Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flying On a Jet Plane

I love you can tell from my recent posts but this year all my trips have been wedding-related even if its for work or to just chill with mates. Always some wedding element in there. Kinda takes the adventure out of my trips and shopping ends up being tedious plus I get fatter cos of all the food I do not restrict myself from gorging on during these trips.

For the first month this year, in an attempt to save money and all that malarky, I'm not flying anywhere (or even shopping...*faint*) this month. RBA just had to advertise their $150 ticket to S'pore to try and tempt me recently (doesnt help that Dr A can now offer me free accommodation in S'pore). I shall stand firm. Instead The Boy and I are going for a pre-wedding trip to KK next month. In the meantime, my credit cards get a rest while I try to come up with the guest list for my wedding (its scary I tell ya).

My hen night's (weekend) in October....I cant wait!!

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