Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Alive!!

Its been so long and I still havent scrapped. I've realised the wedding is now only 6 months away *gulp* and I take one of my first steps to feeling like a bride when I check out which gowns to wear this weekend to use for my photoshoot in July. Will be great having some girlfriends commenting and helping me choose.

I've been leaving the country about once a month since February....personal trips or getaways. There have been and will be more new things in store for me in 2009. I'm still at my (now not so) new job. Not tempted to go back to private practice for the moment.

I'd like to share with u all what has been keeping me zen tho....

FYI these are not me and the only pose I can do so far without help is the 1st one. I feel fitter than I have in ages and healthier. Even considering attending some yoga workshops....but first....wedding is 6 mths away...YIKES!!


naddy said...

hi... hope all goes well with the wedding preparation :)

Edleen said...

bride to be...must be all excitedness yeah :D