Friday, September 12, 2008

Money Not Enough 2

I said I wouldnt, I thought I wouldnt and I tried and I tried but I did shed a few tears watching this movie. Darn it! It brought back memories of the time when dad was ill and there were a few moments of who would look after him but I'm glad to say that there was always someone to volunteer their services though I'm ashamed to say, not always me.

We met the newly engaged couple J&J at the cinema last night. H joked that alot of gals are very sad now that Mr J is taken haha....We had a blast celebrating with them last Tuesday 998. Congratulations to them again!

Drastic changes happening to me this month beginning with my Lasik. So relieved to finally get THE CALL. Phew! Thankfully I will manage to fit in some chill time before the madness of next year starts.

I have way too many sungkai buffets lined up for my liking...its fit into the 2 weeks after people start tightening their purses and before they get filled again so hopefully the crowds wont be too bad. So much for my diet....argh!!

I'm in the midst of planning my next holiday (yes already!!). I was supposed to join the fun crew to Cambodia this month but timing just wasnt right so Dr A and I plan to rough it out ourselves armed with their tips in early Nov. Hoping NL can join us too. Thankfully I dont have the glasses/contact lens situation to deal with anymore during my travels. Wohoo! H is also supposed to confirm with me whether we can go to KL again in Dec. Well, I have to and he better!! Grr~!

Soooo on the scrapping front? Erm, I've done lots of shopping! But still no LO's yet....only little things...and I'm going to make little tags for raya....think I will get started on it tonight....toodles!


Edleen said...

hey there Jessie! the movie's quite touching yeah :)

waiting to see some scrapbook pages from you! take a shopping break..hehe

have a lovely weekend!

jazsutra said...

hey there pandachu.thanks for visiting and left so much love for me.i havent watch money not enuf2 yet.oh,must be touching huh. look fwd to somemore of yoru work and ditto here abt the awards..i know what u mean i haven't post my 3awards yet.die.(keke)

Liza said...

HI Babe! Great movie right!!!! I shed a few tears too! kekeke!