Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sorry Peeps!!

Hope I didnt scare most of you with the title and think that I'm retiring from scrapbooking!! Haha! I've been busy baking actually. I'm helping my sister out to raise money for a charitable cause. The details can be found at The trend now is of course, cupcakes and I can make what I call baby or medium sized ones but I dub them "adult cupcakes" cos they're just basic simple cupcakes rich in flavour and less sweet than most of those out there at the moment. It started as a baking exercise to make people happy but I've had good feedback so when my sister told me about her cause, I decided to raise some money with it.

I'm quite flexible in letting people choose the flavours they want with whatever toppings they choose. So far I've made carrot & walnut with cream cheese icing, chocolate with cream cheese icing, chocolate with fudge icing, midori lime cupcakes (topping contains alcohol), red velvet cupcakes, chocolate or vanilla with pink sugar icing (a hit with the kids but personally too sweet for me). Those of you who have me on Facebook may have seen the pics. Below are the baby carrot & walnut and chocolate ones with cream cheese icing. I made those for my CNY open house which was a very last minute affair. They're going for $25 for a box of 36 baby or 25 medi.

Another thing I have to strongly apologise for is the promise of RAKs and fabric yoyo's to those of you. Please do remind me and send me ur address if I owe u a RAK. They're packed up and waiting to be sent to u. I'm taking baby steps to recover from my long break from scrapping. I'll be starting by restocking up my supply of ready made little cards and tags this Friday with Foxyzzz so wish me luck!

On another note, as I now realise my wedding is 10 months away (YIKES!!) I've been scheduling in my travel plans for the year (thank god we have so many Monday holidays) and of course my budget. There is also the dreaded "losing weight" issue that every bride has to deal with too. Cue my initiative to start jogging after work, dragging myself to yoga/pilates classes and re-starting my latin dance classes. *fingers crossed* I lose the 3/4kg I aim to lose before pre-wed pics are due to be taken in July.

So its time for me to get back to work. I hope u've all had a great Valentine's last weekend and are looking forward to a long weekend that starts soon. I'll up date on what the Boy got me next time round. I've been asked to insure it. LOL!


Edleen said...

Jessie! those cupcakes looks really Yummy!!!

hope all's going great and wishing you a fun weekend :)

LaY hOoN said...

OOh...I miss your Scrapbooking.