Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Wishlist

I'm following in WS footsteps and making up a little wishlist of my own. Yeah I'm a copycat, so what? We're going to be related....eventually (I hope cos not many people can take on that fat cat at home). I'm putting up a more affordable and REALISTIC (WS take note) list....keke.

No. 1: Canon Selphy Printer. I just got my new toy (which I have yet to blog about) which is my new little Dell XPS (strokes it lovingly) which matches my phone. This little baby will complete my (new colour of the moment short of getting my Lexus IS300) white collection of gadgets. It's very useful for a scrapper like me (unless anyone has recommendations for better)

No. 2: Flowers from Wilyn. OK so its a bit boring but eversince H got me this last year (which caused me to have a huge silly grin on my face for the whole day) for my birthday...a Wilyn bouquet just makes me wanna sigh with pleasure. Yes, they will be my wedding florist!

No. 3: Provo Craft Cuttlebug. I've been coveting this for AGES cos I love their embossing results...sigh...someone please feed my card making addiction (and scrapping of course)

No. 4: Miss Dior Cherie. The bottle is just too pretty and it smells nice too. Not too overpowering or sickly sweet. I *heart* this.

No. 5: A weekend getaway to KK for H and me just walking around hand in hand, enjoying a couple's spa, eating bah kut teh, seafood & me getting my Starbucks fix! Oh gotta check out the new Wan Borneo as well! Maybe for our 3rd anniversary...


WanShin said...

Realistic! Makes me feel... abashed with MY list... boo.

Edleen said...

hopefully you'll get everything on your wishlist Jessie :)

the weekend getaway would be the perfect one ;)

have a good week!