesday. She had asked me to do a Valentine's card for her to give her hubby when she saw me stitching a LO I was doing of me and H but I kinda forgot about it. I thought of just sticking on a sticker n a flower or something but simple just isnt really me. Though I finished it in about half an hour, I thought it turned out pretty well. She wanted me to do a bit more but I had to rush off for a lawyers CNY dinner at Empire and H told me she ended up doing some journalling inside the card. Unfortunately I was unable to take a pic of the card before it was whisked away. *Sigh* I love the effect the white butterfly rub-on I got from Scrappingcove had against the dark red background so I really wanted a pic....

To end on a good note, H went along to Shabby on Tuesday and bought the stuff I asked him to. When he told me I didnt have to pay him back for it (since he had already spent a lot of money on my in S'pore n bought me a present to boot, I felt guilty about making him spend more) I was like....why didnt you just buy the rest of the stuff on my wishlist then?!! LOL

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