Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bitten by the Travel Bug

This year, I wanted to go to a couple of places but time, budget and wedding stuff has hampered me. As H and I discussed options for honeymoon destinations, my "places to visit" list also lengthened.

The initial proposal was NZ and Sydney but when we realised that if we wanted to visit Brisbane and Adelaide in Dec...we also realised our sisters wouldnt be around at that time so we'll probably go next year. Despite my preference for more 'adventurous' destinations like Morocco, South Africa or Turkey, I knew The Boy was more of a city type so HK + Taiwan came to mind. When we decided that we would be spending CNY in Taiwan next year with another couple, we came to the conclusion that the best honeymoon for us after a stressful wedding would be somewhere relaxing. I shall write about that another time but in the meantime, these are my "must" holiday destinations for next year before I have kids and blow up into a big balloon (if I should be so lucky)

Firstly, Taiwan....planning to spend a week here during CNY basically just pigging out. Cant wait!

Secondly, Australia namely Brisbane, Adelaide and, good food, (good potential of) free accommodation, fun company....looking forward to it. Planning to do this when my sis comes back from UK for summer hols.



Sydney (as if you wouldnt know from the Opera House *wink*

I've had my eye on seeing Angkor Wat since last year when LM went with her posse and after I had visited the splendid Borobudur. I've heard so many good things...I dont want to put it off any longer!

So that's my intended travel plans for next year. I cant wait!!

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